689 Happiness


"People will think you're crazy if you keep laughing like that."

"How cruel! Is that how you treat your woman?!"

Shishio only looked at Yui and kissed her forehead gently. "Be quiet, okay?"



Yui blushed and nodded happily.

'She's so easy.'

He was speechless, but it didn't really matter since she was cute.

The two didn't go back immediately but sat in the Tokyo Tower area next to each other, enjoying the scenery together, but unlike before, this feeling was different since their relationship had changed.

"But are you not happy?" Yui asked curiously.

"Of course, I am happy." He gently wrapped his hand around her while playing with her hair. "But do you think that I will jump around crazily to show how happy I am?"

"... that does not match your image."

She couldn't imagine how her boyfriend would dance around in happiness. "But it must be fun!"

"Do you want to visit a nightclub then?"

"Ni-Night club? You mean the place where everyone is dancing around, drinking alcohol, and sometimes the girls are being drugged before they are..." Yui didn't continue since this was the image she got from a nightclub.


"Well, it is that kind of place." Shishio nodded since he didn't deny that possibility. No, he was sure that all the guys that visited that place were mostly trying to aim for cute girls. Only a few probably wanted to dance, drink, or just enjoy the night in such a loud place. "But of course, we will go to a safer place."

"Have you been there before?" Yui asked.


"....." Yui was speechless and asked, "Then why did you invite me there?"

"I thought that you wanted to visit one."

"Well-Well... I will be lying if I am not curious."

Yui had always been a good girl, so she wanted to visit a place that made her a bad girl. Naturally, if she was alone, she would be scared, but as long as there was Shishio, she knew he would be alright.

"Then, wait for a while. I am going to make one."

"Okay." Yui nodded, but then she was dumbfounded. "Eh? You're going to make one?"

"Well, how about we go back now? I am a bit hungry."


Yui decided to ignore the last part, then said, "Let's go to my house! I will cook you something!"

"...how about we cook together?"

Shishio had to say even if he was immune to disease, Yui's cooking was like a biohazard weapon.


Yui nodded and didn't realize that her boyfriend didn't want her to cook.


Hana was sleeping after her daughter told her that she was going to stay out with Shishio. When she woke up, she wanted to go to the toilet, wondering whether her daughter had gone home, but when she was about to enter the toilet, she was dumbfounded since she didn't expect to see this young man.


Hana was surprised, then asked, "Why are you here?"

"Why can't I be here?"

"Is this a dream?" Hana tried to touch his face, and he didn't stop her. "It feels real!"

'Because this isn't a dream.'

However, he didn't say anything and let her do whatever she wanted. While it wasn't that noticeable since she was an adult, he knew that she wasn't that much different from Yui.

Hana was kind of silly and also an airhead, and it might also be the reason why she seemed younger than someone around her age.

He didn't say anything and watched what she wanted to do.

While he was trying to prank her, Hana really thought that it was a dream. She knew that she shouldn't of something like this, especially when she had a husband and her daughter was also in love with this young man.

Knowing that she wondered what her daughter was thinking if she was doing something that she had always dreamed of.

Similar to a man, a woman also could have a wet dream.

His image had always appeared in every one of her dreams, and they had always been doing something immoral together.

She knew it was wrong, but it was a dream, so she wasn't the one who was in control.

In their dream, he was also the one who made a move, and she tried to refuse, but she couldn't refuse him, and in the end, they drowned in the ocean of pleasure together.

Why did she keep dreaming of this?

The answer was obvious.

It was because she wanted to do those things together with him.

Yet how could she admit that?

She was a married woman.

However, this dream was different.

She could feel that his body was so real, his scent, gaze, and heat. She could feel everything in the palm of her hand. She slowly caressed her cheek and neck, feeling his tough and hard muscles and bones.

He might be more than a decade younger than her, yet she knew he wasn't a boy that she could only treat with a laugh or tease. Instead, he was a man, and when they were together, there was a chance for their relationship to develop further.

Yet was it okay?

She wasn't sure what he thought about her, but she knew that he was interested in her, yet for her, he was special.

For her, he was like a blaze on her frozen grey-like life.

When he stood by her side, he warmed her up, but if she moved closer, she knew that he would burn her up, destroying everything in her life.

