I Shocked The Nation After Divorce

Author: I Love Eating Crab Butter
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What is I Shocked The Nation After Divorce

Read I Shocked The Nation After Divorce novel written by the author I Love Eating Crab Butter on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering thestrongactingweak, showbiz. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


After an act of arson, she went from being the nation's goddess of first love to the butt of every joke—her future was ruined. Her fiance forcefully broke off their engagement; her adoptive mother revealed her ugly side and chased her out of the house. Fang Xuan wrote two letters—one to break off the engagement; one of estrangement—and left coolly. After Fang Xuan left, rumors started spreading in the entertainment industry, saying, "It's said that after Fang Xuan's not doing well after leaving the entertainment industry. She's dyed her hair and started wearing a face veil. She's a hostess in nightclubs every day." "That can't be, right? Her face is already ruined, who'd let her serve? I've heard that she committed some crime and went to prison instead?" Everyone expected Fang Xuan to live a tragic life, one where she willingly let herself fall from grace for the sake of earning a living. She had forever lost the brilliance that she once had. Up until summer in the same year, Fang Xuan's name shot up to the top trending searches on the Internet! Capital City's Education Department's official account stated, "Let's give a round of applause to celebrate Ms. Fang Xuan from XX High School, the number one student in the entire country, now accepted into the top institutions of learning!" "What? Isn't that the most prestigious institution of learning that will only accept the top ten achievers every year?" "Fang Xuan, a female actor who was once in the entertainment industry, is actually knowledgable!" The entire country was aghast. Nobody expected the unlucky female actor who retreated in failure would catch everyone's attention in such a miraculous manner. The Public Security Department in Capital City's official account shared, "Thank you Ms. Fang Xuan for her valiant acts in the major kidnapping that shocked the whole country a week ago. This department hereby grants Ms. Fang Xuan the Citizen's Valor Award!" "What? Fang Xuan actually participated in the major kidnapping that shocked the entire country?" Capital City No.1 Hospital's official account announced, "Many thanks to Ms. Fang Xuan for her constructive suggestions during the case studies in the hospital's global medical consensus, leading to the medical breakthrough achieved in this hospital!" "What? The medical breakthrough that took the world by storm is all thanks to Fang Xuan's constructive suggestions?" The people in the country were shocked once more. One day, that pure and elegant man trapped Fang Xuan in a corner, saying, "Xuanxuan, don't you have the ability to predict the future? Then, help me find out if my future is full of you?" Fang Xuan shook her head and said with a smile, "No, other than me, there are two cute kids too."

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So far the story is going well. I do think that the ML is kind of annoying here. I hope he will understand and not be rude to FL in the future. He will also have to chase her and have to feel a bit of pain for being rude to FL. The ML is not the usual very powerful kind of ML from what I've read so far. Till now it's been a good story. So you can try reading it if it suits your tastes.






this story is the finest of crackfic. I mean, it may not be fanfiction but that's the best description I can give. you will get whiplash reading this but the weird factor can actually be a little fun. However this is definitely a new author, a lot of things are rushed/forced and the writing suffers because of it. That's the part that frustrated me, much more than the bizarro plot.


This is very honest review: I guess this is a new novel by a reader who wants to try out as a writer ??. I dont mean to be rude, but like seriously this novel gave me a headache. The story itself is fast paced, the first chapter doesn't match with what was to be expected. As in like I remember she had water power... Its like a strong FL turn to chicken with no power. The synopsis is also "slightly" different. Predict future mm as in the mentioned Mind Ability and why is the ML also really broken down. Like if it was protagnists learning from bottom I get, but like seriously the whole story is kinda messy. Either ways just personal opinion. I am dropping it.




This is based on 40 chapters. If it wasn't because of the translation quality, then this rating wouldn't be as high as it is. The synopsis makes you think it's going to be a typical story but it couldn't be farther from that. So much is going on & I don't mean that in a good way. I read one reviewer say this story will give you whiplash with the craziness of the plot & that sums it up perfectly. The story only gets more weird with each chapter. It's definitely not worth spending time/money on.


so far so good, it could have been better at the end tho,Han mo should be killed or something, he's an evil and disgusting man. over all, the story is not bad


Sorry but the story is just way out of Earth. Such a weakling alien. And such a weakling pair of Leads. The 40 chapters were all devoted in their miseries.




I am really enjoying the story very much. The FL is strong and ML is really crafty. Their interaction with each other is really funny Looking forward to reading more. I hope this story is selected


different from other because fl is an alien from another world with blue blood😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Rather interesting after u get over the prognosis which is quite common. So many similar stories nowadays. This is getting interesting as FL is an alien AND BLUE blood. Getting there….


Muito bom. Estou gostando da leitura e pretendo terminar ela em breve. Não tenho mais o q escrever pois preciso de pontos para desbloquear mais capítulos


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