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Have you ever wondered what a character in a novel or in a game should be? Do they eat? Sleep? Do they have their own life when you are not reading or playing? They do not. When you are not doing anything, we stay still. To be fair, think about your own life. Is it different from a game without a system? You can not see behind your back, similar to how a character has to render it in a game. But at least, you have your own life. While I have to watch the protagonist of the novel find his way into the pants of the female leads. This is my destiny. I'm not jealous. Not at all. Tags: Psychological, Yandere, Harem, Gore, Dark, Rape, Resets, R-18, School life, ... 3 Extra chapter(s) and Help me buy milk to make more cheese: https://www.patreon.com/The_Parmesan https://ko-fi.com/parmesansnovels https://discord.gg/RKC6GqTbZs JOIN ME!!!

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Kurokawa's plan.

"Hello, C? C? Are you okay?" I gently push the sleeping body of my boyfriend. "Can you hear me? If you fake this, I will give you a kiss."

Usually, I would hear his voice inside my head. But now, inside my head is only my voice. His has disappeared.

We got him.

"Is it done on your side, too?" Placing a hand on C's head and stroking his hair, I ask Rachel.

The psycho then goes up close to Han and opens his eyelids. With a cold voice, she replies.

"Knocked out. And don't worry a thing. This guy won't even hear a bomb exploding next to him when he is asleep."

She is not soft on him, I see. How she comes up with that statement, I do not really care.

The system probably gave it to her.

Next to me, Kurokawa starts explaining.

"It should work longer than the past trials with the extra dosage. They should be completely tranquilized by now."

My fingers touch C's face gently like caressing a gem, afraid of hurting him.

"Finally, my boyfriend can have a nice rest after today. I can no longer hear C's thoughts, so that should be a good sign."

As I glance over his sleeping face, it is so peaceful and carefree.

If only I could bring it to him without all this planning and hiding.

If only there were two of us in this world...

"So sorry, my dear. We just really need to do this." I whisper.

My heart is being torn apart by the dilemma I have created. I would do anything other than this when there was another way.

But regrettably, there exists none.

The only way for me to be by his side and talk about the actual condition to the others would be to let him have a nap.

"Although we did use more sleeping drugs than usual, it should not cause much of an issue onto C's body. The medication is mild, after all." Not stopping there, the bookworm starts pondering, seemingly trying to figure something out.

"Therefore, that makes me think, Rachel."

While running my fingers through his hair, I focus more on Kurokawa's words. Still, he is everything that my eyes are seeing.

"The other Rachels may have wanted Han to wake up in the act."

From the corners of my visual field, I can see the psycho immediately turning her chilling gaze at Kurokawa.

"What do you mean?!"

However, Kurokawa has grown familiar with her stare. She is not that scary when that psycho is not doing anything but looking, to be honest.

"What I mean is the old you wanted Han to wake up while forcing yourself on him. It was not because the drugs lost their effects. It was based on your will."

Now, this is very interesting. I would like to join this discussion.

"Rachel could have been under the influence, don't you think so, Kurokawa?"

With C's thoughts out of the way, we know nothing about each other anymore. From this moment until he wakes up, I will have to base everything on what we have, not his experience.

"Possibly. I think Rachel wanted Han to know she would have her ways, with his approval or not. That could have been a statement because Han would never make a move on her. In short, rather than being a coincidence like C thought, Han's being awake was also planned beforehand."

"That's outrageous! I am not that kind of person. There would be no way for me to be that shameless." Rachel denies it vehemently.

Kurokawa shakes her head from left to right.

"Of course, the current you are not. I'm only talking about the past. If you didn't want Han to see you doing that, why not use a stronger dose? The amount for an adult was clearly noted on the bottle?"


Rachel goes silent.

Evidently, she knows the truth. No matter how much Rachel denies it, it is true she was carrying the drugs on her all time. She must have had everything mapped before committing.

Rachel gave them to us to spike the food and drinks, after all.

For that, I am ashamed.

C, we are nothing but a bunch of disgusting characters in this world.

"Besides, you needed to become his girlfriend. We all know that. That should also be your motives."

"...That's enough, Kurokawa. I don't care about that... At least, not anymore." She tells the bookworm to stop.

"I agree. We should focus on something more in the present. Laura, let's not waste any more time, shall we?"

The conversation has shifted to me.

"I know, bookworm."


She just sent me a glare.

"He can call me that. Not you."

"Okay. Ku-ro-ka-wa." Stressing each part of her name, I continue.

Seeing me becoming more erratic, Rachel quickly interrupts us.

"No need to be snyde. Rather than bickering, we should move these two out of this place. We don't want them to wake up during our conversation, do we?"

"Rachel has a point there. C has already been suicidal already, and it shows very clearly in his carefree actions. If he hears us, the consequences will be dire. It will end with all of us losing consciousness, possibly our sentience, too. Plus, our memories will also be wiped clean." Kurosawa nods in agreement.

Sadly for them, their target has been clear as day. They will not let their deception pass by my ears.

"I have a better idea. Why don't we go to one of the rooms, close the door, and just whisper to each other?"

Not a fraction of a moment that I can relax around you two.



These girls! One second of losing my focus, and there would be no way back. They are nothing but 2 enraged sharks in front of a plump seal.

I know they are.

Because I am, too.

"You know the door, right, Rachel?"

The psycho is furious as she stands up and walks out of the pillowy kitchen.

"Shut the hell up, you snob."

"Sorry. What about you, Kurokawa?"


Unexpectedly, that nerd says nothing. She just stands up and follows the other one.

Seeing them gone, I can feel myself taking in a breath. The mental stress I have suffered from paying attention every minute is immense.

From the moment we left the school until now, I had to concentrate on the tiniest movements of everyone, especially the two other girls. Luckily, I did not make a mistake. It still made a burden in my head, do not get me wrong.

"I will leave for a second, my faceless prince. Sleep tight, darling." Whispering those words to my savior, C subconsciously scratches his ears.

He is just so adorable!

How can such an adorable creature have so much courage and patience to save me in the past?

He did not have the help of the story nor the setups it gave him like mine. Everything he did was purely on his own.

C is strong. Much stronger than I am.

A few seconds later, we all gather in one of the rooms of this villa.

"Please close the door behind you, Laura." Rachel says.


"Take a seat." Kurokawa points me to a location.


The room we are in, one of the bedrooms, is equipped with everything you can think of in an expensive hotel room. Huge bed, pillows, it even has a fridge. Then again, this place is the villa of the main character, so it has to be like that.

"Hehe." I let out a small chuckle.

Rachel instantly catches onto me. She really has a problem with my existence.

"What seems to be the problem?"

"Nothing. I'm just thinking how C would be [This bastard sleeps on a bed like this while my house is made of doodle lines.] if he was here."

"Hehe." Kurokawa laughs. "He would definitely think like that. It is one of his charms, after all."

Rachel does not say anything. Yet the smirk at the corner of her lips betrays her.

My boyfriend's charm is already enough for you to smile like a little girl. Even more so, he does not need to be here!


"Okay, enough chit-chat. Let's begin." She says.

As I am making myself comfortable, I send the bookworm a look.

"Why don't we restate our initial plan? Kurokawa, you were the one with the details. I would like to hear it from you first."

Kurokawa then adjusts her posture.

"Alright, I guess I should start with the basics of our Conditions."

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