562 Naughty Summer

The real reason why Shishio didn't tell anyone about his novel was that he forgot.

Even Shiina also wouldn't know if she wasn't told by Ayano.

Shishio knew that for some people publishing their book and becoming a novelist was something amazing, yet when he thought about the assets that he gained from the system, he felt rather calm.

Yet unlike him, they were so happy, which made him realize that when one was in love, the happiness of their loved one was also their happiness.

This made him happy, and he was also glad that he had decided to write.

However, after the festival and the party celebration for his book, he wondered whether he had changed his job from either student or writer to a handyman. A few days ago, he was asked to help to fix up the rooftop, but now, he was asked to help to check a car's condition.

While Shishio was speechless, the price that was given by his customer was so tempting that he could only agree.

"How is it?" Hiratsuka squatted down and stared at Shishio, who entered the bottom part of the car, right between the car and the ground. She didn't stare at the car or focus on its condition. Instead, she was more focused on his abs.

The hem of his t-shirt was slightly pulled up and caused this situation.

Yet Hiratsuka didn't even think to fix it. Instead, she stretched her hand and touched them.


Shishio jerked out since he was startled. "It hurts!" His forehead hit the car's bottom part before he came out, looking at Hiratsuka speechlessly. He was lucky that the jack didn't slip, or else he would be smashed by the car now.

"Sorry, sorry. But it can't be helped, right? It's right in front of me... So I... I am sorry..." Hiratsuka apologized after a moment of an excuse since she knew she was wrong.

"We're in your parking lot. Don't do something stupid. What if someone sees us?" Shishio was speechless.

"Sorry..." Hiratsuka apologized, but then her eyes looked around and saw a group of housewives that happened to stare at them.

The group of housewives noticed Hiratsuka's gaze and quickly looked away shyly after they were caught peeking at them. Yet they must admit they were jealous of Hiratsuka at this moment.

While Hiratsuka was proud, she also frowned. "Shishio, when are you going to finish?"

"Soon," Shishio answered while doing his job. "The condition of your car is good. There's no need for me to do much."

"That's good." Hiratsuka sighed in relief.

"Still, this car is different, right? Are you sure that you're going to use this car?"

Usually, Hiratsuka would drive a sports car. Yet now, she was going to drive a van-like car?

If Shishio hadn't tasted her in the morning before, he thought she had exchanged a soul with someone.

"Yeah." Hiratsuka nodded and said, "I plan to use this car for the training camp for the service club later."


Shishio was speechless and asked again, "Training camp? When? Why didn't I know anything?"

"Eh? Really?" Hiratsuka laughed embarrassingly and said, "But I have told you now, right?"

"...." Shishio rolled his eyes and came out of the car full of sweat from the hot temperature. He took off his working gloves with a sigh. His face and hands were slightly dirty from the oil. He wanted to wipe his sweat, but he was stopped by Hiratsuka.

"Wait! Wait! Your hands are dirty! Let me help you," Hiratsuka wiped the sweats on his forehead carefully.

On the other hand, Shishio observed Hiratsuka carefully.

Hiratsuka didn't try to dress beautifully. Instead, she was quite sloppy. She had quite a tight t-shirt, showing her well-shaped body. She tied her hair in a ponytail since the temperature was hot, showing a fine bead of sweat on her slender white neck.

When Shishio looked down, he could see the whiteness between the gap between her t-shirt and her beautiful face right close to him. While her size wasn't as huge as Ayaka's, they were already amazing enough.

Shishio didn't say much and just kissed her lips. "Thanks."

"..." Hiratsuka was in silence for a moment before a blush dyed her face. "Bastard!" She lightly hit him, showing her annoyance, but she was hugged by him. "Hey, you're dirty and smelly!" However, she must admit his smell wasn't bad at all.

"It's okay. We can take a bath together later," Shishio whispered.

"....." Hiratsuka.

The group of housewives, who saw them, felt bitter somehow, but what could they say?

Still, they stared at Shishio for a while, but somehow they were unable to look away. Yet they saw him glance in their direction and gave a light smile, which made them slightly stunned before they also gave him a warm smile.

Shishio just stared for a moment before he walked away with Hiratsuka after he took all the tools. Still, he touched his nose slightly and wondered what the husbands of those housewives were doing, so they made all of them like a group of vultures that might jump into him anytime.

Shishio sighed, wondering whether he had a physique that subconsciously attracted a housewife.

'Probably not?'

Shishio shook his head and thought he should focus on Hiratsuka more now.


Hiratsuka let out a long sigh and said, "Can you calm this thing down?"

"With you? Impossible."

"...While I'm happy for you to say that, I am too tired."

