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My name is Allen Walker. I lived a quiet and uneventful life until I got into trouble with the school's ultimate bully, Flash Thomson. It was worth it because I was able to protect my friend Gwen and help out a poor guy named Peter Parker. That's right... my life was turned upside down with my school problems. I somehow ended up tangled with bullies like Flash and his rich friend Harry Osborn, and the three beauties of the school, Gwen Stacy, Felicia Hardy, and Mary Jane. I understood why Gwen was there, as she's my friend, but I couldn't understand why the other two girls were interested in me. My destiny should have been getting beaten up by the school bullies, but luckily, I received unexpected help from a miraculous entity called the "The Absolute Content Creator System". This system mainly operates based on viewers and the popularity I gain by providing great content in my world. But somehow, I'm now live-streaming in the middle of the Superman vs. Doomsday fight... yes, it sounds very dangerous and stupid. No one told me I'd be going to the DC world to livestream?! Darkseid is going to kill me!! My aunt Natasha would scream at me for the stupidity I was committing, and she would be right, I mean, I'm streaming it to my world! But I have to be here, even if it's stupid and dangerous. The reason? I have a huge debt of one million dollars because I accidentally ordered a hundred fantasy waifu sex dolls... which have come to life for some reason. Yeah, things are getting complicated!! It sounds insane, but it's real. The first doll was Wednesday Addams, who tried to stab me, and the second was 2B from Nier: Automata, who treated me like her master... I won't complain about that. A bit confusing? Let's recap: - I live in a world that the system calls Marvel... I'm not sure if I should be worried. - I was a normal teenager making YouTube videos and streams, not very popular... – I got involved with the school beauties and that earned me the hatred of the bullies... ¿why? - I was chosen by a system related to content creation. - During a stream, my chat played a prank on me, and I ended up accidentally ordering a hundred very expensive sex dolls that left me in a one-million-dollar debt. - These dolls are coming to life for some reason. - To pay off that debt, I have to use the system that sends me to DC and broadcast craziness like Batman being captured by the Joker or some villain fighting the Justice League. It's not all bad. With a system like in the manga, I become stronger the more popular I get. I gain powers that only appear in comics and anime, and many other things. But, as I said, my world is not normal, and I'll end up getting involved in dangerous things. I knew that when a one-eyed man appeared at my door and said, "Do you know about the Avengers Initiative?"... I think I should definitely be worried about that. While things are bad with all that, my chat is full of trolls and assholes. To make matters worse, my congenital bad luck leads me into stupid and dangerous situations all the time. For example: entering Harley Quinn's room and having relations with her while the Joker is nearby or kicking Darkseid in the balls... Maybe I'll get killed soon, but if not, I'll continue live-streaming the best content on social media... I just hope the system doesn't stream to strange places. If you want to read chapters in advance, be able to see the images that webnovel does not want and support me here I leave you my patreon. Patreon.com/_Aizen A/N: Hello, I hope you like this story and support it. English is not my native language, so I hope you don't mind the grammatical errors.

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203 Harry Potter: The Strongest wizard Albus Dumbledore and The Boy who Lived.

This Is the iconic opening scene of one of the biggest film franchises in history, Harry Potter.

Allen watched the old man stealing the streetlight's glow, and despite holding back, he couldn't help but comment.

"Why does he do that? I mean, it gives the old man a mystical and magical touch, but it doesn't seem to make any sense."

Rick – Obviously, it's a stupid way to show that you're a wizard without explicitly saying you are one. *Burp* This way, the dumb generations of the early 2000s could sigh in awe and not just see a grungy old man walking.

Nikky – My grandpa has been collecting bottle caps for a long time; maybe it's his hobby :3

Emma – Of course, I understand the cinematic concept behind it, but doing it in reality looks weird (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠). By the way, I'm glad you're okay, honey!~

Ruby – How shameless, and she did it in this Chat! (⁠╯⁠°⁠□⁠°⁠)⁠╯⁠︵⁠ ⁠┻⁠━⁠┻

Felicia – It seems that Her Majesty's approval gave the girl some confidence...

