1 I am Allen Walker

[A/N: Some chapters will be in the first person, but in the end, I decided to make the novel in the third person.]

Those sons of b...!

No... wait, I'm sorry for starting with an outburst, and please forgive my bad language.

I don't usually curse. I know that everyone faces difficult moments in life, and I shouldn't lose control so easily. So, let's start over and try to analyze from an objective point of view the reason for my outburst.

A simple summary: I'm Allen Walker, eighteen years old, and I live in my apartment. I'm not someone special, or at least that's what I've always believed.

I'm just an ordinary guy, and the only thing different about me is that, for some reason, I end up in trouble or experiencing more misfortune than the average person.

Of course, it's not as dramatic as a train derailing just to crush me.

When I was a kid, I was bullied at school because of my short stature, skinny body, and maybe my face. It seemed that many kids found it unpleasant that I had an above-average appearance. This happened again even when I changed schools.

My parents died when I was young... I don't like to think about it too much.

Thankfully, not everything in life can be misfortune, and from time to time, I do get lucky. In this case, my parents didn't leave me to fend for myself. I had the support of a good inheritance, which was managed by my aunt Natasha, who became my savior.

Thanks to her, I had a normal childhood. I didn't have to worry about managing expenses, and I had a place to live. That was already a blessing.

I lived with her until I was fifteen. I didn't want to be ungrateful, but I felt I needed my own space.

Don't get me wrong; I love my Aunt Natt more than anyone. She's my only family, but I wanted to find my place in this world, and it became a bit uncomfortable to live with her.

My aunt is single, and it seems that the years haven't affected her, as she still looks young. Besides, she is a very beautiful woman... I mentioned it before, but I have to repeat it. She's a very beautiful redhead with a body that's irresistible to men. What's worse is that she didn't consider that her nephew entering puberty might have to endure seeing her in underwear since she doesn't like to wear much clothing at home.

I feel that if I had stayed with her for a longer time, I might have done something stupid.

*Cough* Forget what I said... please.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But don't judge me. I know that my life isn't as bad as many others', so I won't complain too much.

When I was younger, I used to act very introverted, but it was involuntary. The bullies at school made me afraid of drawing attention to myself. But over the years, I managed to change.

Now, my personality is more free. Outside of school, I do what I like, mostly at home, and I live without bothering anyone. Of course, like any young person my age, I deal with school and social problems.

You know, I avoid getting beaten up by the school bullies and stuffed into trash cans like many other unlucky kids.

I try to keep my hobbies secret since I learned the hard way that schools can be a nightmare if you show any sign of weakness. I use the ninja technique: camouflage! I dyed my hair from white to black and wore big glasses to hide my face. I also started exercising, hoping to stop being a "twig." I achieved that to some extent, and although I'm still thin, I have a defined body.

Those animals would pummel me if they found out about my love for anime and comics. Yes, I know, reality tends to be... disappointing. Since I'm being honest, I'll also say that this is another reason I wanted a place of my own.

I'm the complete package for school bullying. This guarantees that I get a daily beating if word spreads.

Well, it's not all bad. I also decided to start a YouTube channel to upload videos about my specialty. While collecting all sorts of comics, figures, and more, I thought they might be worth more in the future, which turned out to be true.

My Superman of limit edition is worth six times more, and my channel did well. Besides, others receive the bullying on my behalf. Just like Peter Parker, who is usually the main target of the bullies, and my current life isn't that bad.

I know, I'm a bad guy. I'd love to lend a hand to Parker, but I'm just a regular guy. Those beasts would tear me apart the moment I spoke up.

Back to my hobby as a content creator, it sounds cooler when you say it like that rather than "YouTuber." Don't bother me!

I started my YouTube channel in 2011, and after three years, my channel grew to a hundred thousand subscribers. Normally, I don't show my face in my videos, so most of the people who follow my channel don't know what I really look like.

Not that it means anything; it's just that live streaming is getting popular lately, and I wanted to give it a try. That was two months ago, and for that, I had to reveal my face.

Is it contradictory to start a streaming channel when I just said that the football team gorillas would kill me if they knew about my hobbies?.

Well, there's nothing to worry about. As I mentioned before, at school, I wear round, very large glasses that hide most of my face. For the streams, I let my real face be seen.

