456 [Bonus chapter] Axel's courage

*cough* *cough*

Axel waved in front of his face, coughing at the pollution Moose created before driving away. He had his eyes squinting, but could barely see anything through the thickness of dust around them. 

"Tiger, let's switch." Just then, Axel heard Heaven's voice, which Tiger followed.

"Just when I thought I'd raise the idea." Tiger chuckled, unfazed by the thick fog as if he was used to such pollution going into his lungs. 

"Axel," Heaven called, snapping Axel's attention back. "We'll use that other car."

Heaven then squeezed Dominic's hand, staring at him reassuringly. "They can't know where you are."

"I know." Dominic let out a shallow breath, following his wife's guidance toward the other car. Meanwhile, Axel took careful steps, as he could barely see through it all. 


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