Rogue – What does that mean?!

Felicia – Who knows...

Dumbledore stopped stealing the streetlights' glow, and his attention shifted to a striped cat that was watching him.

"I should have known you'd be here... Professor McGonagall," said the old man.

Albus greeted a cat, who soon turned into a middle-aged woman dressed in classic witch attire with a pointed hat and robe, wearing her distinctive glasses.

Everyone in the Chat was surprised to see her because, unlike her appearance in the film adaptation, she looked younger, enough to be considered a milf.

"I can feel the malice of this world enveloping me!" murmured Allen warily.

Allen felt that evil hand pushing him into romantic troubles and improving the quality of the waifus around him was working overtime, but there were limits. No matter how much the universe tried to make Minerva look like a mature and attractive woman, Allen had engraved in his memories the kind and respectable Minerva McGonagall, a very powerful and talented witch with a variety of magical abilities who ended up being like a loving grandmother to everyone by the end of the saga.

So, he wouldn't lay a hand on her!


Urahara – Oh my~ I just saw something interesting hahaha~ I'm sure Yoruichi-san will get jealous knowing there's a way to transform with clothes on~

MCdragon – If I were you, I'd be careful mentioning any women here...

Urahara – Why?

MCdragon – Never mind... heh

Emma – Definitely, that world isn't the same as when I was young... Maybe she used a youth potion, I don't know hahaha.

JackBlack – Oh shit, here we go again!

"People, this is a coincidence, just that. I refuse to accept a reality where all women are waifus and milfs... Wait, why am I angry?"

Gwen – ...

"I'm upset!"


Both walked down the street, having a mysterious conversation for ignorant ears, but for the majority of the spectators, it was something they already knew.

"Are the rumors true, Albus?" Minerva asked nervously.

"I'm afraid they are..."

Minerva sighed. "And the little one?"

"I've entrusted Hagrid to bring him."

Minerva questioned this decision, but Albus Dumbledore assured her that he would entrust his life to Rubeus Hagrid.

Apart from Minerva's renewed appearance, everything seemed to be the same, even the conversation didn't differ much from the original.

A flying motorcycle entered the scene with a huge man riding it, with long hair and beard, giving a terrifying appearance, but Hagrid is one of the best people in history.

He carried a small bundle carefully, which he reluctantly handed over to Dumbledore. It was a baby with a scar on his forehead, the baby was Harry Potter.

"Are you sure about this? I've watched these Muggles, and they're of the worst kind..." said Minerva, a little upset about this situation.

"They're his only family," said the old man.

"That doesn't make them any better," Allen sighed from a distance.

Dumbledore, along with the Third Hokage, is one of the worst elders when it comes to raising children; they practically threw them to their fate because "it was for the best."

Hagrid shed a tear at this, needless to say, the giant grew fond of Harry, but due to his situation, he couldn't do anything.

"Before anyone suggests that I take care of the boy, I'm not going to livestream ten years of raising a child!"

Some ideas crossed his mind, but they knew it was most likely that Allen would jump to the future to avoid spending a decade in this world before the story began.

Allen can't raise a child because he's not a reincarnate, he's a content creator.

[Host, that child is a mobile fragment source like the spider but more powerful]

Allen sighed, arms crossed, unsurprised; it was obvious given that the world is called Harry Potter.

While Allen decided what to do, Dumbledore left the child on the porch with a letter for the Dursleys.

The Dursleys are the Muggle (non-magical) family with whom Harry Potter lives at the beginning of the series. They consist of Vernon Dursley, his wife Petunia Dursley (sister of Harry's late mother, Lily Potter), and their son Dudley Dursley.

The Dursleys are portrayed as ordinary, conservative people, and quite unpleasant. They have an evident disdain for anything related to magic and an abusive attitude towards Harry, treating him like a servant rather than a family member.

