1 Taking Charge of the Logistics Company?

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The Southeast Military District!

In the office of the Iron Fist Regiment Commander!

"Old Kang, are you sure you want a fresh graduate to take over the logistics company?" The political commissar of the Iron Fist Regiment, Bi Guotao, frowned slightly.

In the huge office! The two of them were looking at their personal files on the table!

Qin Yuan, graduated from the Southeast Army Military Academy.

Blood type: O

[ Height: 190cm ]

[ Weight: 80kg ]

[ Family members: top secret ]

[ Home address: top secret ]

"Old Bi, don't you think that Qin Yuan's background is very mysterious?"

"You're transferred to our Iron Fist Regiment right after graduation. Also, look at Qin Yuan's family and address. Most importantly, his surname is Qin..." Kang Lei, the leader of the Iron Fist Regiment, looked at Bi Guotao and said.

"You're saying? He might be..." Bi Guotao was shocked!

"Yes! Perhaps he was that Qin... You also know that the Qin family has never produced a weakling! Have you ever seen a useless soldier from the old General's house in the China Military Region?" Kang Lei said with a playful smile.

"If they were really the old General's family, perhaps we would have an unexpected result. However, the logistics company is made up of some soldiers with poor physical fitness, troublemakers, and old soldiers who are retiring there! This..." The political commissar, Bi Guotao, said with a bitter smile.

No matter what kind of troop, they're still part of the country's Army. Since you've chosen to be a soldier, you can't just think about living a comfortable life in any troop!

"Alright then! After all, the entire Military Region had to participate in the military exercise. Our logistics company always makes a fool of themselves during military exercises. We've been laughed at by the other divisions for many years, but we can only give it a try!" Bi Guotao shook his head helplessly.

"Dong Dong Dong ..."

At this moment! The office door rang.

"Come in ..."

"Reporting, Regiment commander, political commissar, were you looking for me!" Qin Yuan pushed the door open and saluted before walking in.

Kang Lei looked at Qin Yuan and said, 

"Come, Qin Yuan, come and sit."

Qin Yuan, How long have you been in our Ironfist society?"

"Commander, I've been here for 4 months and 20 days!" Qin Yuan said.

"You still remember it so clearly!" Kang Lei laughed.

"I'm sensitive to time, Sir!"

"Good! That's how a soldier should be. I have something to discuss with you!" Kang Lei said as he looked at Qin Yuan.

"Commander, please speak your mind!" Qin Yuan replied.

"Qin Yuan, I've taken a look at your file. Old chief Qin is your…" Kang Lei said hesitantly.

"Reporting! Commander, he is my grandfather." Qin Yuan didn't hide anything. After all, he knew that his family members and address were all top-secret files. Furthermore, there was only one Qin family in the military. Even if he didn't want to say it, they could guess it.

Kang Lei and Bi Guotao looked at each other, and the meaning in their eyes was self-evident.

"I've discussed it with the political commissar, and we want you to take over the logistics company of the sea training ground! Because of the military exercise every year, the logistics team of our Iron Fist group's sea training field has become the joke of the entire Military Region."

"We've already racked our brains but there's no way to change it. However, you know what kind of soldiers the logistics company at the sea training ground is like. They've changed company commanders countless times." Kang Lei said helplessly.

"Yup! Now that we're talking about the logistics company, it's like a hot potato. No one dares to take it, and it's being kicked around." Bi Guotao said with a helpless smile.

"So we thought about it. You're a military school graduate and have received the systematic command training of the new era, unlike those uncouth people in other companies who were promoted. So we wanted you to give it a try and see if you have the confidence!" Kang Lei said.

Just as Qin Yuan was about to speak, a robotic voice rang in his mind,

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the strongest Special Forces instructor system!"

"The system will assist the host in creating the strongest Special Forces!!"

"It's here, it's here! The novels didn't lie! In the past, the male protagonists of the novels always brought along an invincible system when they transmigrated. I've been here for five years, and I thought I would be ordinary when I transmigrated!" Qin Yuan was very excited.

Qin Yuan had accidentally transmigrated to this parallel world long before he entered military school. In his previous life, he was also a Special Forces soldier. He had sacrificed himself during a mission and had accidentally transmigrated to this world that was exactly the same as Blue Mercury. His consciousness had just entered Qin Yuan, who had the same name as him after the car accident.

"The system has issued the first mission. You have received the regiment commander's order. If you refuse, the system will shut down automatically!" The system's voice sounded again.

"Qin Yuan? What's wrong with you?"

Zhang Jinzhao looked at the excited Qin Yuan and wondered if he had scared the kid.

"Reporting to the Regiment commander, political commissar, I promise to complete the task!" Qin Yuan immediately replied.

"Ding! The host has accepted the mission. The host is rewarded with 10 physical attribute points! At present, the host's physique is 2.5 times that of an ordinary person!"

Suddenly, Qin Yuan felt a warm current flowing through his body. All the muscles in his body seemed to be filled with strength.

He was in high spirits!

"Good! Then go back and pack up, the transfer order will be issued later! I'll get the guards to send you there!"

After that, Kang Lei called the security guard in.

"Drive commander Qin to pack his things, and then report to the logistics company at the sea training ground!"

"Yes, commander!"

After the guard finished speaking, he led Qin Yuan out of the office.

After returning to the dormitory, Qin Yuan couldn't wait to open the virtual panel of the system in his mind.

[ Host: Qin Yuan ]

[ Position: Commander of Iron Fist logistics company ]

[ Rank: Captain ]

[ Constitution:25(10 for normal people) ]

[ Skills: None ]

[ Mission: Manage the logistics company. Within 3 months, turn the logistics company into the number one company in the entire regiment. Mission reward: 100000 skill points ]

The system will reward the soldiers with different amounts of skill points based on their spirit and physical fitness.

"Ten thousand skill points? The reward for this quest is quite high."

"But it's a good thing I have the system's help now. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to take over this hot potato."

After all, military knowledge and theories alone aren't necessarily useful. Soldiers will only admire the strong. These new recruits will only listen to your command after you beat them into submission! Qin Yuan thought.

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