I Spy Two Haters/Lovers

Journee, an NYPD officer and Archer, an FBI agent are after a common mafia boss, but they don’t know it. They cross each other’s path at every corner and involuntarily destroy each other chances to make a case against him. Each unknowingly keeps sabotaging the other. If they get a chance, they will kill each other. Finally, they decide to work together to put him behind bars and… fall in love.

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Something was brewing

The diner on the corner was packed with people. The delicious smell of fried chicken mixed with the sweet smell of pie was tingling Archer's nose. His stomach rumbled loudly. He was extremely hungry. The job of being Zion's bodyguard was a hectic one. It was like being his babysitter instead of his bodyguard.

The waitress came to his seat and pour a cup of coffee for him. The aroma of the strong black coffee hit his nose. She also placed a folded piece of napkin on his table. He gave her a look and she left him alone. He touched the napkin and found something to be there. Carefully, he slightly lifted the first fold of the napkin, and a bunch of spy cameras were sitting on it.

Suddenly a female voice spoke from behind him, "those are undetectable. You have to plant them in his house or his hotel room. And Assistant Director, Chris wants to see you tonight."

Archer knew that voice very well. He has been training Noelle since she was a field agent. She was talented, smart and beautiful. She quickly became a special agent under Archer. He was extremely proud of her.

Archer disguised his looking all around by showing that he was cracking his neck. It was all clear. No one was behaving suspiciously. He was not followed by anyone. Everyone was just enjoying their food with their family and friends.

He picked up a big piece of chicken and took a big bite. He veiled his talking in his eating and replied, "tonight would be difficult. As usual, he has a booked room in Hotel Grandeur."

"His usual room?" asked Noelle.

"Yes," he chewed the chicken and sipped his coffee.

"Then plant the devices and at least talk to Assistant Director," requested Noelle.

"I will do that," answered Archer.

Noelle took a deep breath and asked with all her concern, "how are you doing, Archer? Are you fine?"

"I am good, Elle. Don't worry about me. Is Harry ready?" asked Archer.

"Don't call him that. He already thinks he is magical like Harry potter. Call him by his full name Harris and he is a pain in the ass. I have been teaching him how to pick pockets as you asked but he is an idiot," facepalmed Noelle.

"Don't give up Elle, you too were an idiot," teased Archer.

"No, I wasn't," snapped Noelle.

"No, you weren't," he smiled. "Now go and train him and let me eat in peace."

"See you soon, Sir." Noelle stood from her seat and walked away from Archer. Archer picked up the napkin and kept it in his pocket and started eating his food. He was always on active duty, so he constantly avoided alcohol. It's been months since he was assigned to build a case against the Hall Crime family.

No one was able to find where Zachary Hall went. So, the FBI gave him an undercover assignment and he started climbing ranks in the Hall crime family. He started as a footman, peddling drugs for them but it was taking too long. If anyone knew where Zachary was, it was Zion and he needed to get close to him.

So, the FBI staged an assassination and tried to kill Zion, but Archer got him out of the fire zone and saved his life. From that day, he was appointed as his bodyguard, and he was now in the innermost circle. The number of illegal things he saw and heard was mind blowing. He now needed hard evidence against him. That's where the spy cameras would come in.

He finished his food, left the payment on the table, and left the diner. A gorgeous, black 1965 Pontiac Catalina was parked outside the diner that made him smile. He went up to the car and touched the hood with fondness. He dug out the key to the car and opened the door. He sunk down into the leather seat and turned the key in the ignition.

He drove to the Hall mansion and parked the car. After checking again the spy camera in his pocket, he exited the car. At the entrance of the mansion was a large walk through metal detector. He recalled Noelle's words that the spy cameras were undetectable, but he was still worried.

He took a deep breath and walked in with style. He had a sunglass on. He was wearing a black shirt and black trousers. Even Zion was jealous of his handsome, rugged face. He gave a smile to the guard standing near the metal detector and passed through it. To his relief, the metal detector beeped once and showed nothing. He was clear to enter the mansion.

The moment he entered the mansion, he climbed the stairs and went up to Zion's room on the first floor, but it was locked, and no one was there. A servant passed by and saluted Archer. After he saved Zion's life everyone knew who he was and respected him.

"Where is he?" asked Archer.