It was later revealed that Petunia hated wizards because her sister Lily, being a witch received more attention and affection. The only reason they accept Harry is for the hefty pension they receive every month.

Allen understands that Dumbledore is trying to hide Harry, but what's the need to find the worst people for it?

The three left while Albus looked in various directions, a little confused. Then he murmured a spell, immediately the system activated a shield.

Allen is limited to using only magic, but he decides not to do so in case this old man manages to detect him.

One doesn't become recognized as the most powerful wizard by being naive and a saint.

After the trio left, Allen walked in front of the Dursleys' house. To be honest, he's not a fan like Gwen, so his knowledge isn't even too much, but he does remember the kind of people they are.

Allen walked up to the door.

Gwen – Do not kill them *sigh*

Felicia – You're not going to kidnap Harry Potter, are you?

Emma – I feel conflicted. It's one thing to see this on the set, but if it's real, then I feel wrong leaving a baby in that place D:

Allen reached the door and knocked. Inside, two people were holding a baby while arguing.

"This is nonsense! Does your dead sister want us to raise her bastard?!" shouted Vernon.

Petunia snorted with contempt "Lily my silly sister couldn't close her legs even knowing she was getting into dangerous things now she's dead and throwing her son at us!!!" Petunia left Harry in the basket on the table.

"Wait it says here that we'll get paid to take care of him!". Vernon let out a sigh of disbelief as he plopped down on the couch holding Dumbledore's letter.

"Darling it's triple your salary!". Petunia opened her mouth as greed overcame her dislike for Lily and anything to do with her.

"Looks like having the little bastard won't be so bad!" laughed Vernon making her belly quiver.

Gwen – I changed my mind... those people are a waste of space...


Outside the house, Allen listened with a vein popping on his head; they really were a very unpleasant couple.

Allen smiled as everyone knew what was going to happen.

"Silence," murmured Allen as he used a bit of magic, then kicked the door, shattering it.

Both Dursleys tried to scream, but their voices didn't come out; in fact, there was no sound at all.

Allen walked up to the frightened couple, looked at Harry Potter's head on the table, then at the couple, gestured for them not to scream, and then returned the sound.

"Who are you?!" Vernon shouted, but Allen immediately grabbed him by the neck and lifted him.

"I thought it was clear that I didn't want you to speak!" declared Allen with a grim look.

Both realized it wasn't a joke and got scared, then nodded quickly.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dursley..."

Allen grabbed Albus's letter and read it... after a moment, he burned it in his hand and signaled both to sit down.

Allen took out a parchment, and it started to write things automatically; it was a contract.

"Well, there's been a slight change of plans. I am Allen Walker... I am... an Auror."

Petunia opened her eyes, and her fear turned into disbelief and then into annoyance.

She thought Allen was a criminal, Dark Wizard, or Death Eater, yes, despite being a Muggle, she learned many things about the magical world from her sister.

Aurors are like the police of the magical world. This made her upset, there were explicit laws to protect Muggles from wizards, and the Ministry took care of that.

"How dare you come into my-!"

"Sit down..." Allen said as some of the nearby light bulbs exploded.

Petunia fell silent and sat back down, her initial courage disappearing as she saw Allen's grim face.

"Vernon Dursley, you're a despicable, jealous, selfish, and very stupid man. However, I believe your ambition is greater. You'll be paid a good amount of money to take care of Harry Potter, so I see no reason to mistreat him, despise him, or treat him like your servant, right?"

"I wouldn't do that..."


"I... all right, I won't."

"Petunia, you hate your sister for having everything you don't. I understand why you are a horrible woman, but I dislike you. However, Harry isn't at fault... right?"


"Both of you will take care of Harry Potter with the minimum amount of affection so that a parentless child doesn't feel abandoned. You don't need to pretend to love him, but a little appreciation is okay."

PercyJ – Wait, why doesn't he force them to treat Harry as their master?

