I Spy Two Haters/Lovers

Journee, an NYPD officer and Archer, an FBI agent are after a common mafia boss, but they don’t know it. They cross each other’s path at every corner and involuntarily destroy each other chances to make a case against him. Each unknowingly keeps sabotaging the other. If they get a chance, they will kill each other. Finally, they decide to work together to put him behind bars and… fall in love.

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Learned it from you

Journee kept gagging at the scene before her. Zion was slowly getting rid of his clothes. The man was in his thirties, unmarried and was a playboy. He was somewhat handsome but every time she saw him either she wanted to vomit or kill him. She had no idea how a criminal like him would get models and socialites to date him.

The girl kept giggling at his dance. She snapped a few pictures of them together after turning off the camera flash. After she was content with the photographs she returned to her room.

"I have to get those cameras back. They are traceable," she pondered and bit her lower lips thinking about a plan on how to get those cameras back. Her eyes fell on the minibar and a devilish smile played on her lips.

She picked up her jacket and slipped it on. She looked at Adam and apologized, "Sorry Adam, you will get a huge bill tomorrow." She opened the minibar and took out two more whiskey bottles. One she gulped like a champ and another she spilt all over her dress so that she would smell like alcohol.

She let her hair down and covered her face with her dishevelled hair. After putting her high heels on, she pulled her skirt even higher showing her seductive thighs. She let her jacket fall from one of her shoulders and picked up her purse.

She opened the door, and the masked man was standing outside the next door along with another guard. Purposely, she stumbled and let herself rest on the door of the room that she came out of. Both men looked at her but found her to be drunk and averted her eyes.

Continuing to put her bag on her shoulder, again and again, as she was trying to portray that her bag was not ready to rest on her drunken body, she started walking towards the masked man. Intentionally walking like a drunk she kept crossing her legs and kept stumbling. Finally, when she reached near Archie, her heels betrayed her, and her foot twisted. She was about to land on her side when two strong hands came to her rescue.

Her face was half-covered with her hair. She kept blinking deliberately to give the impression of being drunk.

"Are you alright, miss?" asked Archie.

She just laughed like a maniac and kept clinging to him. She was running her hands all over him making him feel uncomfortable.

"Come on Archie, this is the kind of girl you like. Hot, drunk, smelling like sex, take her in a closet and show her a good time," said the other guard, teasingly.

"I know you all think that I am a playboy, but I don't advantage of girls. Stay put. I will put her in a cab," said Archie. "Miss come with me," he addressed Journee.

"You are leaving him alone," scolded the other guard.

"I am leaving him with you. Take care of him for a minute. I hope you are capable of doing so," reprimanded Archie. He then wrapped Journee's arms around his shoulder and shifted her weight on himself. "Let's go, miss," he said.

"How sweet," she giggled.

He helped her walk all the way to the lobby and outside the hotel. He called for a cab and put her in. she got in and fell sideways on the seat.

Archie pulled her arms and made her sit up. "Hey! Tell him your address," he requested.

"I don't tell my address to strangers," hiccuped Journee.

"Great! She can have one nightstand with strangers but won't tell her address to a cabby. Miss, I am not a stranger, I helped you, right?" he tried a different approach.

"Right!" she giggled.

"Then tell me your address," he moved his hand over her face, trying to remove her hair but she slapped his hand hard. He pulled his hand back immediately.

"Okay, fine." She wiggled out of the window, reached to his ears and seductively whispered her address in his ears.

The oblivious Archie had no idea that it was her final attempt to get the last camera out of his pocket. All the way from the corridor to the lobby, she kept removing the cameras from his pocket. but all he felt was her seductive touches. After she told him her address, he gulped hard as he was aroused by her actions. But he controlled himself and pushed her back in the cab.

He repeated the address to the cabby and the car went away. Journee who was lying in the backseat sat up with a jolt.

"Stop the cab!" she demanded.

