745 Noisy

His eyes widened, but his body quickly reacted to dodge Yuujiro's fist. Yuujiro's speed might be fast, but his ability within his body and his instinct to stay alive was stronger, so even if his entire body was hurt, he quickly dodged.

The concrete ground was gouged by Yuujiro's fist.

Watching this fist, Shishio wondered whether Yuujiro was a human excavator.

Shishio had an "Auto-Pilot," which made his body react before his brain, so he could dodge most of anything. He also had an "Enhanced Mirror Neuron," which made his body respond instantaneously, but even with all of that, if his opponent was much faster than him, he could do nothing.

Yuujiro's speed became faster and faster.

As Shishio rolled on the ground to dodge, Yuujiro kept stomping his feet on the ground, causing a giant hole.

If this stomp hit him now, without a doubt, it would kill him.

Shishio's body might be several times stronger than humans, and many parts of his body were enhanced, but even so, Yuujiro's body, experience, and also fighting ability weren't something that could be described with mere logic.

This guy had already reached the superhuman level.

By now, it wouldn't be weird for Yuujiro to die, yet this guy was still alive, lively, and wanting to kill him without mercy.

As of now, their appearance wasn't much better than each other.

While Yuujiro was without skin and only muscles, bones, and others, Shishio's appearance was quite miserable.

Shishio didn't have time to fix his arms, and they were still mangled. His entire body was also dirty from the dirt, dust, and blood.

However, this wasn't the time for one to think about their appearance since their fight was about to end.

To be honest, Shishio felt it might be better to do a battle of attraction as he only needed to wait for a while, considering Yuujiro's condition was far from good. It was only a time before this guy died. This should be the case, yet he was afraid that it wouldn't be that simple.

This guy could even stay alive under such an intense explosion, so Shishio wouldn't be surprised if this guy would be as lively as before as long as he came out alive.

Because of this, Shishio knew that he had to kill Yuujiro.

They had become enemies, and there was no turning back for the two of them.

If he was defeated here and died, he was afraid the future of his women and family wouldn't be good. The worst thing was that this guy could be doing it in front of his grave, giving him the cruelest revenge, and because of this, he couldn't die!

When Yuujiro was about to punch Shishio's neck, Shishio suddenly snapped his bones, causing all of them to restore them before he slipped on Yuujiro's back and did a rear naked choke. He had a lot of martial arts mastery, including "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" and "Judo." With those two martial arts, he can do a lot of submission techniques effortlessly.

As for why the submission technique, it was because he knew that his striking power was weaker than Yuujiro's and it would do nothing to this beast, but the submission technique was different.

Shishio locked Yuujiro's body with his feet and strangled his neck while digging his sharp nails.

This method might be ugly and dirty, but so what?

As long as he could win, he would do whatever!

Being choked, Yuujiro felt that his neck was crushed, many of the nerves on his neck were snapped, and the oxygen supply in his body was instantly cut. However, he wasn't going to pass out. Instead, he knew that he would die, but at this moment, he grinned and said with a hoarse voice. "I catch you."

Shishio felt that his leg was grasped before suddenly it was pulled with a force that was almost enough to tear his leg.


Shishio felt regret for using a submission technique since he underestimated Yuujiro's power. By now, he was under two choices, whether he should let his leg be torn apart by Yuujiro, but he could kill him, or he didn't die and might die under his technique.

No matter what the decision was, he knew that he would be seriously injured.

Shishio didn't want to become disabled, but in this hesitation, Yuujiro used this chance to grasp his hand and escape from his grasp before he used the trademark skill of the Hanma family.

When Shishio felt that his world was moving, he realized what kind of technique Yuujiro had used.


It was a technique developed by Yuujiro's father to defeat the soldiers of the United States.

By holding the body of someone, one would swing it like a weapon so fast as if they were wearing a dress.

Shishio felt like he was inside a twister. He was being slammed into various things from the ground, shipping containers, bolts, and many other dangerous things. All the blood also rushed into his head, causing his world to turn into a red blood color.

Fortunately, he could dodge anything which would cause serious damage. He also had an "Enhanced Balance," which reduced the effect of this technique on him.

'Focus! Focus!'

