620 [Bonus chapter] free from this hell

"She's not, Old Madam. Hera Cruel is alive, and I just saw her somewhere."

Primo's smile stretched from ear to ear until his eyes were squinting into mere curve lines. Meanwhile, Grandma Zhu let out a shallow breath. 

"If she's alive, then I'm glad," she breathed out. "At the same time, not."

"And why is that?" he asked.

"Because that means that child is still suffering."

Primo cocked his head to the side, repeating Grandma Zhu's remarks in his head. "That doesn't make sense. I would understand if you say you aren't relieved because that means she'll make others suffer more. But, well, who am I to judge? You ruin your grandsons's lives, so that explains your twisted mind."

"Did you get what you want now?" Grandma Zhu ignored his hurtful but truthful remarks as she delved into something more important. "I already told you everything I know, and even my darkest secret. Do I still interest you?"


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