34 He Cares About Me

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The pace of life was sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Wang Xiong was deeply moved by this.

When it was fast, like yesterday, the pace was unbelievably fast—moving from here to Zhang family stronghold, Zhang Ye's promotion to a Level 2 Awakened, the night attack by the horde of zombies and the destruction of Zhang family stronghold, and then back here, witnessing Lu Ming dealing with the hunters and the horde of zombies.

It was hard to imagine that Wang Xiong had moved houses twice in just a day.

But as they say, after the bitter comes the sweet.

After yesterday's fast pace, the days suddenly became calm.

He got up in the morning and led the survivors to clean up the streets. Since he had decided not to leave, this place would be everyone's new home from now on. It was necessary to keep their own homes clean, and it was unacceptable to have corpses scattered all over the doorstep.

There was actually a lot of work to be done.

Cleaning up the corpses was only one part of it… He still had to reinforce the house, set up a cordon, and gather more survivors to increase the number of people in the stronghold. In short, there were many scattered tasks, each one time-consuming, that needed to be done.

However, Wang Xiong enjoyed it to some extent.

After all, when you set up your own home, there's always a sense of achievement, no matter how hard it was.

After lunch, Zhang Lixin took a leave of absence, saying he wanted to help Lu Ming with the new weapons. Wang Xiong naturally had no objections.

With the remaining three male survivors and Zhang Chengcheng, Wang Xiong's afternoon task was to move the corpses.

He also collected corpse crystals.

After working for a while, Zhang Chengcheng suddenly said, "How many corpse crystals have you collected?"

Wang Xiong replied, "15 first level ones and one for the second level."

Although the corpse crystals melted instantly when consumed, they were quite sturdy under normal circumstances. At least, even after smashing the corpses of the hunters,there were no visible cracks on the corpse crystals.

"Give Brother Lu the Tier 2 corpse crystals." Zhang Chengcheng insisted on the distribution of the Tier 2 corpse crystals. Wang Xiong had no objections.

"As for the Level 1 corpse crystal, which one of us will use it?"

She looked at Wang Xiong with a burning gaze, but Zhang Chengcheng realized that Wang Xiong looked troubled.

Soon, Wang Xiong said bitterly, "It seems easy for an Awakened to advance, but after advancing, it will definitely attract a zombie wave. I'm worried…"

They seemed to have been traumatized by the outcome of Zhang Ye and the Zhang family's stronghold.

Zhang Chengcheng could not help but roll her eyes.

At first, he thought that Wang Xiong was very reliable, but compared to Brother Lu, the difference was obvious.

"Brother Lu, what are you afraid of? If you don't advance, give me the corpse crystal."

Wang Xiong: "…"

"Forget it. I'll do it."

Not only was he suppressed by Lu Ming, but he was also suppressed by a woman. Where was Wang Xiong's dignity as a man?

At the side, Yang Guan smiled as he worked. "Don't fight or snatch. I think the two of you can advance to the next level. Previously, Brother Zhang…"

Yang Guan stopped talking halfway.

But the meaning was clear.

There must be Level 1 corpse crystals at the place where Zhang Ye died.

At the mention of Zhang Ye, Wang Xiong and Zhang Chengcheng's expressions darkened.

Soon, Wang Xiong sighed and said, "Tomorrow, I have to go back and take a look tomorrow."

"Not only for Brother Zhang, but we also have to return to the Zhang family's stronghold to see if there are any survivors."

The probability was obviously very low, but he had to go.

Another survivor, Qin Lie, said, "There's food at the Zhang family's stronghold. We don't have food here. For food, we have to go back."

Food was always a major problem.

Zombies did not eat food but only humans.

Therefore, there must be leftover food in the Zhang family's stronghold.

Wang Xiong nodded and said, "It's settled then. I'll go back and take a look tomorrow. I'll clean the streets today and make a simple cordon."

In the afternoon, Lu Ming refreshed his skill: Proficiency in Throwing.

But the results were not good.

He could not practice this skill at home because there wasn't enough space. Opening the window to farm the proficiency would cause too much commotion and damage public facilities, so Lu Ming was unwilling to do it.