I started my first stream, and it was a total disaster. I got so nervous I couldn't speak. Luckily, there were only two people watching me, so I wasn't too embarrassed. Initially, I struggled to get used to appearing in front of the camera. But over time, it became as natural as breathing.

I must say that making a video is much more challenging in terms of the technical and creative aspects, but in terms of pressure and social skills, streaming is much more difficult.

A month after starting my streams on the platform called Twitch, an average of a hundred people watched me.

I know that many others had many more viewers than I did, but they must have started earlier, and, in general, I don't compare myself to others. Having a hundred viewers was already too much for me. Having more would drive me crazy man, not because of the quantity but because...

All in my chat are a bunch of b...!

Since we're in context, can I vent?

Is my chat the trolliest and most wretched chat that exists!

During a stream, they convinced me to order an entire collection of waifu figures to celebrate the anniversary of my YouTube channel. There were a hundred of them in total... a hundred! I regret it so much.

I ordered a hundred waifus from anime, manga, video games, comics, and movies. All of them were custom-made and of the best quality!

What's the problem?

The problem is that the company I ordered them from wasn't a figure company. They specialize in making customizable sex dolls of all kinds! Not only that, their sex dolls are the most expensive on the market!.


It only took a little carelessness on my part and a few misunderstandings during the order process to make me spend all my money on those dolls.

I guess I should have been suspicious when they asked if I wanted them with thermal functions and extra attachments...

In my defense, I took advantage of the holidays to do an "extended stream," which meant that for every specific donation amount, I would extend the streaming time...

It's true that I only have a hundred viewers, but one of them seems to swim in money, and he donated nearly ten thousand dollars... thanks to that rich troll, I hadn't slept for almost three days... Damn PlayboyTStar!.

Hours passed before I realized what had happened.

My bank called to confirm if the half a million dollars in my account had been spent on a legitimate purchase made by me.

I know many of you must be thinking that I must be incredibly stupid to let such an exorbitant amount of money go when making a purchase.

Well, I don't know what to say. I guess I got too used to buying things online, and the extra zeros looked blurry due to the lack of sleep.

This was a perfect team effort between a troll chat and a tired and foolish Allen.

At that moment, I almost fainted upon hearing the amount I had spent. My first thought was, "Why do a bunch of sex dolls cost so much?" The answer was that they were Rozen Maiden dolls.

Rozen Maiden is a company dedicated to making the best adult dolls in the world... or so their advertising says.

How could I have paid that much?.

As I said before, my parents left me a good inheritance, and my aunt thought I was mature enough to handle my money. Clearly, I'm not!. Now all my money is gone, spent on adult dolls... Oh my God! If I die today, how could I face my father in heaven?.

My stupid chat isn't that bad; they didn't think the purchase would go through. How could they have known that the Otaku/geek with a hundred viewers who talked about games and figures had half a million dollars in his account?.

By the way, the worst part is yet to come.

Each Rozen Maiden uses cutting-edge technology to replicate a real person to an absurd level.

Each doll cost me around fifteen thousand dollars. I had to pay half upfront, but because I was such a good customer, they let me pay only a third as an advance.

How generous... bastards!.

Even after spending all my money, I have a debt of nearly a million dollars with Rozen Maiden.

Of course, I immediately called Rozen to cancel the order, but they told me they had a no-return policy.

Sons of b...!

I called my bank, and they said the purchase was entirely legitimate, and because it wasn't reported immediately, there was little they could do.

Damn it, I knew that bank was a b...! I should have switched to another bank earlier!

They made me lose all my money!

Rozen Maiden are bastards!

My chat is a bunch of trolls!

My bank is a son of a b...!

I'm sorry... I swear I'm not as rude as I seem right now.

Do you understand my pain a little better now?

Should I start thinking about what to put on my tombstone? Oh, how unfortunate...

I leaned back in my chair while looking at my ceiling. This whole room was set up to be of the highest quality.

My three screens glowed in front of me while the faint sound of the fans from my high-end PC played in the background.

The RGB lights that I spent so much effort installing throughout the room were now annoying in my eyes, like mosquitoes on a summer night.

I had spent a lot on this setup when I decided to become a content creator. But I suppose I'll have to sell everything, and even then, I won't be able to pay off that debt.

It struck me as odd that things had been going well for me lately... I guess I'll always have bad luck.

[Activating Absolute Content Creator System...]

"What?!" A voice sounded in my head, almost causing me to fall out of my chair. Have I gone crazy?.

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