I Sent The World To Hell

Author: lion_Cs
Magical Realism
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What is I Sent The World To Hell

Read ‘I Sent The World To Hell’ Online for Free, written by the author lion_Cs, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: I accidentally sent everyone to hell...


I accidentally sent everyone to hell...

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She is magic !

There was something mysterious about Moni. From her long golden traces that would suddenly turn black to her hair growing at breath neck speed to her exotic looks. But the town of Western was mysterious by itself, shrouded in clouds most of the seasons, twinkling starlight, lovely seasons .. it was a fairytale yet with dark shadows have started to increase in the day towards the eastern mountains where no one ventured. Then there were Moni's grandparents who came from a prestigious line of Yoddhas , a family that fought and saved the town on dark timea from Devils. Legends said the Eastern mountains was the last stronghold of the angels and the Yoddhas was their fighters. No one knew who was Moni's father as her mother had broken an ancient tradition and ran away with an unknown man. Moni carried no family name. Her friends would tease her as Moni the Mad and somewhere it became her surname Moni D'mad when a teacher misunderstood and wrote it as such. All of the friends who teased her would mention in whispers that they had scary dreams of being chased by demons. As Moni's grandmother started handing over the reigns of governance to the town, a new Police Officer took charge. He had been posted to investigate some strange occuring, he did not believe is any magic but was determined to bring the Yoddhas family down. He was known to say quite loudly corrupted Yoddhas much to the shock of the entire town. Moni worried that he too will get frightened with scary dreams but he remained constant with his mission. But one day her grand parents disappeared as if in thin air. The Police Officer and Moni were forced into contact, sending shooting stars to the cosmos and changing some cosmic rules that should possibly have never been broken. The clouds in Eastern mountains and the gorge below held deep mysteries that they would unearth.

Regal_queen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2 Chs
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