1 Chapter1-The Downfallen Noble Merchant

"A noble scion reduced to a mere, contemptible merchant?"

At the stall, a haughty elf maiden halted, her snow-white bosom ceasing its tremble. She picked up a piece of lace lingerie from the display, her disdain deepening. "To sell such things, you've truly besmirched the honor of House Muir!"

"Sophia, if you're not buying, then get lost!"

Ranch glared at her, his words unapologetically harsh.

Having left the territory of House Muir, it was his ill fortune to encounter Sophia here of all places.

Unperturbed by Ranch's retort, Sophia deliberately picked up the lace lingerie, holding it against her ample chest, provocatively inquiring, "Who said I'm not buying? I'll take this peculiar undergarment. How much is it?"


Ranch feigned anger, yet his mind raced with thoughts:

Sophia, the personal maid to his elder brother Hawk, seldom ventured out. Now estranged from House Muir and devoid of magical aptitude, Ranch was of no consequence to Hawk. There must be another reason for Sophia's presence in this City of Crimson.

A cruel smile crept onto Ranch's lips.

He could have led a decent life, not relegated to street vending, enduring hunger and cold... All this, the work of his brother—Hawk Muir. Having renounced his claim to the inheritance, Hawk still wasn't satisfied, convening a family council to expel him, seizing even his personal fortune.

Revenge was due!

Now, the opportunity was right before him.

Maintaining an angry demeanor, Ranch purposely stipulated, "You can make a purchase, but the rule here is you must try on the garments before paying, with no returns or exchanges!"

"Such a crude tactic."

Sophia scoffed, picking up the lace lingerie and walking towards a nearby tent. 

As she passed by Ranch, she deliberately paused, flaunting a smile, and taunted, "Ranch, do you think this will make me back down? I'll wear this piece back and inform Master Hawk that it's the merchandise sold by the destitute Mister Ranch on the streets. I'm sure Master Hawk would be delighted."

With those words, Sophia strode into the tent.

Outside, the anger on Ranch's face dissipated, replaced by calmness.

A blue holographic screen appeared before him, visible only to him, displaying various pieces of information.

[Traveling Merchant System]

[Description: You can recharge gold coins to purchase goods from the Store for resale.]

[As long as the host buys low and sells high to make a profit, system rewards will be granted, the higher the profit, the more substantial the rewards.]

[Current Information]


[Class: None]

[Gold coins: 24]


[Strength: 3; Spirit: 4; Stamina: 7]

[Evaluation: Aside from decent stamina, below average in every other aspect, and a pauper at that!]

[Store lv1]

[Lace Lingerie: Light and breathable, boldly designed for visual pleasure. Price: One gold coin for ten pieces.]

[Compliance Spray: Limited to one purchase. Releases a perfume that makes people subconsciously compliant, effect lasts for ten minutes, single-use (1/1). Price: Twenty gold coins.]

[Fire Ball (Improved Version): Purchase to instantly learn the improved Fire Ball spell. Price: One thousand gold coins.]

[Current stock status: Refreshable]

"Compliance Spray, twenty gold coins, I'll buy it!"

Ranch directly purchased Compliance Spray and then entered the tent as well.

The elf girl Sophia had just changed into lace lingerie and was about to put on her coat when she noticed Ranch barging in. She was about to scold him but saw Ranch quickly press something, releasing a charming fragrance.

"What a mesmerizing body."

Ranch couldn't help but praise.

Inhaling the spray, Sophia subconsciously replied, "Tha... thank you for your compliment, Master Ranch."

The reagent was effective!

The previously arrogant elf had now become a docile kitten.

Ranch's gaze was unabashed, continuously sweeping over Sophia, her soft and sweet lips, her proudly standing twin peaks, the secrets hidden beneath the lace...

With only ten minutes, he was ready to make it quick.

Under the influence of Compliance Spray, Sophia displayed unparalleled compliance.

She was lying on the carpet, even actively spreading her long, fair legs, forming an M shape.

The pink private part looks particularly delectable and enticing against the backdrop of lace lingerie.

Ranch, without a trace of pity, held the sturdy manhood, moistened it with a bit of water for lubrication, and thrust it straight in.

She only felt a slight resistance beneath her, and immediately, Sophia tensed up in pain as her hyman was pierced by Ranch...

The girl's tightness made Ranch almost tremble and ejaculate.

This is an unparalleled enjoyment, and it is so for Sophia, the elf as well.

