I Reject Quests

[HIATUS] Rewen Klofar was an uninteresting ambitionless young blacksmith whose only purpose in life was lead a carefree life. However, fate wasn't exactly kind to him. One fateful night, he was thrown into a modern-day post-apocalyptic Earth. Taking over the identity of a young man having similar name and looks, he also gets several systems. --- "Reaching the apex is not the only goal I can strive for." "Protecting myself and my close ones is not the only goal I can strive for." "Understanding good and evil is not the only goal I can strive for." "Defying the system is not the only goal I can strive for." "I can strive for anything... but what good would it be if I first don't strive to understand myself?" "Why do I care so much?" "Who am I?" "Am I just another hollow person whose ego is boosted because of a foreign power?" ===Release Rate=== 7 chapters/week PS: I don't own the image.

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Eastern Dream Academy.

6:16 p.m.

The sky had already gone dark but the campus was lively. The Branch Director's speech ended an hour ago but the students had no intentions of going home. In the large open field, some were busy preparing large banners. Some others were arranging the lights. 

A woman who lived close to the academy. She along with the other neighbors was startled. The academy closes around this time and it's seldom filled with a commotion like tonight. She had to come and see what was going on. She quickly appeared on the campus and asked a student who was carrying a bucket of paints.

"Excuse me. What's going on? Will any official arrive?"

The boy shook his head. "That's not it, Aunty. We're giving a proper farewell or more accurately, something of a tribute..."

The woman was again taken aback. "Farewell? Wasn't that already concluded in January?"