Shishio knew he couldn't let go of his guard again, and he had to decisively kill this guy. He knew that the chance would come soon, and he had to wait for a while.

As Yuujiro waved Shishio's body like a rag, intending to crash him to death, suddenly his movement staggered, and at that moment, he suddenly felt that his right hand felt lighter before he saw his hand slide down from his arm and blood poured down from the cut.

"It seems it has worked now."

Yuujiro looked at his hand, which had been cut smoothly before he looked at Shishio, who was in a miserable state while holding a katana.

The katana was so smooth, and the blade was so sharp that it cut Yuujiro's hand like butter under a hot knife.

However, if Shishio's swordsmanship wasn't good, it would be impossible to do everything so easily, especially when he was being waved around like a flail. His "Enhanced Balance" also made him able to perform any technique, no matter what his situation was.

Still, it didn't change the fact that his condition was miserable.

His body was full of blood, and his body was also full of injuries. Many of his bones were also broken since it was impossible to divert all the force of Yuujiro's attacks.

Honestly, it was his first time having such a brutal and dangerous fight.

After all, almost all of his fights ended with an easy victory for him, but when he faced this beast, he almost died several times.

As of now, they knew that their battle was about to end.

Whether they lose or win, everything will be decided in this last blow.

Yuujiro clenched his muscles and caused the bleeding on his right arm to stop. He might have lost his right hand, but it didn't mean he had weakened. Instead, he was as strong as ever.

On the other hand, Shishio was holding the "Dojigiri," the katana, that he got from the system.

The two were in silence before the sound of the gun was heard.



Shishio widened his eyes and looked at Haruno, who suddenly appeared while holding a gun.

"You... what are you doing here?!"

Instead of being grateful, he wanted to get angry at Haruno since this woman didn't understand how serious this situation was.

A gun?

If it was an average human, it didn't matter, but they were facing Yuujiro Hanma.

Even worse, unlike Shishio's gun, Haruno's was a miniature gun with weaker power than a normal gun.

The bullet hit Yuujiro's head accurately, but it bounced off instead of penetrating the skull and smashing his brain.

Watching this, Haruno was stunned and couldn't comprehend what was happening.


His voice quickly awakened her, but everything was too late.

Yuujiro was known as the strongest, but it didn't mean he had the pride of being the strongest, who would fight fairly without hurting the innocent. Instead, he was really like a wild beast, and he would attack anyone as long as it would bring him to victory.

Similar to Shishio, Yuujiro was also dirty, so instantly, he knew what he needed to do to bring become the winner.

Yuujiro showed a perverted smile before he turned and leaped into Haruno!

Haruno suddenly saw death. Everything was so dark, and she could only tremble in fear.

Shishio was furious, and all the blood on his body quickly rushed to his body, enhancing his physical abilities even further. He sheathed his sword and took a deep breath before he leaped. He could feel the air trying to pull him, and he knew that he had broken the sound barrier, but it didn't matter.

What he wanted to do was to kill Yuujiro!

Shishio could smell a burning smell, but he ignored all of them, moving even faster and faster.

Yuujiro's instinct also told him something dangerous was behind him, and he needed to dodge, but everything was too late. Before, he might not understand this feeling, and he could only think that all the opponents that he had killed were pathetic. They were begging, crying, hoping that he could let them go. He was the strongest, so he disdained them and even cruelly killed them since seeing someone's despair before they died was so much fun.

Yet now, Yuujiro understood their feelings. He felt regretful and wanted to beg, but he knew everything was too late.

Shishio unsheathed his blade and cut down Yuujiro.

His blade was like a flash of light.

Shishio cut down Yuujiro several times before he stopped, watching Yuujiro's mutilated body. His eyes were still sharp before he looked at Haruno. Strangely enough, there was no fear in her eyes and only worry.

"You okay?" He asked.

Haruno felt that she had lost her voice before she quickly answered. "Ye-Yes, I am okay. How about you? Are you okay? Hey, answer me!" She panicked since she could see how bad his situation was.

Shishio didn't answer and fell on the ground, passing out since he knew that everything was alright now, especially when he saw the car of his people that moved in the distance was about to arrive.

Still, he had to say Haruno was quite noisy.

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