Her loud moans rang out, and Ranch said with a wicked smile, "I didn't expect you to still be a virgin... Sophia, if you don't want others on the street to hear, you'd better not make any noise."

The elf girl could only cover her mouth.

Then, Ranch kept rubbing Sophia's long legs in white stockings with one hand, and kneaded her breasts and nipples with the other hand. 

His manhood kept moving, making Sophia moan softly.

Of course, Ranch had spent a full twenty gold coins, and his intent was not merely to bed this elven maiden.

"Sophia, what brings you to the City of Crimson?" Ranch inquired, steadying Sophia's slender waist while thrusting vigorously.

Gasping for breath, Sophia managed to reply intermittently, "Young Master Hawk... obtained a treasure map. Beneath the Rock Manor Ruins, outside the City of Crimson... lies a dragon's hoard. He... he sent me to investigate."

"A dragon's treasure!" The news thrilled Ranch to his core. Dragons signified immense wealth!

"And what of the investigation's outcome?" Ranch's breathing grew more intense, especially after Sophia confirmed the investigation's findings were true and that the owner of Rock Manor, Old Rock, was planning to sell this dilapidated estate for ten thousand gold coins. 

Overcome with excitement, he hastened his pace, culminating in a climactic release as Sophia's body trembled beneath him.

Of course, Ranch was momentarily exhilarated by the news but he didn't lose his composure. 

There was still one most crucial matter to attend to - dealing with Sophia once the obedience potion wore off in ten minutes, facing her wrath once she regained her senses. 

But even this was a simple matter for him. 

Ranch gently draped a coat over Sophia and securely bound her with a hemp rope.

The elf maiden's exquisite figure presented an ultimate temptation, compelling Ranch to indulge once more, his hands roaming freely.

As the ten-minute limit arrived, Sophia regained consciousness. 

Realizing what Ranch had done to her, her eyes blazed with murderous fury, and through gritted teeth, she seethed, "Ranch, Young Master Hawk will never forgive you!"

Ranch scrutinized Sophia, his gaze filled with disdain. "Sophia, I think you should first ponder over your own predicament. Hawk isn't exactly a saint; he seems to have treated you as his most loyal maid, never laying a finger on you. Yet here you are, his 'loyal maid,' not only revealing to me the precious dragon treasure news he worked so hard to obtain but also willingly offering yourself to me…"

"What do you think he would do to you once he finds out?"

Ranch's words were like whispers from a demon.

Having been by Hawk's side for years, Sophia knew all too well that once Hawk learned the truth, endless torture followed by a death filled with screams awaited her. 

This thought turned her face deathly pale, tears streaming from her eyes.

Seizing the moment, Ranch pressed on, "Sophia, I know you've been with Hawk surely because of the enticing rewards he offers. But whatever he can give you, I can provide as well."

"Really? You?" Skepticism still flickered in Sophia's eyes.

Ranch took out a handkerchief, gently wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said, "Perhaps you might recall how you just indulged in a carnal delight with me."

Just now…

The memory suddenly flooded back to Sophia.

That strange fragrance, she had merely inhaled it and felt as though she had become someone else, yet, after regaining consciousness, she could remember everything that had happened, all too vividly.

This was definitely no ordinary magical artifact! 

Where on earth did Ranch acquire it? 

Could it be?

For a moment, Sophia's mind raced, and Ranch's image began to shroud in mystery in her heart. 

She took a deep breath and, still with a skeptical tone, said, "I might not disclose this to Young Master Hawk, even conceal the matter of the dragon's treasure, but you must prove to me that you have the ability to fulfill my wish!"

"No problem!" Ranch internally sighed in relief.

When Sophia uttered those words, he knew he had succeeded. 

As for helping Sophia fulfill her wish, although unclear about what it exactly was, with the Traveling Merchant System at his disposal, Ranch didn't feel outclassed by Hawk. 

With enough gold coins, he could continually grow stronger.

And now, Sophia had revealed an immensely important piece of information—the treasure of the dragon at Rock Manor Ruins, presenting a prime opportunity to amass a great fortune. 

Just ten thousand gold coins could yield returns tenfold or even a hundredfold.

So, the current plan was: acquire ten thousand gold coins. 

Ranch's gaze settled on the refresh button of the system's store. 

A press could refresh the merchandise. 

The lace lingerie was nearly saturating the City of Crimson market; it was time to sell something new.

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