I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples

As everyone knows, there is a power in the southern region that absolutely cannot be provoked—the Grass Hall. The eldest disciple is the Sword Saint of the southern region, with a godly understanding of swords. The second disciple is the Eternal Empress, who ruled an era. The third disciple is a great scholar of the current generation, the reincarnation of the immortal of literature. The fourth disciple is the reincarnation of a demon god, suppressing the Nine Hells. Lu Changsheng: Me? I'm nothing special, just their master.

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Why Did You Strategize On Your Own...

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Ye Yan was dead.

There was a hole between his eyebrows, and blood was flowing out.

As for Ye Qiubai? He had long disappeared from the Ye residence.

He had clearly left.

When the Ye family's Ancestor saw this scene, his expression was extremely gloomy.

Ye Yan was the successor he chose, but he was killed by Ye Qiubai.

When Ye Qing saw that Ye Qiubai had successfully left, he stopped worrying and relaxed with a smile.

The Ye family's Ancestor looked at Ye Qing and snorted. "From now on, Ye Ling will take over the position of the family head!"

Ye Ling was stunned upon hearing this, but he couldn't be happy no matter what. His son had been killed after all.

Ye Qing shrugged and didn't mind. To him, it was better for Ye Qiubai to recover his strength.

And now, the instigator of this matter, Ye Qiubai, was sitting in a cave outside Tianyuan City.

He was adjusting his breathing since pulling out the Green Cloud Sword had resulted in a huge backlash on him.

At the same time, Ye Qiubai was secretly surprised.

Just by pulling out a little of the sword, he could kill someone under the nose of an expert like the Ye family's Ancestor.

If he pulled them all out, the Ancestor would probably not be able to block a single strike, right?

However, if he completely pulled out the Green Cloud Sword, that incomparably powerful sword intent would probably instantly destroy Ye Qiubai…

He recalled what Jiang Tianhan had said before.

The Sunset Dynasty… huh?

He was the ruler of the Northern Region and the current king was currently ranked fourth on the Four Domains Martial Roll.

However, Ye Qiubai wasn't discouraged at all.

He might even be able to surpass the Sunset Dynasty!

Thinking of this, a sword intent rose from Ye Qiubai's body.

It soared into the sky with an indomitable momentum!

His Sword Heart was firm and unyielding, capable of cutting through all things!

His sword intent had broken through!

The current Ye Qiubai could be called a swordmaster!

Two days later, Ye Qiubai ended his comprehension and left this place, walking towards the Hidden Dao Academy.

He did not know if his master felt lonely. After all, he was the only disciple.

There was no one to talk to him or cook for him after he left.

At the same time.

In the Cottage.

A woman frowned and walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of fish soup.

He placed it in front of Lu Changsheng and said coldly, "Can you give me some pointers now?"

During these days, Lu Changsheng had shocked her too much.

She could not see through him at all.

The faint sword aura emitted was even thicker than ordinary sword intent and filled with the power of laws!

Hong Ying had never seen such a Sword Dao aura throughout her previous lives.

Also, the willow tree on the cliff clearly had a spirit, even though there was no aura.

However, it made her feel a vague sense of fear.

The bird on the parasol tree was even more attracted to Hong Ying.

What was terrifying was that she even vaguely felt like she was being suppressed!

Not only that, even Lu Changsheng's understanding of cultivation techniques shocked Hong Ying.

A casual sentence and a pointer could enlighten Hong Ying!

She was a Great Empress in her previous life so her understanding of martial arts could be said to be at the top in this world.

It was obvious that Lu Changsheng's martial arts understanding far exceeded hers!

This was also the reason why the Hong Ying Association took the initiative to ask for guidance.

However, the pointers were not given for free.

Coincidentally, after Ye Qiubai left, no one cooked for him and he was too lazy to cook.

Lu Changsheng would teach her once as long as Hong Ying prepared three meals on that day.

It had to be known that Hong Ying had never cooked for tens of thousands of years.

Lu Changsheng looked at the fish soup in front of him and nodded with a smile. "Not bad. It's much stronger than the black thing from before."

Then, he took a bite.

"Yes, at least it can be eaten."

Hong Ying snorted angrily.

When had she ever been ordered around like this as an Empress?

"Is that enough? Teach me!"

"There's no hurry. Let me finish my meal first."

Just like that, Hong Ying sat opposite Lu Changsheng and watched him eat.

However, Lu Changsheng ate too slowly. Every bite had to be chewed slowly.

This made Hong Ying a little impatient.

Suddenly, Hong Ying was stunned.

That's right, when did I become so impetuous?

I started to feel frustrated after waiting for such a short period of time?

Realizing this, Hong Ying immediately sat down cross-legged and adjusted her mentality.


It was very important on the path of cultivation, but sometimes, one would ignore it.

When a person is anxious, their cultivation might not improve at all.

In serious cases, one might even go berserk!

Their cultivation base would regress and damage one's Dao foundation!

Only by maintaining a calm state could he comprehend more things.

This was a principle that every cultivator understood.

However, sometimes, the simpler something was, the easier it was to forget them.

For example, the current Hong Ying.

She desperately wanted to recover and increase her strength.

However, she did not notice that her mentality was actually no longer suitable for cultivation.

She immediately started to adjust it after she realized it.

Lu Changsheng finished eating.

Seeing that Hong Ying was still meditating, he shrugged and casually cleared the bowls and chopsticks.

The next day, Hong Ying was still meditating.

On the third day, it was the same.

On the fifth day… Hong Ying slowly opened her eyes, a bright light flashed across them!

Her aura erupted!

Breakthrough to the Water Overflow Realm!

Naturally, everything fell into place!

After the Golden Core Pill Realm was the Purple Mansion Realm, then the Sea Flow Realm and then the Water Overflow Realm.

Ye Qing was at the early stage of Water Overflow Realm.

As for the Ye family's Ancestor, he had already reached Peak Stage Water Overflow Realm!

Hong Ying heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a beautiful smile.

At this moment, Lu Changsheng also walked out and smiled. "You broke through?"

Hong Ying nodded. Then, she bowed to Lu Changsheng and said, "Thank you for your guidance."


Lu Changsheng was stunned. He hadn't given her any guidance in the past few days, right?

Hong Ying smiled and said, "You knew that there's something wrong with my mentality, right? That's why you deliberately asked me to cook and let me discover the problem with my mentality."

Lu Changsheng: "???"

No, I didn't. Don't talk nonsense. I just wanted you to cook for me.

Hong Ying continued, "Otherwise, with your current cultivation, you would have long reached the Inedia Realm. Why would you eat mortal food every day? Moreover, my food doesn't taste good."

Hong Ying could not help but blush when she reached the last point.

Lu Changsheng was completely dumbfounded.

Why do the people around me like to imagine things about me?

'I clearly didn't think that…'

Then, Hong Ying suddenly knelt on the ground and bowed to Lu Changsheng. "There's no order in learning. The person with knowledge is the teacher. Please accept me as your disciple!"

Lu Changsheng: "…"

I haven't done anything yet. Why… did she manage to conquer herself? I'm speechless…