The only option was to change it to unarmed combat.

Hand-to-hand Combat Lv3 (64/300).

One punching bag after another burst under the hammering, but their skill proficiency increased extremely slowly.

About an hour later, Lu Ming, with his arms akimbo, looked at the scattered sandbags on the ground, and shook his head in frustration.

The troublesome thing was that as his physical fitness improved, not only could the training equipment not keep up, but even farming skills became difficult.

The increase in skill proficiency in punching sandbags was minimal. Moreover, if he used a little strength, the sandbags bags would be damaged on the spot. The training time was not as long as replacing the sandbags.

Besides, Lu Ming did not prepare too many punching bags.

He opened the attribute panel.

He had 50 proficiency points for a day of fitness. He had reached the maximum for the day.

Slingshot Lv. 11. No proficiency in target shooting.

Crossbow Shooting Lv. 2, Cold Weapon Lv. 10, and Hand-to-Hand Combat Lv. 9 were similar.

Throw Lv1 could not be farmed at home. The only thing he could farm was Archery Lv7 (168/700).

But Lu Ming ran out of bows and arrows…

"So when will Bing be able to handle the weapons?"

He made a request in the morning and wanted the results in the afternoon.

A bast*rd wouldn't even do that…

He was wondering if he should hurry her when the doorbell suddenly rang.

He went downstairs and turned on the electronic screen. He saw Zhang Chengcheng's beautiful face.

"Brother Lu."

Outside the door, Zhang Chengcheng smiled charmingly, her face shy.

"I'm here to deliver something to Brother Lu."

Lu Ming's face lit up. Could the weapon have arrived?

However, when he saw the gray crystal, his head was filled with questions.

"What is this?"

"Level 2 Corpse Crystal, Brother Lu? You should have seen it before, right?"

Otherwise, how could you have your current strength? Zhang Chengcheng thought.

Lu Ming: "???"

"I don't need it."

Just looking at it, you could tell it was not something good, and Lu Ming did not have a hobby of collecting things.

Zhang Chengcheng was stunned for a moment before she immediately nodded in understanding.


Brother Lu's strength was clearly stronger than a Level 2 Awakened.

He was most likely a level-three Awakened.

Why would a level-three Awakened need level-two corpse crystals?

Putting away the corpse crystals, Zhang Chengcheng continued, "And Brother Lu, this morning, we…"

In a crisp voice, she described everything that had happened in the neighborhood today.

She heard from Wang Xiong that Lu Ming was unwilling to go out, and Wang Xiong used to be in charge of sending Lu Ming a message from the outside world—commonly known as the "human friend circle".

Hearing this, Zhang Chengcheng volunteered to accept the mission.

After all, there was nothing more important than letting Brother Lu understand the outside world. And the important things had to be handled by him.

"Wang Xiong and I will prepare to go to the original gathering place to take a look tomorrow…"

Zhang Chengcheng was actually not a chatty person.

However, when she thought of the man standing opposite the door who could wield Thor's Hammer, her desire to talk rose to an unprecedented level.


"Wait, you're going out tomorrow?"

Zhang Chengcheng nodded like a chick pecking at rice. "Yes."

"Yes, if you encounter a zombie, you can lure it back. I'll deal with it."

Lu Ming had no choice.

Since killing a target did not increase proficiency, he could only kill zombies.

It was too dangerous to go out and kill zombies. Lu Ming would not take the initiative to take the risk. If those people outside could lure some zombies back, he would shoot them from the windowsill. This was also an acceptable method.

His strength could not stop increasing.

This was Lu Ming's asset!

However, Zhang Chengcheng's heart warmed.

Is he afraid that I'll be in danger?

Is he concerned about me?

Yes, he must be concerned about me.

Redness rose to her cheeks, and Zhang Chengcheng began to stutter.

After barely saying a few more words, Zhang Chengcheng said goodbye like a frightened deer and heard another voice from inside the door.

"If you encounter danger, lure it back! Don't forget."

Zhang Chengcheng felt her entire body go weak…

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