514 [Bonus chapter] He's mine

[Old Residence]

"I see," Heaven chuckled, standing right beside Miracle's crib. She turned her head to Bear, who was standing several steps from her. "So, Moose got into the LYON Group somehow?"

"With his clean record? Yes." Bear rocked his head, as this news was already decided. "It would be announced in the next board meeting."

"So in two days?"


"Well." Heaven drew a deep breath as she shrugged. "He probably didn't want to become a bodyguard."

"He didn't want to be paired with anyone else. Especially not with Tiger."

"Moose disliked being ordered around."

"He only listens to you," Bear remarked, recalling what sort of man Moose was. "Dominic Zhu... I understand why Moose reconsidered. Dominic intrigued him."

"Is that also your guess as to why Wolf agreed to meet him?"


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