39 New Tenant

Shishio looked at his messy clothes, there was some dirt and there was also some blood from his nosebleed. It might be because he was wearing a white t-shirt that the stain on his clothes became very prominent.

Shishio shook his head and went back to his room to change his clothes since he didn't think that it was suitable to wear this t-shirt for dinner. He took a black t-shirt and changed his dirty t-shirt.

Most of his clothes were in single color since the fashion in 2005 was different from his style so his clothes were quite limited and the clothes of the previous Shishio Oga were quite exaggerated or rather a costume?

Shishio was sure that he couldn't wear those clothes in public. He placed his dirty clothes on the side of his room and decided to wash them later. He also put down his phone and went to the dining room since everyone was waiting, but when he had gone out, his phone vibrated, trying to give him a notice that someone had sent him a message.

Unfortunately, Shishio didn't notice it and the sender might need a long time to receive his reply.


Miu was laying on her bed and somehow her face was quite red. She recalled her meeting with that boy and somehow it felt like their meeting was similar to the plot on shoujo manga which made her a bit amazed.

Miu took the novel that Shishio had bought for her before and decided to send him a message to meet him again so she could pay him back. She took her phone and wondered what she should write at this moment.

'Hello, thank you very much?'

Miu had thought of several messages and had deleted them several times. She wasn't sure why, but she felt very shy until she decided to send the most normal one.


Miu let out a long sigh of relief and somehow felt better since her chest had been feeling stuffy before, but when she thought about his reply, she became nervous once again.

"Nee-chan, what are you doing?"

"Is it a boyfriend?"


Miu was startled and looked at both her little brother and a little sister who were looking at her with a smirk.

"Miya! Haruma!"


"Oga-kun, you're finally here."

Shiro-san quickly greeted Shishio when he noticed him entering the dining room.

"Oga-kun, the sukiyaki is ready, sit down first."

Mitaka, who prepared the dishes, didn't ask him to help since he knew that Shishio had just met a disaster.

"You're late, Shishio-kun! I'm famished, waiting for you for a long time!"

Misaki complained, but Mitaka raised his eyebrow, wondering how the relationship between Shishio and Misaki was so close that Misaki called Shishio by his first name already even though both of them only knew each other for a day or two.

"Shiro-san, Mitaka-senpai."

Shishio nodded toward both of them then looked at Misaki and said, "I have heard that by holding your breath for 10 seconds, you can hold your hunger."

"Eh? Really?" Misaki was surprised since she had heard such a thing before.

"Yes, try it."

Shishio nodded and lied without changing his face.

Misaki nodded and tried to hold her breath for 10 seconds.

They looked at Shishio and Misaki and felt a bit confused, wondering why their relationship seemed to be quite close, especially when she called him by his first name, but they didn't care much since they knew that Misaki was in love with Mitaka.

"You have changed your clothes, boy?" Mayumi asked, looking at him from up and down, and had to admit that this guy was really good-looking and her type.

"Don't you feel sorry for me?" Shishio was speechless.

"I... I am sorry, Shishio-kun..." Ritsu lowered her head, blushed, and felt very embarrassed when she thought that she was going to stop Mayumi, but in the end, she caused trouble for him.

Shishio looked at Ritsu and wondered how this cold girl could be this cute so suddenly.

"It's alright, you don't need to think too much, Kawai-senpai," Shishio said.


Ritsu nodded gently, but she couldn't feel comfortable since she wasn't able to say "thank you" and "I am sorry" to him until now.

"What's with that different treatment? Why do you treat Ritsu gently, but rudely at me?!" Mayumi complained.


Shishio didn't answer and sat down calmly.

"Oga-kun, I have heard that you're so brave today. You caught both Mayumi-san and Ricchan with your arms safely, even if your nose and your... ahem... are hit by them."

In truth, Sayaka wanted to see how Shishio had caught both Ritsu and Mayumi before, wondering whether he was really that strong.

"...Sayaka-san, you're back."

Shishio was a bit surprised when he saw Sayaka dressed so beautifully even at home and at the same time, he knew that his guts were right that there was something wrong with this woman.