Gwen – Because Harry would end up like their son Dudley or like Draco Malfoy.

Emma – If characters like them are meant to dislike Harry, it's not convenient for him to be raised as if they loved him or hated him as in canon.


Allen proceeded to draft a contract and then handed it to Vernon. The man wanted to consult a lawyer before signing, but Allen looked at him as if he were stupid.

"It doesn't work like that; you either accept it or I wipe your memory and find better parents."

The Dursleys surrendered to Allen, and fierce to the kitchen to discuss while Allen drank coffee with baby Potter.

"Woke up?"


Allen looked at little Harry and bought him a bottle of the best milk and the best thing is that it is infinite, it is not his mother's milk but it is better than drinking from the witch.


For some reason, the women in the harem's private chat started talking.

Diana HC – Aren't you going to hold him? *Stares longingly, wanting to be the mother of your future children*

Natasha HC – I never got to hold you in my arms because when I met you, you were already five years old, I'd like to have a baby in my arms... *Stares longingly, wanting to have your baby in the future*

Hippolyta – We were born from clay, so parenting with a man by our side is something unknown... since Allen appeared, our customs and thoughts have changed *She feels a need to procreate*

Antiope – What are you saying, Hippolyta?! *She falls off the chair she was sitting on*

Hestia – Hahaha

Athena – We've lived millions of years without experiencing it, aren't you curious about what being a mother is like, Hestia?! *Looks curiously*

Hestia – Huh!! What are you saying?! *Panics*

MJ – Allen will be a great father, I can assure you *Looks lovingly*

Gwen – *Blushes*


[Do you like it? I modified the chat so that actions, states, feelings, and desires enclosed between asterisks like Rick's actions appear. Don't worry, these "details" are not visible to the Chat, only to you!]

Allen went pale seeing Diana, Hippolyta, and Natasha's desires. This caught him too off guard.

[Host, Did you think you would never have children?]

'I know that someday what has to happen will happen, but I'm young!!'

[Host, I know that, but who told you to get involved with mature women? Their way of looking at life is different from that of young girls. They don't go out with a man to flirt. They think about prospects.]

Allen shook his head and stepped away from the Chat before calming down; it's a topic for the future. For now, he'll maintain the status quo; in the future, Allen will deal with that problem.

Petunia and Vernon returned and accepted that with this, Harry Potter would have a better life, perhaps his uncles wouldn't love him as parents, but they definitely wouldn't treat him as a servant.

Allen approaches Harry Potter... Allen can feel two magical sources in him, one is the soul fragment left by Voldemort, and the other is the magic that protected him from Voldemort, a mother's love...

Allen sighed, it's truly different to see something on a screen than to have it within reach of your hands.

Allen doesn't hate Harry Potter, he couldn't hate an innocent baby, but he also can't take care of him, he won't even be in this time for long before jumping to the future to be in the events of greater conflict where large amounts of fragments are produced. As for Voldemort, there is no hurry, he can do nothing.

"See you, Harry Potter..."

Allen headed for the exit as the broken door repaired itself as if rewinding in time.

"Mr. Auror!" Petunia stopped Allen before he left.


"Will we have trouble with the magical ministry?"

Albus Dumbledore was doing this behind the backs of the entire magical world, to prevent Dark Wizards from finding Harry.

"No, you won't. Just take care of him until he's old enough to go to Hogwarts..." said Allen with a bored look on his face.

Petunia remained silent for a moment, now that her fear had disappeared, she noticed how attractive her unwelcome guest was he was probably the most handsome man she had ever seen, albeit very young.

"C-can I ask your name... again, sir?" she said timidly.

"Petunia?!" Vernon felt offended by his wife's attitude.

Allen looked at the woman with surprise but agreed. "I'm Allen Walker..." Allen bowed to her, not for taste but for etiquette. Before the end, he came up with something to scare the pair a little more.

Allen smiled "And I'm the strongest Auror in history..."


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