36 Chaos at Green

Rewen was an impatient and restless fellow. He is the kind of person who can't stand straight for a second. Moving his feet here and there has become a part of his life. There came a point where he started circling the place.

In the process, he saw a car coming towards him. It didn't take two glances for Rewen to recognize the car and naturally guessed the owner of the car – Svety. 'Why in the world would that b*tch come here?' The question wasn't hard to answer. He was merely angry at her sudden appearance. Not that he wouldn't get angry if she called him and then appeared…

As the car stopped in front of him, he knocked on the window of the front seat.

It was indeed Svety. He didn't guess wrong.

He looked at her with a serious expression while she did the same. "Did you follow me?"

"If I say no, will you believe me?" Svety replied in a mild and carefree tone.

"No. Anyways, that doesn't matter. Go back. I have some business to take care of."

"Not going." With the hint of a smile, she argued back.

*Tchhhhhhhhhh!* (Glass breaking sfx)

"Go back."

Svety went into a trance. 'W-what just happened?' Her trembling hands slowly moved towards her cheek as she felt a slight pain in that area. A glass piece has penetrated her skin. The blood flowing through wasn't shallow but it wasn't to the level of a 'cut' either.

Rewen let out his breath and stared at her with the same serious look once again. "I hope you understand that my anger is justified. Now, go."

Svety had her head lowered, refusing to reply. Rewen waited.

"Don't make me repeat my- ah shit. Go! F*cking go!" From a distance, he spotted a lone figure. 'I can't let him see the car. What if he tries to run away… wait, aren't I fast? If he is a normal person, there's no way he could outrun me. Nevermind. I should take caution." With that in mind, he no longer bothered with Svety and went behind the car.

'My normal strength should be enough…' He thought, then pushed the car. The wheels rolled giving him an accurate scaling of his strength.

Meanwhile, Svety who was inside the car felt anxious when her car suddenly moved. 'What's going on?' When she looked at the rear-view mirror, she received another shock. "What the f*ck are you doing!?"

Unfortunately, she didn't get an answer.

Upon coming to an unknown hidden place not far from the original place, the car stopped moving. As she was about to speak, Rewen came up to her. "Keep quiet and don't move anymore." His voice was calm and indifferent, however, something about him made her hurriedly nod her head.

Rewen didn't say anything else and walked away from the car.

A middle-aged man was silently coming in his direction. When they were about to cross paths, Rewen attacked him on the face with his elbow. The man fell down on his butt and was about to flee when he heard a chilling voice.

"Do you dream of becoming a cripple in jail?"

"What do you m-mean? Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"Who is the big boss of your organization? Do you know someone named 'X'?"

The man's eyes showed hesitation but eventually imagining the scenario of living in the jail, that little hesitation disappeared. When he came to the slums, he didn't find it weird that the slum was quiet because the slum is a quiet place. But the moment he saw Rewen, he knew something was odd. 'He must work with the cops.'

"I don't know his name. I'm just a lone branch member."

"What is a 'lone branch' member? Are there divisions?"

"Branch members are employees who are training to become a full-fledged employee. Those with some influence and power usually join or make squads and people like me who don't have either of the two ends up becoming a lone branch member."

"What about full-fledged employees?"

"There are also squads among them but the squads there are official. The squad members are decided by the higher-ups."

"Are there ranks among them?"

"City-level squads, State-level squads, Province-level squads, and Quasi-kingdom-level squads."

'What? What kind of organization am I dealing with? Calm down, Maybe they are just names.'

"What kind of names are those? Can city-level squads destroy a city?" He said in a mocking tone.

To his shock, the man nodded. "That is the purpose of the squads. Three years ago, a message came to my phone asking me if I want to make some real money. I asked what I should do. The reply was that I could do anything. When I asked what that meant, no reply came. All I received in the three years were a single mail describing how the organization words and monthly income for the organ trade…"

"Did you really believe everything they said?"

"Of course not. When the mail came, I was already in the organ trade business. I tried my luck and it worked."

"Where did you send the organs?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"I was just told to throw the package I would deliver to a dustbin and move away."

"I see. From what you're telling me, it looks like your organization is a big deal. But what about the government? I'm sure you are the first one to be 'captured'. Why do I not hear from them?"

"The mail just said that the government knows it exists."

'That's weird. Why have I never heard of it then? Uncover operations?'

"What's the name of your organization?"

"REAL WAIFUS CORPORATIONS LIMITED. It's more of a company than an organization. It had no underlying purpose. The company just gives the employees income for doing anything odd."

"What are 'waifus'? That's a peculiar name."

"I don't kno-"

"You've been saying that for a while."

"One of the most popular theories says that 'waifus' are mythical creatures that aren't real. The fact that they aren't real is thought to be the main reason why the company is named so. You know, striving for the impossible."

"Plausible. Anyways, what about 'X'? Is there someone like him?"

"I'm afraid not."

"Since you have knowledge of the 'theory of waifus', I'm guessing you communicate with the other employees. Is that right?"

"You are correct. I talk with the other employees but that doesn't mean I know them personally. Every day, several private temporary chat forums are made and sent via mail into my phone. We are neither allowed to reveal our identities nor our standing in the company. The usernames are auto-generated and we can't change them."

"Hmm…" Rewen mused for a couple of seconds.

"Hey, bro."

Rewen didn't respond.



"Can you reduce my jail time?"

"Do I look like a lawyer?"

"Aren't you a cop?"



"You have two options."

"First. Go with me to the police station. In this case, I'll report that I dragged you there while you were trying to run. Second, go to the police station yourself. Here, I won't report that you were trying to run. Perhaps your jail time will decrease a bit."

"I choose the second option."

"Good. Send me your GPS location."

"Ah, don't worry. I won't run."

"You are not very convincing. Enough nonsense, give your location. Also, let me warn you. Don't try to be clever. You are already captured. It's impossible for you to attempt at doing something stupid. Do you understand?"

"I-I understand."

[Ding! 'Requested Mission: Find X' updated!]


Requested Mission: Find X

Clues Unlocked: Mischief in the Slums – Chaos at Green


"Now, go. You have proved yourself very capable in giving exposure to the hidden plot."

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