6 Accidentally Exposed by the Streamer

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The sudden exclamation immediately told Wang Mang that something was wrong.

He quickly raised his head and saw two women and two men with fishing tools standing a few meters away.

One of the men was even holding a device to stream this footage live.

The four of them stood in the distance in a daze. They looked at the python not far away in horror.

Unfortunately, the small fishing streamer crew had caught Wang Mang completely on camera.

The netizens could not help but explode in the comments.

Wild Fisher: [F*ck! How is there such a huge python? It's at least ten meters long!]

Deep-sea Fishing Expert: [Oh my god! This is the first time I've seen such a huge python! It's too f*cking thicc!]

Wild Fishing Queen: [Wtf I wet myself! That's f*cking terrifying! That python is as big as my waist!]

Tourist 7523: [This python is too big! Oh my god! It's too long!]

Sexy Little Baby: [Oh my god, didn't they say that pythons around ten meters long are rare here? Where did that anaconda come from?!]

Scumbag Tin Film: [F*ck, already screenshotted. That python is too goddamn thicc!]

Outdoor Guy: [Damn, this is my first time seeing such a big python. It's much fatter than what I saw in the zoo!]

Fishing Enthusiast: [Oh my god, there's something really wrong with that reservoir in the forest! No wonder it caused such a commotion two months ago. Now they even such a huge python in the area.]

Eventually, under the dumbfounded gazes of the livestream viewers and the fishing crew, Wang Mang quickly slithered away into the forest.

It was not until a few minutes later that the beautiful streamer in charge of fishing came back to her senses.

Her pretty face was still pale. Clearly, she was still shaken.

The python they had just seen was just too big!

In particular, its thickness was comparable to a model's waist!

It was even thicker than an Amazon anaconda!

The beautiful streamer, Lil Su, still had a lingering look of fear on her face. She reached out to pat her chest, wanting to calm her racing heartbeat. She said shakily, "Oh my gosh, this reservoir is so scary!"

However, as soon as the girl spoke, her other companions started coughing.

This made Lil Su a little confused. She looked at her partner, who also seemed frightened.

When she saw her three companions' strange gazes, Lil Su asked in confusion, "What's wrong with you guys? Were you scared silly too?"

Hearing this, the boy in charge of filming the live broadcast could not help but say with a cloudy expression, "We're not the ones who were scared silly, you are. Look at your pants!"

Lil Su lowered her head in confusion.

When she saw the water stain on her jeans, her pretty face instantly flushed red.

She had not noticed that she had actually wet herself out of fright!

Just then, she was so embarrassed that she wished she could find a hole to hide in.

Similarly, this scene did not escape the eyes of the audience in the livestream.

Many people could not help but laugh out loud in the comments, causing the comment section to scroll past like crazy.

Fishing Expert: [Noice! To think the host got so freaking scared! Hahaha, it's raining again… Are you afraid?]

Wild Fishing Queen: [Miss Streamer, I don't think you're supposed to stream like that once you see an anaconda!]

Loli Loves Uncle: [Hey, Wild Fishing Grandma! Was that a dirty joke? I think it is!]

Tyrant Not Master: [Omagerd! I'm glad the python got away in time. If she caught hold of it, I wonder what she'd do...]

Crow Takes Flight: [Come on, of course the lady would be scared of that thick-*ss python! That's a perfectly normal reaction!]

Cute Yue Yue: [What's wrong with you guys?! Don't make a dirty joke out a situation like this, you old jerks…]

Obviously, the audience in the livestream really appreciated the embarrassing scene that unfolded before their eyes.

Understandably, that action-packed clip from the live stream quickly went viral.

It would not be long before the video ended up on all the major social media websites.

It was all because Wang Mang's physique was too terrifying and eye-catching.

Add that to the beautiful streamer who wet herself in terror, and the video of the sexy lady with the giant anaconda was destined to attract a lot of attention.

And so it came to be.

It just so happened that the video was also shared by many busybodies.

It rapidly caused quite a stir on the Internet…

Of course, the main culprit behind all of this, Wang Mang, had no idea what had happened. He did not even know that the fishing streamer had peed her pants because of him!

At this moment, on a thick tree near the reservoir, Wang Mang's huge body was wrapped around the tree, his large head looking into the distance.

He caught sight of the small streaming crew from before.

For some reason, they did not run away.

Instead, they proceeded to find a place further away from Wang Mang's previous location and prepared to continue fishing.

On second thoughts, Wang Mang was not that surprised.

After all, these people had come all this way to the reservoir to fish. Naturally, they would not leave the reservoir empty-handed just because he gave them a little fright.

In contrast, Wang Mang was baking under the bright and scorching sunlight. He did not feel particularly comfortable being exposed to the sun like this.

After all, he was a cold-blooded snake. Wang Mang could understand and accept his new body's natural reactions.

Interestingly, an eagle kept circling above his head in the sky, squawking incessantly.

However, this eagle clearly knew that Wang Mang was not to be trifled with, so it did not attack him. It did not dare to provoke him.

Just then, Wang Mang did not know if it was his imagination, but he vaguely saw a huge black shadow appear in the center of the reservoir!

The huge shadow lingered just under the surface for a long while before finally disappearing into the depths of the reservoir!

"F*ck! What was that in the water just now? It was f*cking enormous!"

Wang Mang was extremely shocked.

He was even more certain now that there was a huge and mysterious creature in the water!

His intuition told him that his eyes were not playing tricks on him!

Besides, if Wang Mang had not been coiled around the large tree and looking down from up above, he would never have noticed the huge shadow that appeared in the reservoir.

'Damn it! No matter what kind of monster you are, I will take revenge on you sooner or later!' the infuriated Wang Mang thought to himself maliciously.

By the time it was dark, most of the people fishing in the reservoir had left.

Only then did Wang Mang climb down from the tree.

He did not stop at all. He began to descend the mountain, slithering through the farmland.

However, Wang Mang's huge figure also alarmed many small animals that were active at night, causing quite a commotion.

At night, Wang Mang could still vaguely see a few people wandering around the rice fields.

As for what these people were doing in the rice field, Wang Mang did not need to guess to know that they were clearly catching eels and loaches.

Wang Mang did not want to meddle too much. He quickly rushed in the direction of his grandmother's house according to his memory.

Just then, however, he heard a volley of barks coming from behind. "Woof, woof~! Woof, woof, woof!"

In the deep night, this dog's bark was especially loud, and the sound grew gradually closer.

Wang Mang immediately turned his huge head. With his cold reptilian eyes, he looked at the few people who were harvesting eels in the distance.

The mongrel they had brought with them was recklessly running headlong toward him!

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