30 Chapter 30: Fierce Battle in the Forest

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Under the night, the scorching flames exploded with a dull roar. A willow tree, as thick as an adult's thigh, was broken in half, filling the air with the smell of charred wood.

In the Protective Forest, two men faced each other.

One of them was a young man, and the other was slightly older, approaching middle age.

"I didn't expect that in this small Donglin City, besides me, there are other players who have already awakened their Demon Sutra."

Li Xuheng stared at the man opposite him, his face ugly.

Ever since he gained the power in the game, his confidence skyrocketed, and he finally dared to carry out what he originally wanted to do but didn't dare to do.

He also wondered if his actions would attract official attention.

However, the difficulty of the game told him that, not to mention in Donglin City, even in the whole country, there would not be many players with Bloodline Awakening.

But he never imagined that on the third day, he would encounter another player with Bloodline Awakening.

What angered him even more was that this player had targeted him and attacked him without a word upon seeing him.

Li Xuheng stared at the middle-aged man: "You awakened your bloodline at this time, it means you got quite an opportunity in the game. You and I are destined to be the protagonists of this era. We should work together to create our future instead of fighting each other to the death here."

The middle-aged man said solemnly: "Different paths lead to different outcomes. Relying on your power that transcends reality, you have caused chaos and seriously disrupted social order. Today, I must capture you!"

Hearing the middle-aged man's words, Li Xuheng's face changed: "Capture me? Are you with the officials?"

He was slightly alarmed inside, never expecting to be noticed by the officials so quickly.

At the same time, he also didn't expect the officials to have a player with awakened bloodlines so soon.

How could Li Xuheng know that he was noticed by the officials after his second move?

However, at that time, there were no Bloodline Awakening players in Donglin City, so the officials could only keep an eye on him temporarily.

Not until today, when the officials accidentally recruited a player whose bloodline was about to awaken during a large-scale recruitment of the first batch of players.

That player was the middle-aged man standing before him now.

His name was Yang Zheng. He was originally a police officer, but had to retire early due to an accident a few years ago.

A player with a nearly awakened bloodline, who was also a former police officer, was immediately appointed by the officials as the person in charge of Donglin City due to his dual identity.

Then, using the resources they had, they quickly helped Yang Zheng complete his Daily Task in the game.

Finally, a few hours ago, Yang Zheng succeeded in awakening his bloodline by gathering enough Demon Power.

Yang Zheng said, "Li Xuheng, you can't escape. I advise you to surrender. You shouldn't have gone down this path with your abilities. The country needs talents like you now. As long as you're willing to make up for your mistakes, there's still a possibility of letting you go in the future."

Li Xuheng sneered, not giving Yang Zheng any respect: "You think you can really handle me? Your Physique Power is indeed much greater than mine, but my flames aren't weak either."

Yang Zheng said, "Whether I can handle you or not, we'll find out by trying."

As his words fell, Yang Zheng suddenly charged towards Li Xuheng.

Seeing this, Li Xuheng cursed, "You're so ungrateful!"

The battle between the two was about to begin again.

Both sides used their skills; Li Xuheng shot flames at Yang Zheng, while Yang Zheng relied on his strength to display astonishing speed, trying to get close to Li Xuheng.

However, both of them were Bloodline Awakening fighters, their strength was at the same level, and neither could easily defeat the other.

A moment later, Li Xuheng's face looked ugly, and he quickly said, "I admit you're strong, but if you think you can catch me, you're dreaming."

With that said, he made a decision on the spot and turned to run.

He was alone, but Yang Zheng wasn't.

If his strength was exhausted by Yang Zheng, and other officials arrived, he could only surrender.

"You can't get away!"

Yang Zheng was getting anxious. He didn't hold anything back, and a pistol appeared in his hand as he touched his waist.


Bullets shot out, upon hearing the gunshots, Li Xuheng's face finally changed.

He reacted quickly, immediately taking shelter behind a relatively thick willow tree. However, the bullet still hit his shoulder.

"What can a gun do? You can't catch me today!" Li Xuheng endured the intense pain, gritting his teeth, and in the next moment, a fire serpent danced out.

This was his Bloodline Combat Skill!

He originally didn't want to use it, because once he did, his Bloodline Power would be significantly consumed, which would be very disadvantageous for him.

But now, there was no other choice.

The fire serpent danced as if it had come to life, rapidly wrapping around Yang Zheng. The willow trees it passed were ignited, showing the high temperature of the fire serpent.

Yang Zheng changed color, he had a feeling that if he was entangled by the fire serpent, he would undoubtedly die.

Helplessly, he could only quickly retreat, distancing himself from the fire serpent.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Xuheng swiftly escaped.

About ten minutes later.

On a secluded path.

Li Xuheng covered the wound on his shoulder while gasping for air, his face extremely pale.

He never expected that the Officials would send a Bloodline Awakening warrior so quickly.

He was careless this time.

"My strength is still too weak. I must improve my Strength as soon as possible."

"With my opportunities in the game, it won't be long before I awaken my second bloodline. At that time, I'll make that guy wish he was dead!"

Li Xuheng gritted his teeth. He wished he could kill the person who injured him just now, but he knew that he couldn't do it.

His current situation was very dangerous. He needed to find a safe place to avoid being captured as soon as possible.

Quickly, he followed the path forward.

Without going too far, Li Xuheng suddenly noticed that a young man was following him at some point.

The young man seemed to have noticed his abnormality and was staring at him.

"What are you looking at? Keep staring, and I'll gouge your eyes out!" Li Xuheng's eyes flashed with murderous intent.

If it had been before, he would have definitely killed the young man in front of him. But now he couldn't.

Using the Bloodline Combat Skill had almost drained the Bloodline Power in his body. Now, every bit of his strength was extremely precious and could not be wasted on an ordinary person.

Upon hearing this, the young man laughed without showing any fear.

This person was Su Nan.

However, at this moment, his appearance had changed greatly. His once handsome face became ordinary, and his figure became obese.

This was the effect of Boneshifting.

After entering the beginner stage of the Life Wheel Scripture, he could use the power of the game without any restrictions, including techniques.

"What if I catch you and hand you over to the guy just now?"

"You saw it?" Li Xuheng was startled and then realized that he was both surprised and angry, no longer concealing the murderous intent in his eyes:

"Kid, you brought death upon yourself, don't blame me!"

He didn't realize Su Nan's differences.

This wasn't his fault. The game Demon World was extremely difficult, and ordinary people couldn't even complete the Novice Task in a week.

In his opinion, having him and Yang Zheng, the two Bloodline Awakening warriors, in Donglin City was already a miracle. There couldn't be any other players who had awakened Bloodline Combat Skills.

"Go die!"

A ball of flame shot out, Li Xuheng made his move.

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