"Sorry," the cabby was shocked. The girl who was not in her mind was telling him to stop.

"Stop, right here," she ordered him.

"But…" he turned around and to her shock, she was not all looking drunk. Her hair was out of her face and she was staring at him authoritatively. "Wait! You are not drunk."

"Bonus point for observation. Stop the cab," she teased.

"Right!" he slowed down the cab and parked in a corner.

She paid him, got down the cab and made her way back to the alley next to the hotel where she hid her black Jeep. She climbed in and placed her purse in the passenger seat. She backed the car up and drove to her house.

The gate of her house sensed her car and a red light flashed on her face. Accompanying the red light was a high-end camera and two machine guns mounted on the gate. She enunciated, "Journee Davis," and the gate opened.

She parked her SUV in the garage and entered her house. An extremely tall and bulky man appeared before her.

"Hey, Kay," she patted him on his arms and passed him by.

"Are you drunk?" he inquired as she was smelling like a pub.

"No, part of my cover," she explained.

"How was the surveillance?" Kay asked.

"Not as good as I would have expected," one could hear the disappointment in her voice.

"Don't worry you will get him one day," assured Kay.

"I am waiting for that day," she replied and kept moving towards her room. Kay kept asking her questions and following her.

"Ate anything?"

"Not hungry, going to sleep. You too go and rest," she turned to look at him and spoke.

Kay just shook his head with disappointment and picked her up in his arms like a ragdoll.

"What are you doing?" she shouted.

"You are not going to sleep without eating," he ordered.

"You are so stubborn," she pouted.

"Learned it from you," he teased. He carried her all the way to the dining hall and dumped her ass carefully on a chair. "Don't move," he commanded.

"Yes, sir," she teasingly saluted him.

He came back with homemade chilli and green salad and placed the bowls before her. She smiled at the food. Chilli was his speciality and she loved it.

"Have you eaten?" she inquired.

"Yes, hours ago. Now eat," he lifted a spoon and shoved it in her face.

She gobbled the food in an instant. She was working the whole day without a proper meal and was hungry. She licked the bowl clean.

She goodbye to Kay and ran to her room. She immediately changed into pyjamas and got rid of her trashy clothes. She jumped into her bed and retired for the night. Meanwhile, Kay took care of her utensils, cleaned them, and went to his room.

Kay was still sleeping peacefully when he smelled delicious eggs. He was impressed by his dreaming capacity that his brain was making up the scents. He sniffed a few times, and the smell of eggs had a hint of coffee too. He knew he was not dreaming as his brain was not so smart to create such vivid dreams.

He opened his eyes and Journee was waving a plate of eggs and coffee near his nose. He shook his head in disbelief.

"What are you doing?" he raised one eyebrow and looked at her in disappointment.

"Waking you up," she replied.

"You made breakfast?" he asked.

"What? Only you can cook for me? Get up, get up, I have to leave," she said.

He groaned and got out of his bed. He walked with her to the dining table and they had a sweet and short breakfast.

Leaving him alone in the house, after getting dressed in a white shirt, brown pants and brown leather jacket, she left for the precinct. She parked her Jeep in the parking lot and entered the 15th precinct.

The whole precinct was buzzing with policemen. Many had their morning coffee and bagels in their hands. The officers were in the conference room for their daily patrol assignments. The grey building was covered with the blue colour of the uniforms. Detectives in plain clothes were sticking out like a sore thumb.

The moment she entered her department she was greeted by a beautiful girl.

"So, One-night stand Queen, which hotel did you visit yesterday?" she teased Journee. Journee was known as the One-Night Stand Queen in her circle. It was said that there was not a single hotel that she didn't have sex in.

"Nice way to greet your boss, Kimberly," taunted Journee and stare directly into her soul.

Kimberly was always jealous of Journee. They started in the department together but Journee rose to fame and promotion sooner than anyone. Everyone knew it was because she was intelligent, smart and talented but Kimberly had other notions.

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