5 My life is about to begin

Chihiro took Shishio through the entrance, walked to the corridor on the right, and pointed to the sliding door next to her.

"This is an activity area, like the kitchen, dining room, recreation room, game, etc room. You can use this place at will. The refrigerator in the kitchen is being used together and there is a compartment inside. Yours is No. 6 and all the things that you have bought must be placed in your own compartment. Don't put it in the wrong place, or they will be eaten by someone. Moreover, we cook our own meals here. If you can't cook then you can only go to the convenience store to buy fast food."

Chihiro smiled and thought that Shishio might be able to cook, though, she wasn't sure whether it tasted good or not.

"Well, before you come, big sis has told me about you and she said that you should be able to take care of yourself and cook, but even if you can cook, you shouldn't set the house on fire, alright?"

Even though her big sisters had told him that Shishio was quite responsible, Chihiro was still worried.


Shishio understood Chihiro's worry since he was a boy. In the past, he also didn't care much about the house since the one who took care of his house was either his girlfriend or maid, however, it didn't mean he was clueless about the house chore. He could do well if he wanted, but he was too busy with his work and left most of the house chores, though, he sometimes cooked something and he had just received "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery" so everything should be alright, right?

"When you buy a bento or choose to cook something on your own, you have to eat it in the dining room before you can leave. You can't bring food into the bedroom. That's the rule, don't forget!"

"Okay, don't worry, Chihiro-nee." Shishio nodded.

"There are a lot of books inside the entertainment room, and all of them are left by the previous tenants of the Sakurasou. If you like some books on the shelves, you can bring them to your room, but you have to leave a mark so that everyone will know that the books are in your hands. In addition, there is also a tabletop game such as chess, cards, monopoly, etc. You can play them here with everyone in the future. The last room is the equipment room, where the electric switches and some tools are kept. Usually, you don't need to go to that place, alright?"

"Okay, Chihiro-nee." Shishio nodded.

"On the edge of the corridor, that is the manager's room, and that is also my room. When I get off from work, I usually stay there most of the time." Chihiro then looked at Shishio and said, "These are the public rooms of our Sakurasou. Now I will take you to your room. Your room is located in the third room on the second floor. Don't worry, it is clean."

The two then walked up to the stairs in the hallway to go to the second floor.

Shishio walked behind Chihiro since the stairs were small until they arrived at the second floor.

Chihiro opened Shishio's room and said, "Come in! Come in! Although the room is a bit small, everything is complete and if you need something, you can tell me directly." She entered the room first while showing the room to her nephew.

"The room is quite good, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio hadn't checked the room, but he still needed to sugarcoat, right?

"You don't need to be so reserved. The trip is quite long, right? You should rest now. The quilts and the rest are also ready for you and it is kept in the closet. If you want to eat then you can go to the kitchen to eat instant noodles or buy a bento in the convenience store nearby. I have shown you the location of the convenience store earlier, alright? And don't forget about your entrance exam tomorrow. I still have something to deal with, so I will leave first, and I will pick you up in the morning tomorrow. Take a break early in the evening and don't stay up too late."

Chihiro said all of that then went out from Shishio's room.

"Thank you, Chihiro-nee!"

Chihiro smiled and waved her hand before leaving him.

Shishio took his suitcase inside his room and looked around. In fact, after he entered, the room wasn't as small as his aunt had mentioned before since it was almost fifteen square meters in size.

There was a desk before the window, a blue desk lamp, and a locker next to the desk.

Inside the room, there was also a single bed, and a wardrobe next to the bed. The room was very clean and there was no dust.


Shishio touched his stomach and felt hungry since he hadn't eaten anything before. He thought for a while and decided to go to the convenience store, however, he didn't go immediately but laid on the bed while staring at the ceiling absentmindedly.

Shishio wouldn't have expected that he would receive a system so suddenly and also didn't expect that the reward that he received was quite absurd.

'500 million yen...'

Shishio was a bit amazed, but then he also found out another thing on the system.


Name: Shishio Oga.

Body: 8 (normal adult has 10 points).

Skills: "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery".

Assets: 515 million yen.


Shishio could see a simple status panel of himself inside his head. He rubbed his face and felt that it was a bit similar to a game or something. He then checked it several times and slapped his cheek, then confirmed that everything which happened before was reality.


In such a situation, Shishio thought about how to find a loophole in the system and understood the system better since there wasn't much explanation on the system and all he could do was to find out for himself how this system would work.


Shishio only remembered his stomach and quickly stood up from his bed. He was wearing a light-colored baggy sweater since he didn't really like his thin body and a baggy sweater could make his body seem bigger. When everything had been solved, he thought to make some muscles on his body.

Shishio closed the door of his room and walked to the hall again. He couldn't see anyone and wondered when he could meet the other tenants since he had a feeling that those tenants might trigger his system.

Shishio wanted to tell Chihiro that he went out, but it seemed that his aunt had left the dorm and went somewhere. He wasn't sure where she was going, but he had a feeling that she might wander around to search for a husband.



Chihiro sneezed and felt that her nose was quite itchy. She was wondering if someone was talking about her at that moment.


Shishio let out a sigh then changed into sneakers before walking out of the dorm. His new life had just begun, however, on this trip to the convenience store, he really hoped that he might be able to find someone that could trigger the system.

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