I Spy Two Haters/Lovers

Journee, an NYPD officer and Archer, an FBI agent are after a common mafia boss, but they don’t know it. They cross each other’s path at every corner and involuntarily destroy each other chances to make a case against him. Each unknowingly keeps sabotaging the other. If they get a chance, they will kill each other. Finally, they decide to work together to put him behind bars and… fall in love.

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Who was she?

The sunlight was beaming inside the room through the rose-tinted glass. The whole room was filled with baby pink colour. Zion was pondering over his past while looking outside the window with blank eyes. He was inside the room, but his mind was still in the tent where Archie was bleeding but kept talking about her mother.

That day he risked his life for Zion. He saw the fate of his car. He knew if Archie would not have been with him, he would have the same fate. Holes all over his body, ridden with bullets and set on fire. He shivered at that thought.

"Boss, boss…" Suddenly a hand over his shoulder broke his trance. He jerked his neck and looked at the person standing before him. Archer was looking at him confused. "Are you alright? I have been calling you for ages," said Archer.

"Ha ha, I am fine. Was just thinking about the day we met," replied Zion with a smile.

"Yeah, the day I was shot because of your stupid ass," teased Archer.

"No, the day I saved your life. If I would not have found that tent, we would have died," Zion teased back.

"Yeah, yeah, keep telling that lie. One day I will leave your ass behind," smiled Archer.

"You can't, even if you try," laughed Zion and patted Archer's back.

"Driver and guards are ready, let's go," said Archer.

"Just a minute," said Zion and moved towards the wall in front of him. He just hovered his hand before the wall and the wall beeped. The white wall slid to the side and a bid closet filled with all kinds of guns appeared before Zion.

Anyone who would see the closet for the first time would gasp with awe, but Archer had seen this closet many times. He also had handled every type of gun during his training, so nothing fascinated him anymore.

While Zion was busy with opening the wall, Archer was eyeing a perfect place to place his camera. He looked around and there were two vases on either side of the window. The beautiful vases had intrinsic work done on them. Two dragons were wrapped all around the vase and they faced each other. Their mouth was open showcasing their majestic fangs.

He looked at Zion who was still busy in the closet and then he looked at the vase. He inserted his hand in his pocket and took out a camera. He stood with his back to the vase and carefully traced the dragons with his hands. There was a little space where their faces met. He stuck the camera between the space and then moved toward the next vase to place the camera.

But before he could do that, Zion shouted, "what the hell do you think you are doing?" Archer's throat went dry. His eyes widened with shock. "Did Zion see me planting the camera? Oh shit! Is my cover blown?" he thought and gulped hard. He had worked hard to get near Zion and his one stupid move was about to spoil everything.

"What?" asked Archer, innocently.

"Archie! I don't know what kind of gun you want. Why are you standing there? Come here and pick the one you want," said Zion.

"Excuse me!" Archer was relaxed after what Zion said.

"What happened to you? I was daydreaming a second ago, now you are dreaming? You asked for a gun. I am giving you a gun. Come and get it," shouted Zion.

"Right!" exclaimed Archer and carefully moved toward Zion. He still had the camera in his hand and putting it inside the pocket would signal Zion that he was hiding something. He kept a smile on his face and entered the closet.

"Pick whichever you want," said Zion.

Archer looked around and he saw a Glock. Being a law enforcement officer, his heart wanted it. But he didn't want to raise any suspicions, so he kept looking around. He picked up a few guns and tried to picture how he would shoot them, but nothing was clicking in his mind.

Near a support pole, were kept two Berettas. The beautiful Italian guns were calling out his name. he moved his hand and stuck the camera on that support pole and picked up one of the berettas the next instant. It appeared as if Archer was first hesitant then decided to pick the Beretta.

"This will be fine," said Archer.

"Nice choice," praised Zion.

"Then let's go," said Archer and came out of the closet.

Zion locked the wall back and they moved out of the house. Archer jumped into the driver seat of his Pontiac and moved out first. Zion's bulletproof SUV followed Archer's car and they moved toward the club they were supposed to go to.

