3 God-level Healing Factor System Activation!

Pain, overwhelming pain. That was what Tyrian felt the instant the darkness faded.

The smell of burnt, barbecued flesh engulfed his senses as he came to. 

"Is this how hell feels like!?" Tyrian tried screaming but he realised his throat didn't seem to be part of his body.

Seeing the notification panel within his line of sight, he couldn't help but ponder how something like this was in hell. Maybe it was normal. 

In the next moment, an influx of fragmented memories engulfed his thoughts and Tyrian felt as though he had lived another life. He would have thought it was a weird first-person-mode movie but he had experienced the person's exact feelings, thoughts, and wishes, down to his fantasies.

Something which Tyrion absolutely wish to forget. This guy was simply wishing to die. Wasn't he scared of the lady demon? He even had a damned poster on the top of his bunk bed so when he was about to sleep, he could see her and... use her.

Tyrion suddenly noticed that the pain seemed to have reduced by quite a lot and the intense burning sensation also starter to fade, replaced by an intense itching feeling that overwhelmed his entire body. 

He could feel his entire skin rapidly closing up and healing. 


Rushed air gushed inside his mouth as he inhaled desperately like a man who hadn't tasted pure oxygen in ten years.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!"

A terrific dry cough escaped his throat and it seemed as though he was about to cough his entire intestine out.

Finally, his cough reduced and only a searing pain could be felt on his chest.

His eyes opened and immediately, rays of sun gathered as his iris absorbed some and deflected some.

Tyrion squinted as confusion clouded his brain. "Where am I?"

"He's actually still alive after being cooked by the demoness dragon flame technique!" A student suddenly gasped in disbelief.

"Talk about being an unkillable cockroach. This guy didn't actually die." The spectating students were shocked once they noticed Tyrion's blackened body move to a sitting position. 

The memories kept surging up in his brain, stunning Tyrion. 'I was killed when the entire ruin collapsed on me. Don't tell me I really reincarnated.'

A HUD suddenly appeared within his line of sight. 

[Activation requirements fulfilled]

[Congratulations, God-Level Healing Factor System Initiation concluded]

[Ding! First stage unlocked; Peak human regeneration]

[10,000× regenerative ability acquired]

[Upgrade system to unlock more abilities]


'W-what the hell?' Tyrion hadn't finished when another display appeared within his vision. 

[Name: Methuselah Tyrion]

[Specie: Human]

[Innate Trait: 10,000× regenerative cell(lvl:1)]

[Damaged Points: 3000](Damaged points can be earned, depending on how grave the physical damage/injuries received) 

[Life Level: Cell Activation]

[Level of Cell Activation: 18%]

[Dust Absorbing Technique: Seven Injection Method] 

[Combat Arts: Nine Saber Styles(0.7%), [Tactical Retreat(99.1%)]

[Occupation: Open pervert]

[Remark: If there was an award for trash... ]

"I reincarnated and even came with a system?" Tyrion's heart thumped and his face darkened.

"Doesn't it mean my life will be full of hardship and no matter how strong I become, there will be someone stronger than me that I have to defeat?" Tyrion gnashed his teeth in anger. 

"The endless cycle of a fvcking popular novel?" He had just thought about this when an explosive roar thundered from right above him.

"He actually has time to be in a trance right now?!" 

A spectator gasped in disbelief.

"Even if he survives, there's no point in it since he will soon be killed by the winged python." Another student shook his head in pity. 

All eyes were on Tyrian, ignoring the battle of the other nine students. None was as interesting as Tyrians' even though the ending could be determined, they love the struggle. 

A cold chill enveloped Tyrian and his face turned paled with fear as he abruptly glanced upwards.


A 3-meter-long flying python as thick as a forest tree roared angrily after seeing its prey ignore it.

While ordinary Meta-beasts have low-level intelligence, they still know when they are being ignored, spat or disdained.

The winged python had been trapped for so long, only being fed once a week with cold corpses of ordinary animals and humans. Only once a year does it get its feel of real bloody warm food. 

It was the time of the year for it to have a decent meal but it was instead being disdained by its prey.

The winged python's eyes reddened as it went berserk. Letting out a furious roar, it dived for the kill. 


Tyrone's mind instantly went blank and he muttered a single, important sentence…

"Python's can fly and roar!?"

The python overshadowed Tyrion's body like a cosmic giant and with a swoop, its mouth opened wide as it bit at Tyrion. Its body swam through the air like fish in water as its entire mouth opened wide as it engulfed more than half of Tyrian's body. 


It's mouth clenched and its jaws tightened. Tyrian's waist instantly snapped, but wasn't completely severed in half. 

The python flapped its wings, letting out massive gust of air as dust rose up as it took to the skies. 

Throwing its head back, Tyrion's body flew into the air like a broken dull and as gravity pulled him down, the winged Python swallowed Tyrion's body in one gulp. Its throat muscles constricted and undulated as it gulped down its food with a satisfied hiss. 

Its wing flapped as it settled on a dark corner of the stage, it coiled its slimy body around and covered its body with its wings as it began digesting its prey. 

"As expected, there's nothing he can do against a flying opponent."

"In his next life, when he encounters the lady demoness, he would know to come early." The spectating students whispered amongst each other in low voices.

Meanwhile, outside Arena 10, two of the nine members had died in arena 4 and 7. One was impaled by the Rock-rhino's horn and the other student had her brain plucked by a white vulture, along with her scalp. 

The other five were still struggling against their mẹta-beasts while the remaining two had defeated their opponents, displaying astonishing prowess. 

Alicia and Wade were two individuals who had activated their cells beyond 50% and had actually reached 70% cell activation! 

They were what one called geniuses amongst geniuses and of the recruits, they were ranked 2nd and 3rd in the rankings, respectfully.

Just as the other students were feeling envious of Alicia and Wade, something incredulous happened on Arena 10!

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