594 [Bonus chapter] Bleh!

"By the way, Primo. I've sent you a gift. It's a thank you gift — you can call it a congratulatory gift as well."

Deep lines appeared between Primo's brows, looking back at Silas's vantage point. His lips curved down, thinking Silas had a bit of a strange taste when it came to gifts. But Silas didn't say anything to Primo anymore as he gave his undivided attention to his cousin. 

"Dominic, I understand your sentiments, but I'm not sorry for it," Silas expressed airily. "We've already reached this point. A point of no return and I cannot undo everything. So, even if you're telling the truth and not just trying to change my mind, it's already several years late."

The corner of Silas's mouth hooked up as a glint flickered across his eyes. He slowly raised his hand, signaling the masked men to stay on standby. Tonight would be a massacre. Everyone in here, aside from Primo, Silas, and their men would die. 


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