1 Summon!

"This is it! I'm so excited!"

"Haha! Who wouldn't be? It's time for us to summon our first Arcana!"

"I wish I could get a long sword..."

"I want a full-body armor."

"I want a magical ring just like my father!"

"Sigh~ I'm happy as long as I could get something that could defeat a horned rabbit..."

"What? Haha! You have to dream big! That's why you are always last in our class."

"Shush! The royal magistrate and the teachers are here..."

Currently, about 50 students were seated, chatting, and waiting in a large gathering hall owned by the Royal Academy.

They were all about 12 years old students who had passed the three months of tests and training and were now about to be rewarded by receiving their own Arcana.

"Once your name was called, step inside the Arcane Circle in front and pour your spiritual energy on the stone in the middle. Understood?"



Answered by the lively students who couldn't contain their excitement.

Today was really special for them who was planning to be an Arcanist. After all, you would never be called an Arcanist if you don't possess a single Arcana with you.

Not only that! Only 1 out of 100 people were qualified to acquire an Arcana. So it means that everyone here in the hall was blessed to some extent. They were hopeful that once they returned home, they will be able to boast their Arcana to their parents and of course, to their friends around.

Even the royal magistrate was hopeful about the "Arcana Bestowal Ceremony" today. After all, these children will be the future of their kingdom, and making them powerful during their young age would create a solid foundation for their future. This will be a great boon to their small kingdom.

Aside from that, to organize this event yearly, they had to spend a lot of money and resources in order to create the Arcane Circle that was needed to summon the Arcana of the children.

Unfortunately, they even had to hire a powerful Arcanist from a different kingdom just to create this Arcane Circle in the hopes of getting a good seed in return.

The magistrate then started the ceremony.

It didn't take long before several names were called out to stand in the circle.

As soon as they touched the summoning stone in the middle and poured their spiritual energy into it, a bright light will start to appear in front of them and will slowly materialize to an Arcana.

They had to continuously pour their spiritual energy without any pause or they will fail the bestowal ceremony and they had to reattempt next year or when the kingdom decided to hire another powerful Arcanist to create an Arcane Circle which is close to impossible due to financial reasons.

Soon, the children started to receive their Arcana.

"A M-mythical Sword!"

A child was so happy seeing the floating sword covered with myriad colors materialize in front of him. Even though he was feeling a bit exhausted due to the large amount of spiritual energy he used, he couldn't help but feel delighted at the result of his hard work.

"Oooh! As expected of the son of the Great Maximilian! His son was truly a warrior following his footsteps!"

"We might be looking at the birth of a future general of our kingdom!"

"Indeed! What a historical moment!"

The people that arrived together with the royal magistrate expressed their awe towards the child who just got an impressive Arcana.

The royal magistrate wasn't listening when names were being announced so he asked one of the teachers at the royal academy.

"His name is Alexander Greiner, your honor. He is the only son of the Berserk General Maximilian, the Great Hero who stopped the orc's advances to our territory."

"I see now. So that was his son. Then it's not surprising."

The ceremony continued as the other students received their Arcana.

Most of them received common Arcana. They were swords, shield, spear, cloak, bracers, staff, dagger, circlet, armor, gauntlet, and others. They were called "common" since during the process of summoning, only a white light had covered them before they materialize unlike the "mythic" level which was covered by myriad colors.

Soon only three students were left.

"Aria Luxford."

As soon as her name was called out, the students went silent as their eyes followed the beautiful young lady. She had a confident smile on her face that added only to her charm.

She stepped into the circle and placed her hands on the smooth stone. She slowly poured her spiritual energy just like how she practiced during their training and as soon as she grasped the required amount of energy to be poured, she easily maintained her posture and summoned her Arcana without any sign of exhaustion on her face.

Everyone was amazed by this performance.

Soon, a purple light covered the materialization of her Arcana. She wasn't happy or disappointed about not having a mythical level of Arcana and seem content at the level she got.

"A legendary ring..."

'I wonder what kind of power it has...' Aria thought as she unhesitatingly wore the ring on her finger. Soon, the information about her Arcana suddenly gushed into her mind.

She then left the Arcane Circle while having a grin on her face.

"Yui Sakura."

Another lady stepped forward and followed the procedure. Soon, to everyone's surprise, another Mythical Arcana appeared!

This time, the myriad colors surrounding the Arcana was stronger than when Alexander summoned his Arcana.

"A Mythical Wand!"

"This batch of students was truly promising! Very good, very good!" The Royal Magistrate was so happy about the result of today's ceremony.

In the past decade, the highest level of Arcana they had was only an epic level. But today, they had one legendary level and two mythical levels! This news needed to be celebrated by the whole kingdom!

As the magistrate was daydreaming, the last student was called out.

"Noel Faust"

The magistrate suddenly regained his focus. This fat student was the son of the Minister of Finance. He was said to be a bully and his hobby was to discriminate against the poor. He loves to flaunt his money and abuse his power since no one would dare to fight him. Not just because of his background but due to his powerful bodyguards always sticking around him.

He proudly walked towards the circle and started the procedure. He poured his spiritual energy towards the stone and waited for his Arcana to materialize. He was sweating profusely due to the concentration he had to make during the process.

Soon, a sword appeared in front of him. There was no materialization color, not even a white light at all.

Many of them frowned at this but Noel was still fine with this. He was thinking that his weapon was special as he tried to hold the sword proudly. As per their training, information about the Arcana should be incorporating into his mind but to his dismay, the sword was just a normal bamboo sword.

The ceremony ended as everyone planned to celebrate their acquisition of Arcana.

Unfortunately, one student didn't have the mood to celebrate at all. He was so disappointed about his Arcana and asked his father to have a look on it.

"This... is a normal bamboo sword. Did you buy it somewhere telling you that its some kind of a powerful sword?! Didn't I tell you not to be scammed so easily?! Where are your bodyguards?! I told them to---"

"No! Father, that's my Arcana..."


His obese father was suddenly shocked as he took another glance at the bamboo sword.

"This is an Arcana?"

He doubted it at first and called his son's bodyguards to confirm the truth. He was then appalled by the reality of his son's words.

Even Noel was so dismayed at this. It was better to purchase a Magic Weapon made by some powerful Arcanist than to wield this pathetic sword.

On the same night, Noel threw the sword away in the garbage bin.

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