I Stack Attributes in the Apocalypse

"The tower is out. The end is now." The mysterious tower in the city, the endless demons coming out of the mist. This was the end of humanity. But not the end of Lu Ming. ... When doomsday descended, Lu Ming awakened the attribute panel. Push-ups increased strength. Deep squats strengthened physical strength. Running improved agility. Fighting, shooting, parkour, fitness and so on and so forth... were all digitized. He could level up upon reaching a certain level. When others were desperately fighting, all I had to do was stack my attributes until I reached the highest level. When I reach the highest level, I'll write my own history. Lu Ming: I am busy now. Maybe later.

Cig, Coffee, And Tea · Sci-fi
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398 Chs


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Sizzle, sizzle ~

The sound, similar to the corrosion of steel by strong acid, suddenly emanated from Lu Ming's body.

The moment the purplish-black poisonous gas landed on Lu Ming's body, silver light emerged from his body again.

The purple poisonous gas, like a living creature, desperately burrowed into Lu Ming's body, while the protective light on Lu Ming's body acted like an armor, desperately resisting the purple poisonous gas.

As the two of them fought intensely, the silver patterns on Lu Ming's chest also began to flash wildly.

"Your source of magic comes from a body protective technique."

Esek muttered and then said, "It's a very conventional path."

There were many people who had advanced to the Ancient Realm through body protective techniques, more than other types.

This method was simple, but not very powerful, belonging to the lower tier of the Ancient Realm.