I Shall Cuck Everyone

What would you do if you could copy abilities during an apocalypse? Of course, you can only copy women's abilities by having sex with them and absorbing their coitus essence! Jake Mystro, a determined and strong-willed teenager without an ability, was frowned upon and disdained for being powerless, as his body even rejected artificial abilities. Yet, that didn't bother Jake or make him sad, rather, he supported himself with the help of beast gears to avoid being bullied. However, on a particular day, Jake got tricked into awakening his Vampiric powers, but the process left him in a life and death condition. Luckily, he acquired the 'Cuckold System. [Ding!] [You have acquired the Cuckold System] [The Goddess of lust has acknowledged your strong will and determination] [You have become a dedicated follower] [By stealing other people's women you shall become stronger] "I shall not become the follower of anyone! I will also conquer the goddess of lust! Mark my words!"  [Fufufu.....you have balls of steel, you know?] Let's follow the journey of Jake Mystro as he embarks on the journey of doing perverted tasks and becoming men's worst nightmare. ========================= Tags: Slice of life, Incest, Netori, Ecchi, Witches, Vampires, Pregnancy, Rape, Beastkins, Demi-humans, fellatio, cunnilingus, Dhampirs, Demons, gods, Fetish, Sperm-spreading, OP-Protagonist, Academy, Blood manipulation, Gore, Familiars, and Mutants. ------- Note: The MC didn't acquire the system in the early chapters. Mc is not getting ntr'd. MC is not getting cucked or getting stolen from. He'll be the one to steal from people. _________

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A Toxic Breakup

Right now, I'm taking Zelle to the school's former infirmary which is no longer in use. I only have the keys thanks to the deal I made with a certain nurse…fufufu….

Sometime later we make our way into the infirmary with no one noticing us, and then I shut the door from behind and begin locking the door.

While locking the door, I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder. This hand keeps getting colder the longer it rests on my shoulder. Turning around, I see Zelle standing in front of me with a devastating look on her face.

"Jake, you know about it, right?" She asks me, with tears flowing down her beautiful face…

How should I describe Zelle? I'd probably say that she is the most beautiful girl in our school.  She is standing at 1.7 meters tall, which is probably an insane height for a human because most of them are short. She is very busty and endowed in the right places. Her lustrous brown hair gives off a certain aura that adds up to her beauty, and her Sapphire eyes are set atop a beautiful, oval shaped, flawless face with crescent-shaped eyebrows. Her brown, long hair which is now tied into a ponytail gives her a look of maturity.  

Her curvy body is also really endowed with bountiful tits that are almost spilling out of their enclosure, coupled with her fine, perfect, meaty ass….

"W-What do you mean? What are you talking about babe?" I feign cluelessness.

 "S-So you don't know?" She asks in surprise.

Of course, I know that you are a cheating whore. If you felt like you were tired of me and wanted to cheat, did you have to do it with that nuisance? Just let me use you as my cum dumpster before I throw you away like the trash you are. Three more days to go– just three days, and you will be his bitch forever.

"I don't have any idea of what you are trying to say," I reply again, acting clueless.

"Jake, do you love me? Will you forgive me if you knew that I made a big mistake?" Zelle asks me, with both of her hands now resting on my shoulder and her sapphire eyes getting teary.

…..What? Am I imagining things?

This time, as if a spark goes off, anger begins to swell in me….this bitch is really asking for forgiveness after cheating?! How shameless of her? Maybe this is the perfect time to let out everything so we can finally go our separate ways. It's such a shame that I won't be able to humiliate her as planned.

I take a deep breath as I make up my mind and begin to let loose my knowledge of her secret….

"You cheating whore— you don't need to tell me about it, I already knew that you were fucking around with that bastard! H-How could you? H-How could you do such a thing to me, Zelle? It's over between us… I wanted to humiliate you for what you did but seeing that you want to confess, I'll let you off. But nothing will ever happen between us again, let us go separate ways….it's over! Our relationship ends here." I tell her and roughly remove her hands that are resting on her shoulders, causing her to stagger and fall on her butt.



"Y-You also knew about that? J-Jake it's not what you think it is! Please, Jake, listen to me….I have nothing to do with him, it was just a coincidence….please listen to me, Jake…." She stands up again as she pleads and looks into my eyes with a guilty and teary face.

"Coincidence you say? I saw you with him more than three fucking times, Zelle. There is nothing between us again…" I answer as I turn my back and start to unlock the door.

I am about to turn the doorknob, but her voice suddenly sounds again.

"Jake, I am really ashamed of myself right now… I don't know how I'll ever face you again in the future. That wasn't even what I wanted to tell you about, and unknowingly you already know about the fact that I am cheating. I know that I deserve a breakup for what I did…but just hold on and listen to what I have to say, please…..just this once, Jake." 

Zelle pleads intensely, as she admits her mistake and looks at me while sobbing.

I pause my footsteps, feeling quite surprised that she wants to tell me another thing. It hurts me a little that I couldn't humiliate her.

"Say what you have to say, this will be our last conversation..." I tell her as I stand in front of her, without looking at her face, while she also stares at the ground.

"Okay, this will be our last time talking….but you must not forget the thing that still binds us together…."

"I'm 2 months pregnant, Jake, and you are the father."


 As if a bomb drops on me, I start feeling like my brain is turned upside down as I try to process what I just heard. It's rare for a vampire and a human to reproduce, and if they eventually do… they might end up giving birth to the most hated enemy of the Vampires….a…Dhampir.



Hey, fellas! I got you there huh?

(*spoiler alert*: Zelle didn't actually cheat on the Mc. This BS is part of the plot. Do you think I will let my MC get cucked? Lmao.

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