646 [Bonus chapter] Moose

"No family will appreciate it when a creep like him keeps running his mouth, telling everyone he's marrying my sister."

Heaven squinted her eyes a little, looking at the man whose face was barely a palm length away from hers. "You… have a sister?" she asked, picking her words carefully. 

"I have one."

'Who?' was the next question that nearly flew out of her mouth. Thankfully, she was able to bite her tongue. "Is that so? I guess your reason is valid."

"I was not looking for other people's validation, but I'm glad you understand."

"Too bad. He's dead." She forced a smile, brows raised. "Just let my people go, will you? You came here because of Primo, and I am here because of him. His existence is beneficial to me, but you killed him. You almost killed me in the process."


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