239 Again

"Swordsmanship and Archery?"

Rufus smiled wryly after hearing his master's words. He knows that it will be difficult but since he already received the Bow Arcana, there was nothing that he could do about it but learn how to use it. 

"Master, can you also teach me how to use the bow?"

"Of course, not… You have to find someone else for that."

"Y-yeah… I thought so." 

The young man chuckled as he continued experimenting with the bow… After that, he decided to purchase a quiver and arrows in the city to see if it's actually possible…

"Hey, about your Arcana… You have to keep it a secret." Reiji said to the young man that was about to leave after he reactivated the Array around the house 

"A secret?" Rufus repeated and was momentarily lost in his thoughts. 

He never thought of announcing his new weapon, anyway… It's better to have this as his secret weapon or something similar.


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