Her breathing became hard, and her body grew hotter and hotter.

Their gazes had never been away from each other, and they had been staring at each other as if gravity had pulled them together.

However, while Hana thought that it was a dream and it was okay to do everything, Shishio was different. He didn't expect this woman to be so scatterbrained that she couldn't distinguish between reality and dream.

'What should I do?'

He had just confessed to Yui, and they had been together, yet her mother suddenly came and wanted to kiss his lips.

Yet, if he backed down, what was the use of his previous hesitation?

He had decided to take everything that he wanted, and that also included Hana, the mother of his woman.

The two of them knew that it was wrong, yet even if it was wrong, they just couldn't stop it.

Their lips touched, and they kissed for the first time.

The softness, warmth, and touch of their lips, they felt all of them when their lips were pressed together. It was such an amazing feeling, something that they had never felt before.

However, Hana felt that her lips were pried open. She rolled her eyes and didn't feel surprised by how naughty he was, so she opened her lips and let him insert her tongue inside.

Yet, she regretted her decision since soon, she was instantly dominated by him.

He was like a shark that had smelled the scent of sweet, delicious blood. He opened her lips and brutally tore every bit of her resistance.

She just couldn't think of anything, and all she thought of was only the pleasure that came from their kiss. It was so amazing that she forgot everything. She had become a woman once again, and he was the one that awoken her desire.

As they kissed, she could feel the heat on her stomach. When their lips parted, she looked down and saw a big bulge almost tearing his pants, showing how hard his erection was. Her face flushed red as she looked at him shyly.

He almost lost his mind at this moment since this woman was just attractive.

'I want her.'

That thought crossed his mind, and he wanted to bring her to her room immediately, eating her whole and owning everything, whether it was her body or heart.

"It's bigger than in the dream."

Hana was also quite bold as she caressed his bulge through his pants. Even if this fabric separated her palm from his penis, she could feel how much desire it transmitted.

However, as they were about to start something wrong, a single voice destroyed everything.

"Shishio, are you still in the toilet?"

Blood was drained from Hana's face, and she realized this wasn't a dream.

Shishio also quickly reacted and pulled Hana inside the toilet before he locked it since Yui walked out from the living room.

"Sorry, Yui, my stomach is just a bit sensitive toward a cold like the ice cream that we ate before."

"Eh? Really? Are you okay? Do you need medicine?"

"It's okay. I should recover after a while, and I want to eat your food as soon as possible."

"Is that so? Then, I will make the best dinner for you~!" Yui said happily.


Hana and Shishio looked at each other before they sighed in relief, especially when they heard the sound of the door closing.

However, Hana quickly looked at him and asked, "Is this isn't a dream?"

"Of course not, you silly." He lightly tapped Hana's forehead gently.

Hana blushed at this small gesture, but then she quickly asked, "But why are you here?"

"Why can't I be here? More importantly, we just kissed."

"Ah, um, yeah..." Hana lowered her head and felt embarrassed. She thought that everything was just a dream, but it turned out that everything was a reality. She somehow understood why it felt hundreds of times better than reality.

He looked at her for a while, feeling that this woman was so cute, so he couldn't help but kiss her again.


Hana was in a trace for a while, enjoying their kiss, but she quickly realized what she did was wrong, so she quickly pulled their lips away. She wanted to say something, but she stopped since she knew that she was the one that started. She took a deep breath and said, "I..." She hesitated, but her desire grew stronger as they were so close to each other.


"I want you to make Yui happy," Hana said while looking at him with a solemn expression.

"Even if you don't ask me, I will make her happy, but I also want to make you happy," Shishio said as he held her hands, which was somehow similar to what he had done to Yui before.

Hana blushed before she took a deep breath and sighed, resting her forehead on his chest.

"Let's keep our relationship a secret."

She was no longer hiding her feelings, but she didn't want to destroy her family.

He looked at her for a while, and he knew that he had acquiesced to their relationship, but the reality around them made it hard for them to be together.

"I know."

He hugged her gently as he caressed her hair.

She smiled and wasn't sure how long their relationship would last or what their relationship would be in the future, but for now, she was just happy.

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