"Hey, don't ignore me!" Mayumi was annoyed.

Chihiro looked at Shishio, who sat next to her, wondering how his relationship with all the tenants, especially the females, was really good. "Since Shishio is here, let's eat." If she didn't stop them talking then all the ingredients on the hot pot would be overcooked.

Mayumi grumbled, but she didn't complain anymore and started to eat.

Shishio nodded at Chihiro's words and also started to eat.

Shishio was sitting between Mitaka and Chihiro, and next to them were Misaki, Sayaka, Mayumi, Ritsu, and Shiro-san, but then, he noticed someone who sat between Chihiro and Shiro-san.

"Oh, by the way, Shishio, you weren't here before, so let me introduce you, this is the new tenant today, his name is Kanda Sorata and he is going to the Suimei University of the Arts affiliated high school this year."

Chihiro suddenly realized that she forgot something and remembered that she hadn't introduced the new tenant beside her.

"Hello, my name is Kanda Sorata. For some reason, I moved to Sakurasou today. Please take care of me."

Hearing Chihiro's voice, Kanda Sorata stood up, bowed his head, and introduced himself.

Shishio stared at Sorata and felt a bit weird since he thought that this guy wouldn't appear at all. In truth, when he watched the original story of "Sakurasou", he didn't have a good feeling for this protagonist, but he couldn't show it, right?

"Hello, my name is Shishio Oga. I moved two days earlier than you. Please take care of me too in the future."

Shishio nodded gently, but he didn't stand up since he was afraid all the food would be taken by Misaki.

"Oga-kun, I heard from Sensei today that you're a legendary student who received a perfect score on the entrance exam. It's really amazing."

Sorata sat down and didn't think too much when he saw Shishio didn't stand up since he was really amazed by Shishio's scores. He remembered that all of his friends from his previous dorms talked about Shishio, who completed all of the questions on the entrance exam and got a perfect score.

Sorata also heard about the entrance exam during his middle school time and knew the difficulty of this exam was enough to cause trauma to anyone who had taken the test. He had heard that there were some exam candidates that had become a "shut-in" because of the exam.

From the beginning until now, no one had ever thought this exam could be completed, even the teachers at the school couldn't do it.

Fortunately, Sorata didn't need to take the exam since his middle school was also affiliated with the Suimei University of the Arts so he directly entered the high school without a test which he was grateful about.

Sorata had heard that all the tenants of the Sakurasou were full of geniuses or even monsters. Although most people called this place a place of weirdos or a student with problem character, he knew that everyone in this place was very good at certain areas, on other hand, he was just a normal student, who was being kicked out from the dorm because he kept a cat.

Looking at everyone who was sitting at the dining table, Sorata really wondered whether he could live with this group of monsters?

When Sorata thought about it, he felt a little inferior.

Sorata then glanced at Shishio, who was eating and talking with everyone, and somehow felt a bit jealous in his heart, but he didn't think too much about it and also started to eat, thinking what had happened before was just an illusion since it only happened in a second.

"Everyone is here today, except for Akasaka Ryunosuke. Mitaka, don't forget to bring Ryunosuke his dinner later."

"Okay, Chihiro-sensei."

Mitaka nodded and only remembered the only tenant that he had never seen in Sakurasou. He looked at Shishio and wondered how his relationship with Misaki became so close and wanted to ask him, but he knew that it wasn't good to ask directly in front of everyone so he thought that it was better to ask it later when he had a chance.

"Akasaka Ryunosuke? Is he a new tenant too?" Shishio asked curiously, wondering whether this tenant was a female or a male since if this tenant was a female, then there was a chance for him to get a reward.

"No, he isn't a new tenant and he has been staying in Sakurasou for a long time. He's a "shut-in" so he doesn't come out, but he should contact you through your phone, have you received it?" Chihiro asked, then took a piece of meat and she stuffed it into her mouth.

"No, I didn't bring my phone," Shishio said.

"Really? Then..."

Chihiro was about to say something, but she felt that her phone vibrated.

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