2 The Fall Of The Former Genius

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Tianyuan City, the capital city of the Tianyuan Dynasty was filled with aristocratic families and scattered sects.

The Ye Family was one of the four major families in Tianyuan City and was extremely powerful.

"Today is the day of the Ye family's strength test, right?"

"That's right. Speaking of which, is that Ye Qiubai is going to participate too, right?"

"What a pity for Ye Qiubai. Back then, he accidentally entered the forbidden area of the Sword Saint's inheritance ground and was attacked by the Qi of the Supreme Sword. He lost his cultivation, his meridians were destroyed, and his talent plummeted even though he escaped with his life."

"Ye Qiubai, the number one genius of Tianyuan City back then, has now fallen to such a state. It's a pity."

"That's right… Ye Qiubai's personality is too straightforward. Back then, he offended many nobles. Now that he has lost his cultivation, the Ye family has abandoned him. I wonder if Ye Qiubai can survive the storm of revenge after this test…"

"What happens today is because of the karma you planted yesterday…"

In front of the ancestral hall at the Ye residence.

Many people gathered under a high platform and on the high platform was a Sky Penetrating Stone that could test one's talent.

"Next, Ye Qiubai!"

Ye Qiubai held a sword in his arms in the corner. He silently stood up and slowly walked towards the Sky Penetrating Stone.

The surrounding people looked at Ye Qiubai. Some sighed regretfully, while others had mocking expressions.

No matter how high a person rose back then… when he fell from the altar, he would fall miserably.

There were three people sitting on the high platform. The leader was the head of the Ye family, Ye Qing, who was also Ye Qiubai's father.

Ye Qing sighed softly as he looked at Ye Qiubai, who was hugging his sword in silence. Why was his son's road in life so bumpy?

Beside Ye Qing stood a woman in gorgeous clothes with a cold expression. She looked at this scene with a cold expression.

He arrived in front of the Sky Penetrating Stone.

The elder at the side said coldly, "Ye Qiubai, put your hand on the Sky Penetrating Stone."

Ye Qiubai glanced at the elder who had fawned over him with a smile in the past. Then, he raised his head and looked up. His gaze landed on the cold woman, and a look of realization flashed across his eyes.

They were childhood sweethearts who cultivated, explored treasures and ate together.

When they grew up, the two families immediately engaged them because their families were well-matched.

However, the engagement was canceled and the marriage contract was destroyed after he lost his cultivation.

The little girl from before had become so unfamiliar now.

He retracted his gaze and placed his hand on the Sky Penetrating Stone.

Soon, a faint light flickered on the Sky Penetrating Stone.

Seeing this, the elder sneered and reported, "Ye Qiubai, third realm of Qi Refinement, inferior talent."

"As expected, Ye Qiubai must know very well, why embarrass himself again?"

"Perhaps he's used to being a genius and isn't willing to be reduced to a mortal so he wants to try again."

"However, Ye Qiubai offended so many people previously. I'm afraid he won't have a good life in the future."

"No matter what, from now on, the Ye family… no, the entire Tianyuan City no longer has Ye Qiubai's position."

Up above, Ye Qing's expression was extremely ugly when he saw this.

The woman seemed to have known the outcome long ago. She turned around and left without saying anything.

She seemed to have come here to verify if Ye Qiubai had really lost his cultivation.

Ye Qiubai couldn't help but laugh bitterly when he heard the mockery around him.

That's right, he no longer had a place in the Ye family.

The Ye Family was one of the four great families of the Tianyuan Dynasty, a top-notch family. How could he accept a piece of trash who had lost his cultivation?

If word got out, it would be a humiliation!

He looked at the sword in his arms and glanced at the back of the departing woman.

Suddenly, as if he had figured something out, he shouted to the top, "Father, I'll leave the Ye family today and travel alone. I hope Father will agree!"

Staying in the Ye family would be humiliating, and it would also cause trouble for his father. Instead of that, it was better to go out alone. Perhaps there would be some opportunities?

Ye Qing naturally knew what Ye Qiubai was thinking. He could only sigh and say, "Have you… thought it through?"

Ye Qiubai's eyes were firm as he nodded. Only by going out and looking for opportunities could he have a chance to recover his cultivation!

Even though this chance was pitifully small and almost impossible…

Seeing this, Ye Qing could only nod. As the head of the family, he had no choice. Instead of letting his son stay in the Ye family and be humiliated, it was better to let him wander alone.

Moreover, how could those elders let Ye Qiubai, who had lost his cultivation, stay in the Ye family?

Ye Qiubai bowed and left the Ye family.

After leaving Tianyuan City, one would be met with a dense forest.

Ye Qiubai suddenly stopped in his tracks in the dense forest. He looked at the three men in black in front of him and seemed to have guessed it long ago. His expression was indifferent as he smiled and said, "After following me for so long, you finally can't hold it in anymore?"

The enmity that they had formed in the past had finally erupted.

One of them smiled and said, "Ye Qiubai, if you knew this would happen, why did you do it back then?"

Ye Qiubai smiled and said, "I will still do it even if I go back in time now."

Ye Qiubai had already grabbed a jade pendant as he spoke.

He knew that someone would come after him, but it didn't mean that he would be stupid enough to not make any preparations!

"However, I want to ask who's the one who can't wait to get rid of me."

An assassin followed him as soon as he left Tianyuan City. Even though he no longer had his previous status, he was still the son of the Ye family's head.

It was obvious how much the other party hated him.

The man in black sneered, "So what if you know? You won't have a chance to take revenge anyway."

Moreover, you've offended so many people in the past few years. What's the point of asking this?"

"That might not be the case…"

Ye Qiubai tightened his grip on the jade pendant.

This was the only thing he had brought out from the Sword Saint's inheritance ground. There was a set of array formations inside. Once it was released, the three of them would not be able to withstand it.

It was just that he might not be able to withstand the backlash of the array with his current strength. However, he had no other choice now.

"If that's the case…"

The leader raised his sword and slashed at Ye Qiubai!

Sword light flickered on the longsword, and its might swept through Ye Qiubai!

The other party did not intend to hold back at all. He used his full strength and only wanted to kill him in one strike!

Ye Qiubai's expression tightened. Just as he was about to throw the jade pendant out, a green-robed figure appeared in front of him.

With a flick of his finger, the sword landed on the green-robed man's fingertip and could not advance any further!

When the sword light struck his finger, it was like a clay ox entering the sea. It did not make a dent at all!

"I can't let you kill him. If he dies, wouldn't I not have a disciple?"

"Who are you?" The man in black was shocked and immediately drew his sword and retreated!

"Me?" The man in green shook his head and pointed his finger repeatedly.

Instantly, a bloody hole appeared between the brows of two of them.

The remaining person was already stunned on the spot.

The green-robed man looked at Ye Qiubai behind him and smiled. "There's only one person left. Do you want to ask who wants you dead?"

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