480 [Bonus chapter] Is that a kink?

"Who said you're allowed to fall in love with somebody else? Did Axel's habit rub off on you? Heaven Liu… isn't the woman I love. She is my wife in papers, but the woman I want to marry is you, Hera."

Heaven cried continuously and barely heard his remarks. However, she clutched his back when he embraced her to comfort her.

"You jerk..." she continued through her cries, pounding her fist on his back weakly. "How can you be so reckless with your words? You know how this affects my baby. If you hate me so much, then just shut up. Wait until the baby gets born, so she doesn't have to feel the pain I am going through."

Dominic sighed, taking her weak punches while keeping her in his embrace. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm just trying to express my feelings to Heaven Liu."

"Even so, you didn't have to be so cruel..." Heaven hiccuped as she trailed off, drawing her head back as she looked at him with brows raised. "What?"


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