2 Luminous Entertainment 2

Elvira stood at the entrance of Luminous Entertainment, looking up at the grand building filled with futuristic technology. In Star Sea City, Luminous Entertainment was a landmark, a place where every passerby wished to pause and take photos. He had heard of this company, which held the lifeline of the entire entertainment industry. Any decision it made could create waves across the sector.

He hummed lightly, "Altair, you better not be hiding."

The interior of the company was a blend of simplicity and luxury, boasting massive, dazzling crystal lights and countless walking robots. Even more impressive were the huge LED screens hanging in the corridors, scrolling through famous actors' stills from dramas.

Approaching the reception, Elvira spoke politely to the front desk staff, "Hello, I'd like to schedule an appointment with your CEO, is that possible?"

The staff member paused for a moment, suppressing a smile, and politely responded, "I'm sorry, I don't have the authority."

Indeed, meeting the CEO of Luminous Entertainment was not something an ordinary person like him could easily achieve. He and Altair were worlds apart; even arson, figuratively speaking, wouldn't make such a meeting possible. Elvira frowned, contemplating a viable solution.

"You can use your phone to visit our Luminous Entertainment official website. In the 'Investor Relations' section, you'll find the email addresses of our company's decision-makers. You might try that," the receptionist suggested, noticing Elvira's serious expression and furrowed brows.

"That makes sense." Elvira nodded, "Thank you so much!"

With that, he headed towards a nearby sofa. The sofa, made of exquisite, comfortable leather, was soft and resilient, perfectly reflecting the company's high standards. Elvira opened the Luminous Entertainment website and located the email address.

Before Lorcan died, he mentioned that the brooch was Altair Sterling's most important family heirloom. Elvira coming here to return was an act of filial piety; he hoped it wouldn't take up too much of his time.

So, Elvira took out the brooch, snapped a few photos of it, and composed an exceedingly terse and simple email:

"Hello. I have something belonging to your CEO here, please have him come to the reception on the first floor to collect it.


Elvira hit send, dispatching the email to the decision-makers at Luminous Entertainment.

He sighed deeply, sinking into the soft sofa, and closing his eyes to rest.

He was about to meet the man Lorcan had loved for twenty-three years. Elvira felt somewhat bored and curious, wondering what kind of man could captivate someone's heart so thoroughly that Lorcan remained enthralled for so many years.

Casually, he unlocked his phone and searched for terms like "Luminous Entertainment CEO" and "Altair Sterling", but it seemed as if this person's name had been deliberately erased, leaving no way to find out anything, a mystery indeed. The name most associated with Luminous Entertainment was Saxon Sterling. Looking at the photos of Saxon available on the internet, Elvira raised an eyebrow, considering it a challenging task.

"Hello, are you here for the actor selection by Luminous Entertainment as well? My name is Frost Aiken." A man appeared before Elvira, strikingly handsome with a pair of beautiful, gentle eyes that instantly made him likable.

"Elvira Nieva." Leaning against the sofa, Elvira said briefly, "Sorry, I'm waiting for someone."

Hearing the surname Nieva, Frost squinted slightly, "With your looks, you'd succeed if you participated." He smiled warmly, offering a polite compliment.

No need for that! Elvira, holding back from retorting, politely responded, "You'll be successful."

With that, he closed his eyes again, not saying more.

Soon, there was a vibration from his phone. Opening it, Elvira found a private email.

"Dear Mr. Nieva, your meeting has been scheduled. Please contact the front desk to be guided by our staff. Saxon Sterling"

Elvira approached the front desk and showed the email to the receptionist, who looked at him with respect. After carefully checking Saxon's schedule, he looked up at Elvira and asked, "May I know if you are—"

"Lorcan Nieva," Elvira said with a light laugh.

"We've been negligent, please come with me." The receptionist respectfully guided Elvira inside the Luminous Entertainment company. After passing through several gates and checkpoints and taking the elevator, Elvira finally arrived at the 87th floor of Luminous Entertainment.

Stepping out of the elevator, he found himself on a softly carpeted floor that muted his footsteps, surrounded by walls adorned with a harmonious mix of beige and dark wood decorations. Along the hallway were various offices and meeting rooms, each door bearing a plaque with the department name and the head's name engraved on it.

At the end of the corridor stood a particularly large office with a nameplate for Saxon, the Executive Director of Luminous Entertainment.

Elvira knocked on the door and soon heard a warm yet calm voice, "Please come in—"

He entered the office, which was dominated by a large dark wooden desk, covered in piles of documents and files. Behind the desk, a row of floor-to-ceiling windows allowed sunlight to flood the office. A painting of a forest under the moon hung on the wall. To one side of the desk was a bookshelf filled with management books, beside which stood a sofa and a smart coffee machine.

