107 A Life of Falsehood

"I'm sure you know that Horell is the most cooperative and supportive Pillar level member in our alliance, right?" Herellia looked at Aurus, who was floating beside her, and asked this question.

"Of course. He goes out of his way to help me tell you things that I don't have time telling you." Aurus replied with an affirmative aura, not having any second opinion regarding disagreement on this question whatsoever.

"Now think about it this way," Herellia continued to talk, but her tone became slightly serious. "What if I told you…"

"I already had doubts of his superficiality from the start?"

"Eh?" Aurus was shocked for a bit, only for him to chuckle lightly as he said, "You're kidding…right?"

"If you listen to my story of how I discovered Horell, then you might think otherwise." This time, Herellia's tone was now extremely serious, giving Aurus no choice but to acquiesce to her wishes, which was to listen to her story.


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