"In the family room with Theo sir," replied the servant.

"Theo?" pondered Archer. He then looked at the servant and thanked him, "okay, thank you."

He knew if Theo came to meet Zion, something was brewing. Zion was never interested in the business. All he wanted was money and girls to spend time with. But after the disappearance of his father, slowly he was taking over the family business. Rather, he was being trained to look after the family business.

Everyone knew that he was just the face, the main brain behind the business was Theo. But he was a cynical man, he never trusted anyone except Zachary. He was always loyal to him. He was helping Zion in the family business, but some expected an ulterior motive to that. No one knew his real motive to do that.

Zion was an idiot, a playboy, a brat, everyone knew he was incapable of handling such a big business and meeting with rival families to talk peace, but Theo was training him with great passion. Recently there was a buzz among the pickpockets working for the Hall family and Archer wanted to know what was about to go down. His ace in the hole, Harris, was getting ready for the job.

Finally, Archer reached the family room where Zion and Theo were having a meeting, but he was stopped outside. No one else other than Zion and Theo was supposed to be inside the room, not even the guards. The door was closed and only a faint noise was coming out. He could not make out any of the words uttered by them.

He got a golden chance when a servant walked in with coffee for the people inside. He peeped in and to his surprise, Theo and Zion were not alone. Four large men with beards and large muscles were sitting before Zion. One-fourth of their sleeves were folded showing off their tattooed hands.

Archer observed a star tattoo and an oskal tattoo. He immediately knew that the men were from Bratva Mafia. What was the Hall family doing meeting with Bratva? They were rivals. If they all were meeting, it only meant one thing, something big was about to happen. If they would work together, crime would increase. If they were here to declare war, many people would die.

It was clear to him that he had to meet with Chris tonight as Noelle suggested. He had to coordinate with the agent who was undercover in Bratva. Suddenly a thought occurred in his mind. Did pickpockets have something to do with this plan? His bosses needed to know everything.

After a few minutes, the door opened and Theo and the Bratva members walked out. Archer gave Theo a nod, but Theo just looked at him, stared at him and without acknowledging his nod, walked away. The only time he talked to him was when he saved Zion's life. He rewarded him with a million dollars which he refused and Zion himself appointed him as his bodyguard. But Theo never spoke to him after that.

He had no idea if Theo respected him or suspected him. All he knew was that Theo was the only one he had to be careful of.

"Archie!" shouted Zion, after his guests went away.

"Yes, Zion!" Archer entered the room.

"Get the cars ready, we are going to party with Candy and her friends," ordered Zion.

But Archer was not ready to move.


"I want a gun," said Archer.

One would think that Zion would be shocked but he was ecstatic. "Finally!" he shouted with pleasure. "I always asked you to carry one, and you kept saying, you will ask for one when you need it." He clapped his hands with happiness. Then it hit him, "Wait! Why do you think you need it, now?"

Archer looked at him with all seriousness and said, "You are meeting with your rivals. I don't know if you are working together or were talking about a cease-fire. But I need to be prepared if they are trying to double-cross you."

He moved toward Archer, placed his hands over his shoulder and spoke, "Oh, you can relax about Bratva. We are working together." He had no idea what he just said. Archer received one clue. Bravtas were working with the Hall family. They were planning something together which they discussed in the meeting moments ago.

He hid his surprise and said, "Zion! No one knows who tried to assassinate you. We have not ruled out anyone, not even Bratva."

"Theo ruled them out," said Zion, excitedly.

"Do you trust him?" asked Archer.

"Dad trusted him," replied Zion and moved back to his table. Archer knew he avoided answering that.

"But do you trust him," he pressured.

Zion faced him and said with confidence, "I only trust you and no one else."

"Then I need the gun and you will always be with me. I didn't like that you were alone with them and I was stopped outside," said Archer, firmly.

"Oh dear Archie! Don't be angry," said Zion but Archer stared him down. He then smiled at Archer, "Okay, fine, from now on you will be with me in every meeting. Happy?"

Archer lowered his eyes and slightly smiled at Zion. "Slightly." He then looked at Zion and grinned at him. "Do I need to pick up Candy and her friends?"

"No, they will meet with us in the club," winked Zion.

"Okay, I will tell the drivers and guards," said Archer and went outside.

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