460 [Bonus chapter] I didn't know you can do that

"You better explain things to me, Heaven. Because if you don't… I might lose trust in you completely."

She knew that. 

Heaven knew that after this, she couldn't buy herself more time. Dominic would want answers whether she was ready or not. He deserved the truth, even if the results of that truth terrified her more than the shower of bullets coming ahead, she had to come clean. 

"We're almost there," she murmured, seeing that they were coming in close. "Axel, slow down a bit. There's a pillar and wall several meters from the entrance. With this speed, we can't crash into it." 

"I know!" Axel yelled back, holding his breath as he braced himself for impact. He squinted his eyes for a bit, but didn't dare close them. Fortunately, he focused on the entrance of the blueprint earlier. Therefore, he had an idea of the structure of the ground floor.

"Hold tight..." he announced under his breath, making Heaven hold on to anything she could. 


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