I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax

Update Daily! 9 AM PST ---------------------- A hundred years ago, the virtual and the real merged, unleashing countless monsters across dimensions, revealing mysterious dungeons, and heralding the descent of dark gods upon humanity. The world entered an age of darkness. A century later, John transmigrate into this era of universal awakening, awakening the SSS-level talent [Divine Favor Tome] and transitioning into the god-tier class [All-Class Magus]! In an era where skills could only be acquired through relentless effort, he was born with lvMax skills. In an age where crossing class barriers was deemed impossible, he alone could learn the skills of all classes. In a time when humanity was on the brink of extinction, he effortlessly overpowered the contemporary geniuses and subdued the myriad gods and demons. Years later, John stood atop the constellation of stars, overlooking the mortal realm. Gods bowed their heads in respect, and demons knelt in submission. Countless beings eternally sung praises of his name. ---------------------- WSA 2024 Entry! Please show your support if you enjoy the story! How can you show your support? Gift Power Stone! 150=1 bonus chapter 200=2 bonus chapters 500=3 bonus chapters Bonus release will drop the following week!

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Chapter4-Awakening an SSS-level Talent


Outside the Awakening Temple, a thunderous roar suddenly echoed across the sky. 

Concurrently, a golden light pillar, ten times thicker than the one for Seraphina, shot up into the heavens. 

The previously calm sky transformed dramatically, now shrouded in dense, dark clouds.

From the sky, a golden rain descended, with enormous golden figures materializing amidst the clouds. 

Some held golden staffs, others raised massive swords or cradled tomes. 

Their towering forms, too vast to be fully perceived, were utterly awe-inspiring.

These golden figures looked down upon the world together. 

Their authoritative gaze fell from the horizon, all focusing intently on John within the Awakening Temple.

In the Awakening Square, everyone gazed at this spectacle in utter shock, their breaths seemingly caught in their throats. 

The golden colossi appeared like true deities descending to earth, their imposing presence enveloping the entire Stellarburg. 

Even the formidable beings in the sky were drenched in cold sweat, not daring to make the slightest movement.

Baron inhaled sharply, "Such a phenomenon... Even hidden classes don't manifest this way, do they?"

General Stratford's eyes blazed with passion, "This kid is mine! Whoever dares to contend with me will have to answer to the Northwest Citadel first!"

A voice of discontent arose, "Isn't the military being too overbearing?"

Others joined in, and soon, a heated argument ensued.

Eldritch, with a face full of gratification, remarked, "Worthy of being a student of my StellarSea Academy, indeed in high demand!"

Theodore, glancing between John inside the Awakening Temple and Seraphina, had a contemplative look in his eyes, pondering something unknown.

The celestial phenomenon lasted for a long while before gradually fading away.

Benjamin, watching the spectacle, murmured to himself, "Good lad, I knew I hadn't misjudged you!"

Beside him, Daniel's face was full of admiration, "John is John, even his awakening is unlike any other!"

On the other side, Seraphina bit her lip lightly, her eyes filled with reluctance. 

She had been aware of John's reputation for a long time and always considered him her rival. 

She had thought that this time she would surely surpass him. To her dismay, she still found herself bested by him.

Inside the Awakening Temple, John slowly opened his eyes, only to stand there, stunned. 

Before him, all the statues remained inert, with only the magus class statue emitting a faint glow. 

John exclaimed in bewilderment, "Is this... could it be that I've failed to awaken?!"

The awakening mentor beside him looked just as astonished. 

He had clearly witnessed the extraordinary phenomenon just moments ago. 

How could it result in an ordinary magus class awakening? 

Having guided countless students through their awakenings, he had never encountered such a peculiar situation. 

He hurriedly said, "Wait here, I'll call Principal Blackwood and Lord Winters to have a look."

With that, the mentor quickly left the Awakening Temple, leaving John alone.

John, with a mix of amusement and frustration, shook his head and mentally invoked, "Attribute panel." 

A semi-transparent display materialized before him, showing his personal information. 

This was a normal phenomenon post the fusion of virtual and reality, accessible to anyone who had completed the awakening.

Seeing the panel, John breathed a sigh of relief; at least it meant he had successfully awakened. 

But the moment his eyes fell on the panel, he froze, completely taken aback. 

[Name]: John

[Level]: lv1(iron-tier)

[HP]: 100

[MP]: 400

[ Class]: All-Class Magus

[ Talent]: Divine Favor Tome (SSS-level)

[Attributes]: Strength 9; Stamina 10; Spirit 20; Speed 8

[Skills]: Spring of Soul(MAX),Mana Recovery(MAX),Pyrokinesis (MAX),Aquakinesis (MAX)...

[Equipment]: None


[Divine Favor Tome (talent)]

[Level]: SSS-level [Description]: Visitor from another realm, you have been favored by the gods. All the gods hold goodwill towards you. All skills you learn will automatically reach the maximum level without the need to expend any skill points. …

John inhaled sharply, taken aback. 

It turned out that he hadn't failed to awaken. 

