I Spy Two Haters/Lovers

Journee, an NYPD officer and Archer, an FBI agent are after a common mafia boss, but they don’t know it. They cross each other’s path at every corner and involuntarily destroy each other chances to make a case against him. Each unknowingly keeps sabotaging the other. If they get a chance, they will kill each other. Finally, they decide to work together to put him behind bars and… fall in love.

DaoistxYTRJ0 · Urban
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271 Chs

Character Depiction

Journee Davis – A smart, extremely intelligent, brunette who is a highly decorated sergeant in NYPD. She is one of the youngest people to become a sergeant. She works closely with Criminal Enterprise Division. She wants to eradicate organized crime completely. She is an orphan who was adopted by William Davis.

Henry Jones – A dorky male detective who works under Journee's supervision. He is the one she goes for research every time. He knows the past and future of every crime family that ever worked in New York.

Jack Martin – A handsome young male detective who is known as the muscle man in his department. He too works under Journee's supervision. He is best for the legwork needed in a detective's job.

Archer Moore – A rugged face, athletic build, special agent-in-charge, FBI. He is after the Hall crime family and is building a case against them.

Noelle Taylor – A talented, smart girl who is a special agent, FBI. She works under Archer.

Harris Morgan – A young, naïve boy who is just appointed new agent trainee, FBI. He follows Archer wherever he goes. Archer is tasked to train him.

William Davis – An old man who is built like a bull is the Commissioner of NYPD. He is a straight arrow and never takes any crap from anyone except Journee. She is her adoptive daughter, but he loves her more than his life.

Graham Sewell – A middle-aged man who is the captain of the 15th precinct, Manhattan where Journee works. He is a sweet boss, loved by all.

Zachary Hall – An old man who is the head of the Hall crime family. His gang operates mainly in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island. His gang is famous for committing murders, grand auto theft, racketeering, drugs, illegal gambling, extortion, tax evasion, and loansharking. They were also said to have rigged elections for many mayors.

Zion Hall – A tall, handsome man who is the son of Zachary. He is a spoilt brat. He just wastes his father's money and parties all day long. Slowly he has started dipping his feet in the family business.

Theo Clark – A man in his forties, bulky and bald who is second in command of the Hall crime family. He oversees most of the operation.

Kimberly Brown – A beautiful, slim girl who is also a detective in the 15th precinct. She is the archenemy of Journee. She wants the fame Journee enjoys. She always calls her the result of nepotism. She is jealous as Journee always gets high-profile cases.

Come say hello to the few characters you will meet in this book.

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