The two had done something that shouldn't be done.

Their relationship was no longer between a teacher and a student. They were more than that. They had become lovers.

The age difference between them might be huge, but this wasn't an obstacle for them to being together.

Yet it might be because of the difference in their age that Hiratsuka was unable to handle him, considering how strong he was.

Still, if she was asked whether she hated it or not, she would say she loved it.

With a flush face, Hiratsuka didn't stop Shishio's naughty hands and asked, "Say, are you busy with your book? If you can't come, then I won't force you to come to the club activity?" She knew that the summer club activity was too sudden. She also knew how busy he was, especially after she knew he had published a book.

Hiratsuka also had bought it and had read it for a few hours since it didn't take a long time. She loved it and knew many people would love it since it was that good. His popularity rose so quickly that she thought he might have to do some promotion.

"Do you think I am an idol or a singer?" Shishio rolled his eyes and said, "I am just a writer."

"Even a writer also does an interview, you know?" Hiratsuka rolled her eyes and said, "Especially when you introduce yourselves as a genius writer?" She poked his cheek, teasing him.

"..." Shishio was quite embarrassed, but what could he say?

After all, everything needed a gimmick. Even if he didn't want to, he had to add it. If he didn't do so, the sales of the book wouldn't be good.

The writer was like that.

No matter how good the book was, he couldn't become a good writer if his book couldn't be sold.

Even Shakespeare couldn't become legendary if his work couldn't be sold.

"It should be okay. If I don't want to, they won't force me since I have enough popularity," Shishio said calmly. Still, he noticed Hiratsuka staring at him curiously, so he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Why don't you seem to be excited?" Hiratsuka asked.

"Huh? I am still excited. Can you see it?"

"..." Hiratsuka looked at his hardened rod and felt speechless. She knew this guy was excited but didn't bother to entangle with this matter. "So you're going to go, right?"

"Okay." Shishio nodded and asked, "Still, are you okay with taking a trip to Karuizawa?" The plan for his older girlfriends to take a trip together was initiated by Ayaka, but he wasn't sure whether Hiratsuka agreed or not.

"Why not? I'm also curious, besides Hina, who is your other girlfriend?" Hiratsuka agreed without hesitation. Anyway, this guy was a bastard, so it was impossible to stop him anymore. She didn't mind him having another lover since it was impossible to manage him alone. She was also curious about his other lovers and thought they could become sisters.

"I wonder whether there's a good ramen there..." Hiratsuka thought while drooling, but then she looked at him and asked, "Say, can you make ramen?"

"....." Shishio.


Shishio went to visit the supermarket nearby to buy ramen ingredients. He borrowed a hat from Hiratsuka before he walked out since he didn't want to attract much attention.

'Still, why do I feel like a household husband?'

He felt like he was a husband who took care of the house when his wife was working. He shook his head and slightly held the bill of his hat, fixing it on the right angle. Having a cap was a good thing since it helped him to cover his appearance and also helped him to protect himself from the hot sun.

This time he went alone since Hiratsuka had to finish her work.

These students might have a holiday during summer vacation, but the teachers still had to go to school. The only good thing was that she didn't have to work full-time and would also have her vacation soon.

The only thing that he wanted to complain about was the fact that he was going to make hot ramen on this hot day.

'Should I make cold ramen?'

He also saw a good quality tomato in the supermarket, so he thought it was a good idea how to make cold ramen. He bought many ingredients in one go and didn't stay too long since the gaze of the supermarket staff around him was too much.

'Now that you mention it, Miu's mother should be working at the supermarket too, right?'

He wondered whether he should visit the supermarket where Miu's mother was working. He didn't have any bad ideas, but he just wanted to increase the sale of the supermarket where Miu's mother was working.

That's all.

Nothing else.

Shishio bought all the ingredients and was about to leave, but suddenly he heard the scream of a mature woman.

"Ah, please wait!"

Shishio turned and was stunned for a moment.

<Target has been found!>

<Congratulations, you receive an "Enhanced Liver">

Shishio unexpectedly saw a beautiful woman with light orange hair tied in a bun, running with a panicked expression, trying to chase after many of the apples that dropped on the ground.

The woman didn't see him since she was too focussed on the dropped apples on the ground.

Subconsciously, he stopped the apple about to pass him and took the other apples on the ground.

"Ah, thank you very much."

The woman was surprised, but she quickly thanked him with a gentle smile.

Shishio held the apples in his arms. They were almost brimming out, but they were still stable. He also gave a polite smile and said, "It's alright. Isn't it normal to help someone in need?" He just did a normal thing and didn't have any bad intentions.


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