They reached the club after driving for a few minutes and they parked their cars in the VIP parking. They took the back entrance for extra safety and entered the club. The owner himself came to greet Zion. He was now the Don.

Slowly, the girls started coming in. Tall, beautiful, anorexic girls, dressed in skintight dresses came and sat in the booth with Zion. He was surrounded by beautiful girls all around. But he was interested in Candy. The beautiful blonde was dressed in a bralette top and leather pants. The pants were accentuating her round butt and extra long, thin legs.

After drinking and dancing, Candy and Zion left her friends in the club and moved towards the hotel Zion used as his fuckpad. He had a fixed room, and it was always booked in his name. He would take the girl he fancied to the room and spend all night with them.

Girls too knew about his reputation and his habit, but no one had any issues. He was rich and influential. Models would start getting assignments after they were associated with him. The same went for actors who would get more work. Even socialites gained more fame after being associated with his name. Girls were always ready to throw themselves at him.

Archer, another guard, Tony, Candy and Zion moved towards the hotel. Candy was pretty drunk by that time. Archer picked Candy up in his arms as it was getting difficult for her to walk.

"Let's have a threesome, handsome," shouted Candy. Archer rolled his eyes at her.

"Ha-ha," laughed Zion. After you arrived in my life, you have taken away half the girls. I must keep you away," teased Zion.

"Shut up!" scolded Archer and laughed at him.

He put her down after they reached outside the room. Archer took the portable detector from Tony and went inside. He looked all around the room for hidden spy devices and found a lot of cameras.

He was shocked. Who would do such a thing? He had given explicit instructions to the FBI that no one is supposed to make a move without his know-so. He then realized that the camera of the FBI was undetectable, but his detector beeped every time he found a camera. If it was not the doing of the FBI, then who? Who else was keeping an eye on Zion? Were they another law enforcement agency or his enemies? He had to find out, he could not jeopardize his cover.

Little did anyone know that while he kept removing the cameras, he also kept placing his own camera in their place.

"Is everything alright, Archie?" asked Zion.

"No, someone is trying to be over-smart. Your room was filled with spy devices," replied Archer and he kept searching for spy devices. But his stupid mind, never even bothered to check the mattress. He just checked under the bed.

Before Zion could enter inside, Archer one last time went near the window and checked it. The window next door was open, but it was nothing out of the place, so he ignored it. After he was satisfied, he went outside, leaving Candy and Zion alone. Tony and Archer were standing outside.

It was almost an hour they were standing outside the door. Suddenly the door next door opened, and a beautiful, drunk woman came outside. She was having difficulty walking. Even her legs had no idea which direction they should go. Her dishevelled hair covered half her face. But Archer could tell that she was gorgeous.

Somehow, she walked near him, but before she could take another step, she stumbled and was about to fall. He ran to her and held her in his arms. He wanted to see her face but didn't want to touch her inappropriately. Even though he was known as a playboy he never took advantage of a woman in his life.

In her inebriated condition, she kept placing her hand inside his shirt touching his chest or would touch his thighs or his neck or his waist. He was thankful that she didn't touch one body part. He carried her all the way to the lobby and called a taxi for her.

But she was not ready to leave. She again hugged him and seductively whispered her address in his ears. Her lustful voice sent shivers all around his body. He was dying to look at her face by could not do that. After he told the address to the cab driver, he watched the cab move away from him. He exhaled loudly and calmed himself down.

"Shit! Who was she?" he ran his fingers through his hair with frustration.

He moved towards the lift and pressed the button. While he was waiting for the lift, he placed his hands in his pocket and the earth slipped from under his feet. All the spy cameras that he collected were gone. He thought he could trace the cameras after he gave them to his IT department, but he lost every single one of them.

Suddenly, it struck him like lightning. The girl he just helped get a cab was not touching him seductively, she was creating a diversion from one hand and taking out the cameras from another. He ran back outside but the cab was gone, the girl was gone.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" the air echoed with profanity.

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