I Refused To Be Reincarnated

"In order to survive the future great war, we must take drastic measures. We need to summon warriors and train them before time runs out." Thus, millions of earthlings were reincarnated in an alien, medieval world governed by swords and magic to save its prophesied doom. Among those individuals, one's situation inexplicably deviated from the others. Thrust into a rotting house in a ghostly body, Adam found himself bound to a wailing baby. With a heavily damaged soul and the snarky remark of a system, he began his years-long quest to recover his body. Armed with his mind, he'll educate the baby and slowly watch him turn into a good youth. However, he would have to make a choice: suffer as a ghost until he finds an alternative that might not exist, or possess his body and reincarnate. However, he was far from imagining how dangerous this world full of possibilities could be, prompting him to question everything he knew... Including himself and this world's intentionally blurred history. ********************************************** [WebNovel Spirity Awards 2024 Entry] Discord server: https://discord.gg/3zrgeP8yFv Note: Hello, this is my first novel, and I'm doing my best to write it in English. I hope you'll have fun reading it. I'm slowly revising older chapters without changing the plot. If you suddenly experience a drop in quality, don't worry. It means you caught up with my revisions.

Adamus_Auguste · Fantasy
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353 Chs

The Forgotten Elf

"Remaining time: one minute, thirty-six seconds. One participant completed the challenge of strength. Complete the last to find what you seek," Adam read, a satisfied smile tugging at his lips. With over four hours and only one challenge left, confidence filled his heart.

"Alright. Let's end this and return to college for launch," he said, praying not to meet any tier four creatures on their way.

Yet, amidst his satisfaction, he couldn't help but ponder the symbols repeated mistakes. 'Why are we considered a single entity?' He questioned, his mood worsening. Theories collided in his mind as he bent down to let Julius climb on his back.

'Is it because the boy is occupying my body? But what about his own soul?' He thought, a deep frown covering his features. He had always wondered where Julius came from and how he ended up inside his body. Was he its original soul, a summoned like him, or something more terrifying?"