Instead, he had awakened an SSS-level talent, and an extraordinary one at that – a divine-grade talent that allowed his skills to reach maximum level without the need for skill points!

A wave of exhilaration surged through John's heart.

In the realm of awakeners, the division of talent is pivotal not only because it dictates the upper limits of an awakener's potential, but also due to its ability to amplify skills. 

Take, for instance, Daniel's talent, [Rock Knight], which boosts his defense points and HP by 30%. 

The potency of talent lies in the fact that it endows certain individuals with skills inherently more unique than their peers.

John, however, possessed a talent that was leagues apart - [Divine Favor Tome]. 

With this, his skills were innately at their peak level! 

This was a paradigm far surpassing any S-level talent, verging on the realms of the miraculous. 

Should the Federal become aware of this, it would undoubtedly stir a maelstrom of attention and intrigue.

Yet, before John could scrutinize his other skills, a cohort of formidable figures burst in, urgency etched in every action. 

General Stratford's boisterous voice led the charge: "Where's John? Let me see what's wrong!" 

Upon sighting John, General Stratford, without a word of forewarning, advanced to undress him. 

John, filled with a creeping sense of alarm, resisted fiercely. 

If not for his desperate intervention, he might have been stripped bare on the spot. 

The other powerhouses also surrounded him, showering him with a mix of concern and inquiries.

John initially intended to disclose his condition candidly. 

However, just as he was about to speak, a sudden thought arrested his words. 

He realized that revealing his talent might not be necessary. 

Joining a major force would undoubtedly grant access to abundant resources, but there are no free lunches in this world. 

Such an alliance would also bring various forms of constraints. 

Moreover, given the nature of his talent, the absence of such support would likely have minimal impact on him.

Furthermore, the bigger the tree, the stronger the wind it attracts. 

The celestial phenomenon over Stellarburg was bound to spread through the Federal soon. 

If it became known that he possessed an SSS-level talent, it would undoubtedly paint a target on his back. 

Many would hasten to eliminate him as a potential threat. John was confident, but he was not arrogant. 

He doubted his ability to withstand the barrage of covert attacks that would inevitably follow.

In a flash of insight, John decided to keep this matter under wraps, a decision that would shape his path in ways unseen and unfathomable.

In the Awakening Temple, several transcendent beings encircled John, scrutinizing him with keen eyes, yet after prolonged deliberation, they could not unravel the mystery of his condition. 

Eldritch, with a furrowed brow, mused, "This isn't right. Such a phenomenon typically signifies a hidden class, or at the very least, an S-level talent. How could it result in an ordinary magus?"

Theodore, adjusting his glasses, speculated, "Could it be a failed awakening? Thereby preventing the class from fully emerging? I recall a similar case where an S-level prodigy, unable to withstand the force of awakening, tragically ended up a broken figure."

A silence enveloped the group, their gazes towards John tinged with a blend of pity and regret. 

Baron sighed, "The brightest stars often burn too fast."

John remained silent, realizing that as long as he didn't reveal his true status, the outside world, including the transcendent-tier awakeners, would remain oblivious to his reality.

The event of John's awakening turned out to be more noise than substance. 

Despite the spectacle it had initially caused, the conclusion drawn by the powerful figures, after their thorough examination, was a failed awakening.

Some mourned John's fate, while others rejoiced in secret. 

Regardless, the episode had come to an end. With the official closure of the Awakening Ceremony, life moved on.

John, along with others, returned to StellarSea Academy. 

His classmates offered words of comfort during the journey. 

Emma, a casual acquaintance, even made a special trip to see him. 

Having awakened as a priest with a C-level talent, she was selected by a wealthy conglomerate for focused development. 

John, prepared for this eventuality, wished her a prosperous future.

"John, don't be disheartened," Daniel said reassuringly. "Even if your awakening failed, I've got your back." 

John bumped fists with him, a smile flickering across his face. "Haven't I already awakened as a magus? Who knows who will be covering for whom in the future."

"It's good to see you taking it well," Benjamin commented, giving John's shoulder a supportive pat. 

He didn't delve further but reminded, "You guys have the Phantom Ruins trial tomorrow. Better head back and rest up."

The Phantom Ruins, a dungeon near Stellarburg, ranged from levels 1 to 10. 

It was an ideal setting for novices to level up, a quintessential beginner's dungeon. 

John nodded in agreement, eager to return home and delve into the intricacies of his skills.

However, he had barely taken a few steps when he stopped in his tracks. 

The setting sun cast its glow on Seraphina, who stood by the sidewalk. 

Her long, ice-blue hair cascaded down to her waist, and her slender, statuesque legs commanded attention. 

Her stunningly beautiful face, though cold and aloof, drew the gazes of many passersby.

John surveyed Seraphina's striking face, discerning no particular emotion. 

With a teasing tone, he asked, "Miss Winters, do you need me for something this evening?"

Seraphina, unfazed by John's playful banter, replied calmly, "I will be waiting for you in the Phantom Ruins." 

With those words, she turned and walked away, leaving behind a graceful silhouette that gradually disappeared into the twilight.

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