I Reincarnated As The Pirate King Book

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I Reincarnated As The Pirate King


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After losing my dear one, I fell to the bottom and became a drug addict. Rejected by society and consumed by loneliness, I chose to end my own life. The moment I thought it was all over, I found myself reborn in a mysterious world as a disgraced pirate lord, “Sixto”, a mere supporting character in a novel my wife once cherished, titled “The Trash King Wants Me Dead.” With no memory of my character except for the trio of women serving under me that were more dangerous than the actual villain of the story, I was given some instructions by some weird system. "Become the most feared pirate king, defeat a certain someone, and you shall be granted one wish,” the system claimed. "A single wish, you say... Could I return to my former life, and start everything over? Is it possible?” “Yes.” And so with that, I decided to become the worst and most fearful pirate king that anyone could ever imagine.


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