I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?! Book

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I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?!


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Our protagonist was an otaku and hid that fact from everyone. After he gave up hiding this fact, he was eventually scorned by his friends and his own family. After some time being despised, he was expelled from home because he had become a NEET. After that, he began to live alone and had to find a job to support himself. He worked a fucking job and was practically a slave. But one day when he opened the store by himself, he had a stupid accident, and since he had no one to help him He died right there in a pathetic accident. He thought it would be the end of his life, but suddenly he opened his eyes and realized it was in the body of a little girl. A little girl with no family who was under the care of maids. She was a little girl with many mysteries in her life. Follow our protagonist's life in this new world, a world where death is normal. **************************** BUY MY BOOK IN AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083JS4C15 ********************* MY DISCORD: https://discord.gg/P5JynPh


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