I, The New Hokage of Konoha

Once Yuki woke up, he suddenly became a Konoha's new Lord of Fourth Hokage. What about Minato Namikaze? Oh, he was looking at himself in the audience with envy and regret. Looking at the time again, now is already at the end of the Three Wars, and there is only one year left before the Nine Tails Rebellion. Yuki was flustered immediately. There is a great crisis of life and death outside, and an old man who led three-generation of Hokage has elevated power inside. This situation is very bad! Does Yuki wants to be a short-lived Hokage like Minato? Fortunately, the cheat system ability arrived on time. As long as Yuki's Hokage's reputation continues to increase, Wood Release Jutsu, Senjutsu, Flying Thunder God Technique, and so on can be exchanged. One year later. "Nine tails, you finally appeared! Eat my Sage Art Wood Release: True Thousand Hands - Top Transformed Buddha attack!" Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 30 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://www.p atreon.com/KonohaHokage Our community on discord: discord. gg /t66agbE

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Master-student conversation

This matter finally came to an end.

Just as Yuki was about to leave with his group, he suddenly thought of something. He turned to Danzo and said: "By the way, Orochimaru was once a member of Root. Whether he really didn't cooperate with Root or not, Root is also responsible for being negligent. In this way, recently, a group of Ninja Clan leaders always complained to me that Root had accepted too many of their people. As a punishment for being negligent, now Root cancels the right to directly recruit members."

Yuki said it lightly, but after Danzo heard it, his anger that had never been born even after losing his armour finally ignited: "4th Hokage! The Root is the sword of Konoha in the dark. It has made a great contribution to Konoha and has been bearing heavy casualties. If we can't replenish the casualties in time, how can we protect the interests of Konoha? How can we protect the safety of Konoha?"

This tactic of Yuki undoubtedly broke the reserve power of Root, so why not make Danzo angry?

He continued: "4th Hokage might not know, but Orochimaru actually came to Root as a third-generation spy. He didn't even plant a curse on Root Seal. If he really wants to blame someone, he should blame the 3rd. In addition, Konoha's Ninjas are strong. If Root doesn't transfer their elite forces every now and then, I'm afraid that they would have already formed a tail that couldn't fall apart and even threaten the authority of the Hokage. 4th Hokage needs to think twice!"

In this regard, Yuki's attitude was still unyielding. "No matter what the reason is, since Orochimaru is a member of Root, Root can not take responsibility. Elder Danzo, there are some things that you and I are very clear about. If I really want to investigate, then no matter how deep I hide, there will always be a day when I will be exposed. For the unity of Konoha, it is best for you to accept this result."

"In addition, I don't mean that Root can't replenish people, but I have to report from now on. The Dark Group can apply the recruitment. In this way, the matter of the Ninja Clan that you mentioned can still be solved."

It was impossible to control Root's power, which was out of power, in his own hands.

Just like in the original story, the three generations had dissolved Root, but Danzo still secretly maintained and controlled the latter, which was ultimately useless.

Now that Yuki could be effective, he tightened the rope bit by bit.

Just like the personnel report at Root later, the Dark Group would have stronger control over it.

Danzo also knew this.

But Root made a mistake first, and the Hokage's power was right before him.

Yuki Senju was not Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Facing the punishment of the other side, even if Danzo was unwilling, he could only reluctantly accept it.

Just like the decades of cooperation with Hiruzen, the latter did not suppress Root.

But so what? As a shadow of forbearance, he never lacked the patience to wait.

Now, it was the same!

Looking at the back of Yuki, Danzo, who had no choice but to compromise, could not suppress his anger and frustration even though he kept telling himself this in his heart.

After all, in the past, he was still willing to admit defeat when facing his old comrade-in-arms, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

But right now, he was just a junior, and his contribution to Konoha could not even be compared to his 11 points, but because he became the Hokage, he was so strong in front of him.

At this moment, Danzo's obsession with the Hokage had never been so deep!


Leaving the roots, he returned to the sun.

Looking at the armour following him, Yuki thought that this trip was finally over.

Taking down Danzo could not be done overnight, especially since the old forces in Konoha were still deeply rooted.

Although he was in power, it was only a short time, and his foundation was not deep.

Without sufficient evidence, as the Hokage, Yuki, who was in the game of power, could not act rashly but follow the rules step by step.

Now, he had undoubtedly completed the first step.

"Lord Hokage."

At this moment, Yamato asked with a trace of confusion, "What should I do next?"

Yuki patted his head and said with a smile,

"Next, let's welcome a new life."

"In addition, 'light armour' is a code name. From now on, you will be called Yamato."


Konoha Village, Sarutobi clan, Hiruzen clan.

The former 3rd Hokage, the current old man of the house, Hiruzen, had been staying at home ever since he handed over the power in his hands, smoking, reading, and writing every day, and his life was very dull.

Today should have been the same as usual. When Hiruzen was smoking a pipe while reading a book, an unexpected guest suddenly appeared.

"I say, old man, looking at you now, it seems that retirement is much better than imagined."

The uninvited person was Jiraya.

As he spoke, he casually pushed open the door and entered.

Hiruzen was not surprised, shaking the pipe in his hand and said, "You're back? To see Orochimaru for the last time?"

He was very clear that his disciple, who valued relationships very much, would rush back no matter where he went after hearing Orochimaru's news.

Jiraya nodded. Compared to the first time, his mood was much calmer now.

Regarding Orochimaru, the relationship between the master and the disciple was very complicated.

But no matter what, the former was already dead, and so many grudges and disputes had vanished.

The two of them tacitly stopped talking about this topic.

They saw Jiraya sitting cross-legged in front of Hiruzen, sizing up the latter's face, and then continued the first topic with a deep meaning, "Old man, your complexion is much better than before. It seems to be a good choice to remove the burden of the Hokage!"

"Although Yuki is young, he is indeed a very qualified Hokage. I have nothing to worry about." Hiruzen smoked a cigarette and replied with a smile.

Hearing this, Jiraya also laughed heartily.

This time, in addition to greeting teacher Hiruzen, he also wanted to test the latter's true thoughts.

After all, it was not his own initiative to surrender but the result of his defeat in the battle against the current four generations.

Although Jiraya had a deep relationship with Hiruzen, the external threat remained after the war in Konoha.

For the sake of the overall situation, if his teacher refused to give up, he still hoped that through his own persuasion, he would be able to take the initiative to stop, be a retired old man, and enjoy the future comfortably.

Now, it seemed that he was worrying too much.

As Jiraya's teacher, when the former said those words, Hiruzen clearly understood his meaning, which was why he said those words just now.

It really came from his true intent.

After all, now that he had inherited the Wood Style, whether it was strength, prestige, or methods, he was enough to take on the role of Hokage. No matter how much he thought about it, it would be difficult for him to achieve it again.

In regards to Konoha, Hiruzen was no worse than Jiraya, and he would not do anything that would harm the overall situation.

Speaking of which, there was no need to go any deeper.

In the next period of time, he opened up his mind, and the master and disciple, who no longer had his worry about him, finally began to talk about the world.

Among them, the most talked about was Jiraya, who had been travelling for a long time.

Especially when the latter talked about the difference in the customs and interests of various industries. Although Hiruzen managed to maintain a serious look on his face, the pipe in his hand, which he had not smoked for a long time, clearly showed that he was listening very seriously.

Regarding LSP, the master and disciple shared the same line.

Just as one person was talking excitedly, and the other was listening excitedly, suddenly!

The roar from the lute lake outside the room interrupted the two people's discussion.

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