I Shall Cuck Everyone

What would you do if you could copy abilities during an apocalypse? Of course, you can only copy women's abilities by having sex with them and absorbing their coitus essence! Jake Mystro, a determined and strong-willed teenager without an ability, was frowned upon and disdained for being powerless, as his body even rejected artificial abilities. Yet, that didn't bother Jake or make him sad, rather, he supported himself with the help of beast gears to avoid being bullied. However, on a particular day, Jake got tricked into awakening his Vampiric powers, but the process left him in a life and death condition. Luckily, he acquired the 'Cuckold System. [Ding!] [You have acquired the Cuckold System] [The Goddess of lust has acknowledged your strong will and determination] [You have become a dedicated follower] [By stealing other people's women you shall become stronger] "I shall not become the follower of anyone! I will also conquer the goddess of lust! Mark my words!"  [Fufufu.....you have balls of steel, you know?] Let's follow the journey of Jake Mystro as he embarks on the journey of doing perverted tasks and becoming men's worst nightmare. ========================= Tags: Slice of life, Incest, Netori, Ecchi, Witches, Vampires, Pregnancy, Rape, Beastkins, Demi-humans, fellatio, cunnilingus, Dhampirs, Demons, gods, Fetish, Sperm-spreading, OP-Protagonist, Academy, Blood manipulation, Gore, Familiars, and Mutants. ------- Note: The MC didn't acquire the system in the early chapters. Mc is not getting ntr'd. MC is not getting cucked or getting stolen from. He'll be the one to steal from people. _________

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The Ruined Legacy

Right now, all the 12th-grade students are assembled inside the Colosseum. We are approximately 2000 If my guess is right.

You might all be wondering why we are so much right? Well, there are only five high schools in each district. Some students even come from other districts which are thousands of miles away, but they can easily attend or go anywhere with the help of teleporters.

With such an enormous amount of students in each school, there are always crimes that happen without the school knowing. Although the drones were created to keep the students in check, there have always been some rookies, such as me that always bypass the drones.

Right now, a few meters away from me, a group of boys are assaulting a nerd-looking girl. The girl is a human and the guys that are trying to assault her are also humans and the boys belong to the most hated group in school. These boys are also personally one of the group I dislike in this school because I've always hated the way they bully people.

Of course, they were able to do this because the gadget that is supposed to keep their powers in check has been bypassed in some kind of cunning way.

There has always been a rule that binds everyone on earth which is that youngsters who haven't graduated from high school should have their powers restrained and should only be able to use a small amount of their powers.

Because of the constant abuse of powers on earth by youngsters, the mad scientist, Edgar Frost, created a wristwatch that restrains the ability of underage students to a bare minimum of about 10-50 Mc cells.

While these wristwatches restrain abilities, it also depends on the amount of Mc cells an average person has. For example, a person whose body has an orange Mana cell, which is equivalent to 100 Mc cells will only have 10 Mc cells after their power has been restrained by the gadget.

But Berg and his lackeys have found a way to tweak their watch and so it now allows them to have about 30–50 Mc cells which makes them the highest in the whole school.

Berg and Stan along with their lackeys have been reported several times, but they have always found a way to save their asses due to their influence.

Berg's parents are famous SSS-rank travelers, while Stan's parents are scientists who have been rumored to work with Edgar Frost, the mad scientist. Which also explains how they were able to bypass the gadget.

Edgar Frost the mad scientist isn't really mad though, in fact, he has only made an appearance once in public, and that was when the strange Mana spawned on earth. However, he has been nicknamed the mad scientist because of his various creations. Because, it's as though he was godsent for all living beings in this universe.

Right now, Berg has raised the girl's short skirt and made his way into her panties, while his lackeys are grinning from behind and shielding him from the eyes of the drones.

"You slut– isn't this what you want huh? Isn't that why you are always wearing a skimpy skirt? You bitch! I bet you are enjoying it…." Berg says as he fingers the girl in public.

Everyone turns a blind eye and acts as though nothing is happening, as the girl isn't crying out, but rather she is weeping silently.

In everyone's opinion, the girl is either a slut or a masochist, as a small puddle can be seen underneath her as her juice trickles down her leg.

"Damn…..Jake, that's insane– I can't believe that this nerdy girl is a pervert," Tony whispers to me, not wanting Berg to hear his words.

I simply don't reply as my attention is focused on the large podium above. And at the same time, my eyes are scanning through the students, as I look for the rest of my friends, Barry and Zach.

"Jake, why do you think they called all the 12th-grade students, did something happen?" Tony asks with worry as his pupils dilate.

 "I don't have any idea, man, we were both called here all of a sudden, how am I supposed to know?" I reply briefly because Tony is too much of a talker, if I don't keep him in check, he'll keep his mouth running and land us in trouble one way or another.


Suddenly, our school principal drops down from the sky along with two other teachers, and begins walking elegantly towards the podium.

His name is Captain Craig, he's a middle-aged human whose age I have no idea of, since everyone can live for a pretty long time. He's wearing green and grey camouflage clothes, which is meant for the military. The Military and other large factions have been governing the earth after the calamity. However, during the calamity, the military lost its powers and got its ass saved by the first set of strong ability wielders. 

Thus, after the calamity ended, the balance of power was taken from the military and was held amongst the strong factions. However, over the years the military has begun to secure its position once again, but it's still nowhere near the power it had in the past.

"Hello everyone, we are very sorry for the intrusion that this sudden call must have caused. A situation came up and that's why we assembled only the 12th-grade students."

Today, we have an honorable guest, who has only made an appearance in public once. He has visited other high schools and now it's our turn to get visited and to experience a new era! 

Today, we have the legendary scientist, Edgar Frost!" Captain Craig shouts, his voice projected by the drones. Instantly, the whole coliseum suddenly becomes as quiet as a graveyard as the students can't believe their ears.

I'm also speechless right now, and my attention is focused on the podium. Everyone is bewildered that the legendary mad scientist is going to make an appearance today.

Suddenly, during this moment of disbelief, a tall man with broad shoulders, who is wearing a kind of strange nanotech suit begins to walk towards the podium and stands beside Captain Craig. 

The man appears out of nowhere, as if he walked through the walls or teleported here and Captain Craig and the other teachers bow their heads at him.

However, the strange thing about this man is that he's wearing a black mask on his face.

"Hello, youngsters of today and idols of tomorrow. I'm sure you all know who I am right? Your principal should have informed you about my visit.

I am Edgar Frost, the normal guy you all refer to as the mad scientist. I don't have much time because I have other things to attend to but I have some great info to share with you youngsters before it gets published by the media.

You should all know about my project which I have been trying to launch for a long time. And so, after endless trials and relentless efforts, my team and I have been able to complete this project through sheer determination and hard work.

I hereby announce the arrival of 'The Ruined Legacy Online!!!'

The moment the words left his mouth, the hall began to tremble as all the students were roaring and cheering at the top of their voices.


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