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The existence of Deities wasn't that heavily accepted yet since there is no dominant religion in this kingdom...

Nevertheless, Reiji knows that there should be some small religions here as he had seen a few buildings that look like a church within the cities he visited...

He also learned that the Chodora Kingdom was not inclined in letting other religions from the hostile neighboring countries enter their territory. It was probably due to obvious reasons. 

"Master… Is that true?"

'Don't use your voice… Sense Link!' Reiji quickly reminded the young man that it probably surprised about this.

"Sir Customer, is there any problem?" The shop owner asked after hearing Rufus.

"Ahh… Yes… Please, put them in a bag… Here is my payment."

Rufus decided to settle his purchase first so he can focus on talking with his master. It's a bit difficult for him to listen or speak to them at the same time.


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