233 Stronger

Reiji was quite surprised after sensing a group of people near them. 

After entering the forest, he had always activated his Arcane Sensitivity and heightened his senses. This to make sure that they wouldn't get too surprised if a magical beast just started pouncing on them. 

He immediately focused his senses on the group hiding not too far from them and quickly recognized who they are…

'They're following us?'

The members of the Night Brigade were definitely not concerned about their well-being…

The sentient shinai can only guess since they barely have any interaction with them. 

'Are they here to steal from us? No, we do not have expensive-looking items. Oh, perhaps they recognized the Elite Gram Sword as a weapon from Northern Army or the Losea Kingdom?'

When the weapon was introduced to them before, the owner said that the sword was taken by their scavengers from the battlefield here in the northern region…


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