I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced

Author: Mountain Springs
Contemporary Romance
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What is I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced

Read ‘I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced’ Online for Free, written by the author Mountain Springs, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "Gu Dai, I only married you to make Grandpa happy. If someone else had saved Grandpa, I would have married her just the ...


"Gu Dai, I only married you to make Grandpa happy. If someone else had saved Grandpa, I would have married her just the same! Don't think too highly of yourself!" Throughout the three years of marriage, Gu Dai's husband insulted her on many occasions. She wouldn't have believed she was once pampered and wealthy if she hadn't suddenly regained her memory. Why did she willingly serve this man for three years? This man was even despicable enough to fall for another woman! The first thing Gu Dai did after regaining her memory was to get a divorce! Rumors spread throughout the capital that the girl from the slums was getting a divorce from Mr. Song! "Seriously? Isn't she a gold digger?" Everyone asked. "She's just playing hard to get. Do you think she can ever move on?" Mr. Song asked. Immediately after that, everybody discovered that Gu Dai had returned to the Gu family in the capital. She was now the young lady of the wealthiest family in town. It turned out that she was the young lady of the Gu family who had gone missing after a cruise ship accident happened three years ago! "Mr. Song, Ms. Gu is way out of your league," everyone said. "So what? She doesn't know how to plan for the future. Apart from money, she has nothing else," Mr. Song said. Not long after that, people began discovering Gu Dai's multiple identities. She was a bigshot hacker, a miracle doctor, the best designer in the country... She was everything Song Ling had been looking for. When they met again, he grabbed her and begged her with tears in his eyes. "Dai, I won't mind if you have feelings for others. Can you please let me stay by your side anyway?"

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Just as long as the ML is NOT her ex-husband, I’ll be happy.


if her ex-husband is the ml, she'd better not take him back until chap 200 at the very least. he must SUFFER!


Guys don't worry her ex is not the male protagonist ..it's someone else named Su ting 😁😁 Thank me later


Raws anyone ? I want to know if she ends up with her ex again💀💀💀


Love the book Glad she wasn’t portrayed as desperate woman cling to man


Everything that happened on the 1st chapter made him not worth it for re married.


Nice story! But i hope FL will not go back to the stupid ML!


I just done reading this book upto 18 chap and i am super entertained and thrilled with all the chaps , i didn't skip chaps as i was really immersed of what was happening , from the 1st scene where Gu Dai has still amnesia , to the time her ex husband pushed her and her head was hit by the fall, and her memory FINALLY come back , and FINALLY to the time where they successfully divorced after all the narcistic remarks of the ex husband i really hate him you see😅 and finally to the time Su Ting was introduced officially in the story and the connection and interaction of him and Gu Dai our FL and i am now currently rooting and shipping for them .. i know i know they treat each other as siblings , don't blame me for that i just really REALLY DONT WANT for Gu Dai and her ex husband to end up together again hehe


Hope the fl won't end with Mr.Song. His love for her is so conditional. He only fell for her because of her powerful identities not because whoever she is. This story will become a joke if that's haplpened.


I'm feeling quite disgusted by the way that the story revolves around her ex.. The way he behaves cheaply and how she reacts towards it . It's plain irritating .. Like can you move on from this.. Like there is no other story to write about...


Review after ~130 chapters: I got this as 24hr free read. Despite the reviews, I gave it a shot coz the translation quality is really good. Like most reviews already written, I also really wished (maybe still) that the ML is not the ex husband. After reading chapter 1, you will most likely agree. The story development is very abrupt in the beginning; like the synopsis says she recovers her memory and starts changing her life. But what the synopsis doesn't provide is that the author starts sprinkling mystery bread crumbs every 10 chapters or so wanting me to continue reading. I just hope the author resolves some of the mystery soon instead of piling them up without satisfying the readers' curiosity otherwise it'll feel like a drag. Parts of this story is similar to other stories in this platform but I would say there's enough unique elements to be different to warrant a try.


there is nothing new here. same old dramas. I just read the first few chapters and I'm already bored.






Nice read👌i hope to read more from the same writer.


Totally enjoyed the book, can’t wait for more chapters




Wow great so far ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]






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