Sitting at the desk was Saxon. Upon seeing Elvira, he closed his folder and stood up to signal Elvira to take a seat on the sofa. After an attendant poured water for both and left, closing the door behind them, the office was left to Saxon and Elvira.

"Hello, I'm Saxon Sterling. I must admit, I was quite surprised to receive your email today," Saxon spoke with a warm smile, his demeanor inviting a sense of closeness. "How should I address you?"

"Elvira Nieva. And thank you, I thought it would be more troublesome to come up here." Elvira sat casually on the sofa, exuding ease.

"I've had the pleasure of meeting your father a few times; he was an exceptional man," Saxon remarked with a nod of appreciation.

Elvira laughed lightly, taking a sip of water before slowly responding, "He wasn't my father, but my uncle."

"Ah, uncle and nephew, I see. You bear a striking resemblance to him," Saxon commented, his gaze lingering on Elvira's features as if recalling a memory.

"I just came from the hospital this morning, Lorcan Nieva is dead," Elvira said softly, shaking his head and adding, "Life and death are fated, but it's unexpected, to die so young."

Saxon glanced at Elvira, then continued, "Then, please accept my condolences."

"It's okay, he passed away peacefully," Elvira waved off, speaking in a reassuring tone, "He will have a wonderful next life."

"I've received your email and saw the asset that our group has been missing for many years. Since you're willing to return it, I am deeply honored," Saxon directly referred to the email, nodding at him in the process.

"Ha, maybe I wasn't clear. This is a relic my Uncle Lorcan entrusted me to deliver to Mr. Sterling, the CEO of Luminous Entertainment." Elvira took another sip of water, his fingers caressing the rim of the cup as he spoke softly, "I'm quite young, perhaps a bit inarticulate."

With a slight smile and a look around, Elvira sighed regretfully, "However, it seems I haven't met Mr. Sterling, Altair Sterling." Saying this, he took a brocade box out of his embrace and placed it on the desk.

Seeing that the brooch was well-preserved, Saxon visibly relaxed.

"Indeed, this is very important," Elvira winked at Saxon, lowering his voice to ask, "So, where exactly is Mr. Sterling? After all, I'm fulfilling someone's trust and need to personally meet him."

Saxon massaged his temples, fully aware that this young man wasn't easy to fool, especially since he might have motives beyond returning the brooch. Saxon had a myriad of ways to deal with him, even possessing the ability to take the brooch by force. However, reminiscing about some events from twenty-three years ago, he couldn't help but sigh.

"He is in a meeting next door. You could wait a bit. I'll take you to see him," Saxon gestured towards the wall.

Elvira tilted his head, fingers tracing the moonstone on the brooch. Turning to Saxon with an apologetic expression, he shook his head, "Sorry, I can't wait for him. I have other matters to attend to."

He slipped the brooch back into his pocket and snapped his fingers at Saxon with a smile, "I live at 32 22nd Street, Apartment 501. If he finds the time, he can come to see me."

With that, Elvira stood and took a few steps forward, then turned back to wave at Saxon, nodding, "No need to see me out. I remember the way."

"Elvira, consider signing with Luminous Entertainment," Saxon extended an invitation. "You have an impressive appearance."

"Thank you," Elvira said with a nod, "I have a lens phobia, I can't do it."

Saxon shook his head in resignation, jotting down the address on a piece of paper.

It seemed he wouldn't meet Altair this time, and Elvira hummed a tune to himself. Sitting around waiting wasn't his style. He should make Altair come to him. It must have been today that Lorcan, the bastard, insisted he come to Luminous Entertainment. He had been psychologically influenced!

Standing in front of the elevator on the 87th floor, he pressed the button and waited.

Suddenly, a commotion echoed down the hallway. A group of people emerged from a meeting room, discussing the meeting in hushed tones, occasionally glancing back with respect.

Hearing this sound, Elvira instinctively stepped back, casually looking over. In the next instant, it was as if the world stopped at that moment, and Elvira even forgot to breathe.

Through the crowd, Elvira saw him. Broad-shouldered and with a narrow waist, dressed in a crisply ironed and serious suit, which accentuated his tall, slender figure. The sight of his waist, appearing both flexible and strong, irresistibly tempted one to measure it with their arms.

The man's gaze was indifferent as he looked ahead, barely pausing as it passed over Elvira. In that moment of eye contact, he gave a slight nod before continuing his conversation with others.

His gaze was deep, like the ice of the far north, with a hint of dark blue in the depths of his pupils. Elvira suddenly felt a surge of electricity run up his spine, tingling and exhilarating.

Elvira heard others address the man as "Mr. Sterling" so he must be Altair Sterling. 

The man continued listening and walking, gradually disappearing around the corner, leaving Elvira, as if he were caught in tumultuous waves, continually drowning.

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