5 A New Skill! 10 Meters Long!

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Sure enough, after struggling under the tree for a while, the fat wild boar began to shake its head. Its body began to sway.

It looked like it was about to collapse at any moment.

Clearly, Wang Mang's snake venom was starting to take effect.

The entire process only took ten minutes!

Wang Mang was impressed. His venom truly was something else!

Even this fat and strong wild boar had only lasted for ten minutes. If he had bitten a person instead, they would not fare any better!


The wild boar that had been running amok earlier collapsed not far from Wang Mang's tree.

It could still vaguely make a wailing sound, but the twitching of its body began to die down.

After a while, Wang Mang felt that it was about time. He went down to check on the wild boar.

Upon confirming that the wild boar was indeed dead, Wang Mang began to dismember and eat it. This process was a little bloody and took a lot of time.

It took Wang Mang two hours to finish eating the wild boar.

Finally, the system's voice sounded. [Ding! Congratulations, Host! You have obtained 450 evolution points!]

[Ding! Congratulations, Host. You have successfully met the evolution requirements. Do you want to begin the evolution?]


After hearing the system's voice, Wang Mang was overjoyed. Before he left, however, he glanced at the three wild dogs that were eyeing him greedily yet did not dare to approach.

It was because Wang Mang had not finished eating the entire boar. He was too lazy to eat the internal organs and bones, so he would leave them to these wild dogs.

When it was almost dawn, Wang Mang had already left the forest behind him and returned to his snake nest.

"System! Start the fifth evolution!" Wang Mang muttered excitedly.

[Ding! 1600 evolution points deducted. Evolution commencing!]

Then, just like before, Wang Mang completely lost consciousness from the pain.

Only two hours later did Wang Mang slowly wake up.

Wang Mang immediately discovered that his body had become even thicker and longer!

A rough estimate told Wang Mang that his body length should be about ten meters long now.

Of course, his guess was definitely not as accurate as the system's personal information display.

Therefore, Wang Mang chanted excitedly in his heart, "System, show my personal information!"

The next moment, his personal information appeared in front of him.

Host: Wang Mang.

Type: Burmese python.

Status: Adult Burmese python.

Status: Healthy.

Physique: 10 meters long, 460 kilograms.

Combat Strength: Bite force 600 kilograms, speed 40 kilometers per hour.

Skills: Death Bind, Poison Fang, Skin Camouflage, Defense Enhancement, Super Self-Healing.

Evolution Points: 150/3200.

After reading his personal information, Wang Mang was even more satisfied!

As expected, his body length had already reached 10 meters! His body was almost as thick as an adult's waist!

His bite force reached 600 kilograms!

To put that into perspective, his bite force was about twice that of a lion!

It had already surpassed that of most carnivores!

Couple that with his many skills, and current Wang Mang was now confident that he could kill a five-hundred-pound wild boar like the one from last night with ease!

Even if he were to fight against a large beast like a tiger or a lion, Wang Mang was confident that he could easily kill them!

Wang Mang could not help but feel a little high-spirited.

 By now, he did not know what other animals could kill him, other than humans.

Even if it was an elephant, Wang Mang was confident that he could defeat it!

Wang Mang's ego swelled like never before!

Just then, the system's voice sounded again. [Ding! Congratulations, Host! You have obtained a new skill: Human Speech!]

[Human Speech: Gives the host the ability to speak!]

"What the f*ck? This skill can actually let me speak?" the dumbfounded Wang Mang subconsciously said in astonishment.

The very next moment, Wang Mang was shocked to discover that he could really speak!

"Wha... Well! What do you know?! Haha!"

Wang Mang was so excited that he almost fainted.

This skill allowed him to speak, and nothing else.

Even so, Wang Mang was once a human. To him, being able to speak again made a huge difference!

Not only that, now that he could speak, didn't that mean that he could reunite with his parents?

Wang Mang could not help but feel excited.

If he could reunite with his parents, he could use his parents' money to boost his evolution progress…

How much would his size increase then?

Would he reach twenty meters??



Or even...??

Or maybe…

Just thinking about it made Wang Mang go crazy with excitement.

Besides, his father's net worth was sizeable indeed. He was worth more than two billion!

Therefore, Wang Mang did not have to worry that he would eat his father out of house and home.

With his father's help and enough food…

Wang Mang simply did not dare to imagine how powerful and terrifying he would become in time!

Wang Mang's face was filled with excitement. He had the urge to throw his head back and laugh.

Finally, he no longer had to live in the forest like a cold-blooded animal.

However, once the initial joy had passed and he calmed down, Wang Mang was a little worried.

He did not know if his family could accept his current identity as a python.

After pondering it for a while, Wang Mang muttered to himself, "No matter what, I have to go home and give it a try."

Wang Mang had already made his decision. Regardless of whether his family could accept this fact, he had to go back and reunite with his family.

However, the first thing he had to consider was the journey home.

Wang Mang's family home was way too far from here.

It was hundreds of kilometers away. It would be one thing if he could reach it through the forest...

However, his family members all lived in wealthy districts or the highly-populated city center.

If Wang Mang returned like this, he would definitely be exposed even if he traveled at night.

After all, he was really too big now. It would not be so easy to successfully return home.

Therefore, Wang Mang's target was his grandmother, who was still living in the countryside.

He could only contact his family through his grandmother.

With that in mind, Wang Mang prepared to take action tonight.

The reservoir Wang Mang was in was not too far from the village at the foot of the mountain.

Wang Mang was confident that he could reach his grandmother's house in two hours.

This made Wang Mang secretly rejoice. Thank goodness his grandmother was conservative and unwilling to live in the city.

Otherwise, if Wang Mang wanted to meet his other family members, it might really be very difficult. He might even be exposed.

Now that he had a plan, Wang Mang's mood instantly became much better. He dragged his large body out of his nest.

To be honest, this nest was getting a little cramped for Wang Mang.

After all, Wang Mang's nest was only the size of a football. It was fine at first.

By now, however, Wang Mang's body had already become as thick as a human waist. Even if he squeezed with all his might, it would still be very congested in the nest.

If not for the fact that he was leaving tonight, Wang Mang would have really planned to build or find a new nest.

However, what Wang Mang did not expect was that the moment he left his nest, he heard footsteps, followed by a high-pitched scream.

"Oh my god! There's a giant python!!"

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