I Spy Two Haters/Lovers

Journee, an NYPD officer and Archer, an FBI agent are after a common mafia boss, but they don’t know it. They cross each other’s path at every corner and involuntarily destroy each other chances to make a case against him. Each unknowingly keeps sabotaging the other. If they get a chance, they will kill each other. Finally, they decide to work together to put him behind bars and… fall in love.

DaoistxYTRJ0 · Urban
Not enough ratings
271 Chs

Angry Archer

If Archer would have wanted, he would have wiped the floor with Theo and shown Zion what he was capable of. But he had to play the long game. He had to find out about Zachary. He had to find out where he was hidden. He had to keep his ego aside.

As Zion stood near him, Archer swallowed his pride, knelt at Zion's feet, and placed his head gently over his shoes. "Please forgive me, Zion. I will never repeat such a mistake again. I will never even look at a girl ever again. I caused you pain, you too can hit me if you want, just please forgive me. I don't want to lose a friend. I am sorry, Zion, extremely sorry," cried Archer.

Zion closed his eyes and breathed heavily. He knew in his heart that such a thing could have happened to anyone. Anyone could have been a victim of pickpocketing. He just held Archie to a high standard. This was the first time Archie disappointed him. And he was ready to forgive him. The moment Theo started hitting him, he knew he had to save him.