I Seduced My Dad's Ex-Lover, But He's Actually a Werewolf? Book

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I Seduced My Dad's Ex-Lover, But He's Actually a Werewolf?


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-1- Elvira Nieva entered Luminous Entertainment with one goal: to seduce his father Lorcan's ex-lover, Altair Sterling, and then break his heart and avenge his mother's death. But to his surprise, Altair Sterling is no mere man. He is a werewolf-vampire hybrid. Elviria slowly gets pulled into his world. As they spend more time together solving various supernatural mysteries, Elvira realizes he is slowly falling in love with Altair. Altair is like the most bottomless abyss in the far north, mysterious and cold but fascinating to fall into. Elvira never expects anyone to stop for him, and he never expects anything good until he meets Altair. Everything good in the world begins with him. Yet when confronted by Altair's affections, he can't help but ask, "Is it me you love, or am I just a replacement for my father, Lorcan?" In this world, there is always more than what is seen. -2- LGBT+substitute+CEO+supernatural creatures (with private settings) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to contact me, please join: https://discord.com/channels/1164370820563484752/1164370821087760384 1. About the cheating Lorcan: You will hate Lorcan at first, but I think you will understand him in the end. Actually, there was no cheating. (Don’t give up on this novel because of this. After all, he died at the beginning and it didn’t affect the novel very much.) 2.Modifications in March 2024. I recently started revising the text and found that the setting of Elvira signing a contract with Wangye Entertainment was redundant and did not advance the storyline. First make the following changes: 1. Elvira does not sign with Wangye Entertainment 2. Elvira knew in Chapter 1 that Lorcan’s lover was Altair Sterling 3. They have a new encounter plot in Chapter 3 4. Altair first went to the Const orphanage to protect Elvira. 5. The full text is being re-translated, and the reading experience should be better.


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