92 92- But I love you!

"Yes. I am tired. I wanted to get away from you. I want to die so I will never see you again." Allias lied and watched Theseus expression alter. He wasn't mad anymore. He was just…hurt. He had hurt him again with his words. His pain would be over soon though. He would be okay one day. 

"Do you want to get rid of me so badly?"


"Sucks to be you then because we are dying together I guess." Theseus said and without a second doubt he swallowed the whole bottle, turning it around in the end to show that there was nothing left. "Pity. I am dying alone as it seems." He said 

"What have you done?" Allias screamed. 

He ran towards Theseus, his expression showing a morbid terror as the man looked at him with a wide grin. He slapped the bottle away from his hand, even if it didn't make much of a difference and it fell to the floor breaking into hundreds of small pieces. 


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